Dana Perino’s Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating History, Net Worth & More

Dana Perino is an astounding journalist, author, spokesperson, and commentator. She is one of the top-rated media personalities in the US.

Perino has her political stand and she delivers her views to the audience with proper clarity and perfection.

Dana has worked at the White House where she took eminent roles offering her service to the country. She had worked with US presidents George W. Bush and Barrack Obama.

Dive in to explore Dana Perino’s height and weight, success story, body measurements, dating history, net worth, personal info, and much more.

Dana Perino’s Career Success

Dana Perino’s Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating History, Net Worth & More
Dana Perino in an Instagram photo ( Dana Perino / Instagram )

Dana was brought up in Denver, Colorado. Her parents, Leo Perino and Janice Perino have Italian, English, and possibly other ancestries. She was a bright student who has a keen interest in public speaking.

During her graduation, she worked at KTSC-TV and was a part of the forensic team of the University. She also worked for KCCY-FM as a part-time earning. She repeated the same mode of work during her master’s when she worked as a news reporter for WCIA.

All these experiences mold her to become a successful media woman and spokesperson in the US. It equipped her with the basic requirements to become a reporter and an anchor.

Perino started her job as a staff assistant for Scott Mcinnis (R-CO) in Washington DC. She joined the Department of Justice taking the role of a spokesperson. She had worked there for two years.

Soon she worked as an Associate Director at CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality). After the 9/11 attacks, she was selected by White House chief of staff Andy Card as associate director of communications in 2002.

In 2005, Dana joined as Acting White House Press Secretary due to the absence of Tony Snow who was diagnosed with colon cancer. The then US President George W. Bush appointed Dana as assistant to the president and White House Press Secretary in 2007.

It continued till the end of his term in January 2009. After her service at the White House, Dana joined as a political commentator for Fox News Channel. She was selected by President Barrack Obama to join the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

The role of this entity is to broadcast news and other key information. Dana taught political communications to the students of George Washington University as a part-time activity. On 2016, Dana started a podcast which was aired on Fox Channel as a weekly series.

Dana Perino’s Height and Weight

Dana Perino’s Height and Weight
Dana Perino in an Instagram photo ( Dana Perino / Instagram )

Dana Perino stands 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm or 1.57 m) tall. She weighs 48 kg (105 pounds). Perino is slim with an hourglass body.

Dana believes that everyone must do regular exercise to remain healthy. This will increase the efficiency of our work be it official work or academic. She does yoga and stretching exercises.

Dana Perino’s Dating History

Dana Perino has not dated many boys during her young years. Very little information is available about her relationship timeline. She likes to keep her matters as closed as possible away from the media rush.

Dana Perino married Peter McMahon in 1998. The duo met each other on a flight journey. Both of them were traveling from Denver to Chicago.

During that short journey, they talked and get introduced themselves. Perino was attracted to Peter but he was 18 years older than her and had married twice in his life.

Soon they met for a date at a theatre in New Orleans. Peter opened himself and proposed to Dana to be his soul mate for the rest of his life. Dana was reluctant to give a ‘Yes’. After a year, she accepted his proposal and they started a relationship.

It was the first anniversary of their meeting on the flight. Dana opened her heart through a love letter and at the end she said that she likes him and is ready to marry him.

They tied the knot in 1998. They have no children but the duo loves dogs and treats them as their children.

Dana Perino’s Quick Bio

Dana Perino
Dana Perino in an Instagram photo ( Dana Perino / Instagram )

Dana Marie Perino popularly known as Dana Perino was born on May 9, 1972, in Evanston, Wyoming, United States. She is a Journalist, Author, Commentator, Spokesperson, Official, and Talk Show, Host.

Dana is the daughter of Leo Perino and Janice Perino. Dana has a sister named Angie Perino. She spent her childhood days in Denver, Colorado.

She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Colorado State University, Pueblo with minors in political science and Spanish.

Dana completed her Master in Public Affairs from the University of Illinois Springfield. In 1988, she married Peter McMahon.

  • Birth Name: Dana Marie Perino.
  • Nickname: Dana Perino.
  • Date of Birth: May 9, 1972.
  • Age: 50 years old (as of 2022).  
  • Birthplace: Evanston, Wyoming, United States.
  • Religion: Christianity.
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus. 
  • Father Name: Leo Perino.
  • Mother Name: Janice Perino
  • Siblings Name: Angie Perino.
  • Spouse/Partner: Peter McMahon (married in 1998).
  • Children: No.
  • Ethnicity: Her parents have Italian, English, and possibly other ancestries.
  • Occupation: Journalist, Author, Commentator, Spokesperson, Official, Talk Show Host.
  • Education: Graduate (studied Masters in Public Affairs from the University of Illinois Springfield, studied Bachelor degree in Mass Communication from Colorado State University Pueblo, Ponderosa High School).
  • Tatoo: No.
  • Sexuality: Straight.

