Dororo Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer – What to Expect

Dororo started off as a manga series years back in 1969. Then, it was adapted into an anime series in the same year. Mushi Productions, the animation studio was responsible for this adaptation.

After so many years, in 2019, Tezuka Productions and MAPPA Co. Ltd again adapted the series into an anime show. Earlier in 2007, there was also a live-action film that became extremely popular.

The series was so popular that it first entered the distinguished World Masterpiece Theater series. Osamu Tezuka, the famous manga illustrator, has written this extremely famous anime show.

Even if it is one of the oldest anime, Dororo has been remade again recently and the response from the audience has been amazing. As it has been already three years since the release of the first season, anime lovers have been demanding another season now.

So, if you are a Dororo lover, you must also be expecting another season. If you are interested to explore more about Dororo Season 2, then here we have accumulated all the information currently available regarding the show.

Read on to find out more about the second season, the release date, plots and highlights, teasers, cast and more.

Will there be a season 2 of Dororo?

Dororo Season 2

The response of Dororo has been amazing. If after so many years, the series has been revived again by different studios, it is confirmed that the makers see potential in the storyline and concept.

So, there is a good possibility that the makers may come up with another season for Dororo. But there is a problem as the manga series has been completed for a very long time and the content available is only three volumes.’

Already the first season has about twenty-four episodes. So, there is not enough content left to run a full season on the story. But, the series can also follow up a new direction and add different twists and turns to continue further.

So, unless there is no official confirmation from the makers about the second season, it cannot be said whether or not there will be a season 2 of Dororo. 

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

The season was revived by a different studio after about fifty years since its original release! But as the series has been very well received by the audience, the makers may come up with a second season soon.

Unless the creators confirm regarding the release date of Dororo Season 2, nothing can be predicted. So, the anime fans will have to wait for some time for the official revelation of the show. 

Dororo Season 2  Characters & Cast

It is expected that the main characters if the series will also be seen in the second season. But, if the makers decide to introduce something new in the story, then some newcomers will also be seen in the second season.

But, the cast will mostly include:

  • Dororo
  • Hyakkimaru
  • Kagemitsu Daigo
  • Biwa Hoshi
  • Tahoma Daigo
  • Jukai
  • Itachi-no-Saigo
  • Bandit Hibukuro
  • Nota

The voice behind Dororo is Rio Suzuki, and Hiroki Suzuki has given the voice to the character Hyakkimaru. The series is narrated by Mugihito. Other voice actors who have been behind different characters in the series are Shoya Chiba, Mutsumi Sasaki, Naoya Uchida, Akio Otsuka, etc.

The dub cast of the English version of Dororo includes Adam Gibbs and Chaney Moorey who have given the voices of the main characters Hyakkimaru and Dororo respectively. Other artists behind different characters are David Wald, Blake Jackson, Jeames Belcher, Luci Christian, Greg Cote, etc.

Dororo Season 2 Plot

The story is set in the background of the Sengoku period. There is a samurai named Hyakkimaru who is physically malformed. He lacks some organs and facial features.

The samurai was raised by a medicine man with incredible healing powers. His name was Jukai. He raises the child by providing him with some prostheses. This empowers him in unimaginable ways and he becomes invincible.

There is a special blade in his left arm that is capable to kill goblins. Hyakkimaru can regain his body organs if he kills demons and he sets on a journey to revive his humanity. He meets Dororo, who is an orphan thief.

Dororo is also very powerful and they both start travelling together. They meet many obstacles on their way and Dororo also has his own things from the past that they face on their way.

Hyakkimaru has to fight his own father as he has been possessed by demons. His friendship with Dororo is also tested. Finally, he manages to kill the demons.

Later, Hyakkimaru realises that Dororo is not a male, but rather a female. But, Dororo does not want to act feminine. In the end, they part their ways as Hyakkimaru sets off to kill all the demons and regain his full body.

The anime has a bit different storyline than the manga series. If there will be a second season, it is expected that there will be more surprises for the audience and it will feature some more fights and adventures.

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Dororo Season 2 Trailer

Presently, there are no trailers or teasers available for Dororo Season 2. But if you want to look at how the anime series looks like, here is the link to the official trailer of the 2019 release:

Dororo Season 2 Highlights

There have been different forms of the manga series, considering the huge popularity that it has managed to garner. There is a video game too based on the same concept. It was released in 2004. It was developed by the Sega Corporation.

Where to Watch Dororo Season 2?

If you want to watch the first season of Dororo, it is available on Amazon Prime Video. So, if there will be Dororo Season 2, it will mostly release on this platform.

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Wrapping Up

Considering the immense popularity of the series, the makers may soon come up with another project for Dororo.

The series has an IMDb rating of 8.3. It has also been recognised with several awards. So, it is definitely a good watch if you are an anime lover.