Beetlejuice’s Sister: All We Know About Her Death

Lester Green or Beetlejuice is an American performer and entertainer well known for his work. His appearance on TV had been as a member of the ‘The Wack Pack’ in The Howard Stern Show.

The show which reached its peak during the 90s and 2000s also invited over Beetlejuice’s sister, Erica.

Lester Green took his name from the famous Tim Burton character Beetlejuice. And what had set him apart as well as made him well known had been his medical condition of dwarfism and microcephaly.

The Marion, New Jersey raised performer had not been the only one in his family to be afflicted by the condition. His sister Erica also had them, but they were the only 2 of the 5 Green siblings to do so.

There is a rumor going around that Bettlejuice’s sister died unknown to the public. So here is everything that we know about the performer’s sister and her death.

Beetlejuice's Sister
Beetlejuice and Erica Green

Did Beetlejuice’s Sister Pass Away?

Yes, Beetlejuice’s sister Erica has passed away. The actor himself had become an industry name with his multiple performances, but his sister did not share the same limelight.

Erica had the same outward appearance, as well as the same mannerism but she did not venture into entertainment.

The public is aware of her because of only one episode of The Howard Stern Show where she appeared with her mother. Life with dwarfism and microcephaly had been difficult but she made sure she could provide for herself.

At the time, Erica was working as an usher at a church so that she could make money and be independent.

On the show, she emphasized how the kids were going nuts under her reign. Erice gave a brief explanation of her role, and how she kept the kids in line. She made sure they didn’t run, hit each other, or even eat gum or candy.

It was many years later, in another video where Beetlejuice shared that his sister had died. Said video has been making rounds around the internet for a while now. It had been a sentimental affair for the performer to share.

And Stern was equally gutted to hear it, exclaiming in disbelief that the “lovely girl” he met years ago had died.

What Happened To Beetlejuice’s Sister?

In the video we see Beetlejuice talk about how his sister died two years ago. The event was truly emotional, as he expresses himself to the interviewer who did not know about Erica’s passing. Beetle also talks about his belief that she is in a better place now.

The entertainer did not disclose much about the circumstances of her passing. And there is little material available on the internet other than speculation.

The unusual quietness of the internet regarding the incident can only mean that her death was not caused by any injustice.

While the real fact is unknown, it is possible that she died of a characteristic quirk of her condition or possible illness.

Beetlejuice had been passionate about his sister’s death but did not focus too much on the incident itself.

Erica had been older than Lester, who was the youngest in the family, making her around her mid to late 50s of age when she died. Beetlejuice’s sister’s real age or date of birth is unknown to the public.

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Bottom Line

Beetlejuice’s sister Erica has passed away quite unknown to the general public. Her brother Lester recently talked about the fact on a video and became quite emotional during the take.

Erica shared much of Lester’s condition and mannerisms, and her death had been a fatal blow to the artist.