Dana Perino’s Body Measurements

Dana Perino’s Body Measurements
Dana Perino in an Instagram photo ( Dana Perino / Instagram )

Dana Perino has a height of 5 feet 2 inches or 1.57 m (157 cm). She weighs 48 kg (105 pounds).

She has a chest size of 34 inches (86 cm), a waist size of 23 inches (58 cm), a hips size of 34 inches (86 cm), and body measurement of 34-23-34 inches or 86-58-86 cm.

Dana looks awesome in her blonde hair and light blue eyes. Perino has an hourglass body shape. She has a dress size of 2(US) or 32(EU) or 4(UK) and her shoe size is 5.5(US) or 37(EU) or 4.5(UK).

Dana Perino’s Body Measurements


157 cm (5 feet 2 inches)


48 kg (105 pounds)

Body Measurements

34-23-34 inches (86-58-86 cm)

Chest Size

34 inches (86 cm)

Waist Size

23 inches (58 cm)

Hips Size

34 inches (86 cm)

Eyes Color

Light Blue

Hair Color


Figure or Body Shape




Distinctive Features

Voice, wide smile

Dress Size

2(US) or 32(EU) or 4(UK)

Shoe Size

5.5(US) or 37(EU) or 4.5(UK)

Dana Perino’s Favorite Things

Dana Perino’s Favorite Things
Dana Perino in an Instagram photo ( Dana Perino / Instagram )

Are you curious to explore the favorite lists of Dana Perono?

  • Favorite Foods: Seafood.
  • Favorite Places: Miami, Spain, Buenos Aires, Chile, Santiago.
  • Favorite Movies: Dana loves watching comedy and romantic movies.
  • Favorite Actress: Her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston.
  • Favorite Actor:  Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp.
  • Favorite Color: Pink is her favorite color.
  • Favorite Artists: Josh Turner.
  • Favorite Outfits: Dana loves skirts, gowns, bright-colored clothes, jeans, and midi skirts.  
  • Favorite Products: L’Occitane hand lotion, Retaine eye drops, Tumi suitcase, bags of MZ Wallace.     
  • Favorite Books: Sophomores (Sean Desmond), The Nightingale (Kristin Hannah), Mr. Churchill’s Secretary- Maggie Hope, Book 1 (Susan Elia MacNeal), The Orphan of Salt Winds (Elizabeth Brooks), The Dutch House (Ann Patchett), Carl Goes Shopping (Alexander Day), Bridge of Clay (Markus Zusak), Accidental President- Eight Men Who Changed America (Jared Cohen).
  • Favorite Perfume: Dana loves using sweet-smelling perfumes

Dana’s hobbies include reading, traveling, writing, watching TV, cooking, and spending time with her dog.

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Dana Perino’s Awards and Nominations

Dana is an excellent orator, political spokesperson, anchor, author, commentator, and show host. Since her respective fields have no provisions for an award function or honor, she could not bag one.

However, she has received numerous achievements for her awesome talent.

Dana Perino’s Net Worth

Dana Perino has a net worth of 6 million US Dollars in 2022. She is a talk show host, journalist, spokesperson, anchor, writer, and commentator.

Did Dana Perino Get Plastic Surgery?

Just like film stars, anchors, spokespersons, or commentators do plastic surgery. Most people who work in front of the camera do some cosmetic treatments. But not everyone does this. Some belief in the natural aging process and accept the body changes.

Dana worked as the White House Press Secretary during the term of George W. Bush from 2007 to 2009. She started to gain name and fame. Several rumors about her plastic surgeries became common those days.

Some believe that Perino had nose surgery or rhinoplasty. Earlier, she had a wider nose bridge but now it became thin and narrower.

Dana is 50 years old but her facial skin looks smooth, glowing, and attractive. She might have taken face fillers or botox. But such rumors lack proper pieces evidence.

They were made after comparisons with present and past images. There is a chance that most differences spotted might be natural due to aging. Anyways, she looks smart and pretty.

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Wrapping Up

Dana is a top-notch media personality. She is a talented lady who worked at the White House and has carried out prominent positions working closely with the US president.

Besides this, she had done philanthropic work in the past. She had worked for Mercy Ships Charity Organization. This organization aims to deliver quality food, water, and medical care to the needy and oppressed.

They provide this service through large ships and boats traveling across the sea from one mainland to another.

Dana is also a part of ‘Companions for Heroes’. This organization focuses on providing medical facilities and support to military veterans. Dana is certainly a lady with confidence and elegance. This lady has the caliber to do great things for her country.