Freddie Mercury’s Last Words: How Did He Die?

Freddie Mercury or rather Farrokh Bulsara was a popular British singer and songwriter. He amassed much fame worldwide through his popular songs like We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Another One Bites the Dust.

The life of the rockstar, however came to an untimely end when he succumbed to AIDS in 1991.

Fans worldwide were in shock over the loss of such an influential figure. Here are some of the lesser-known facts about the tragic death of the singer.

Freddie Mercury's Last Words How Did He Die
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What Were Freddie Mercury’s Last Words?

Freddie Mercury’s last words while dying were “pee, pee”. The famous lead singer of the band Queen had become very frail during his last days and required help for every action. His last words were apparently to ask for assistance so that he could use the restroom.

Freddie Mercury had been suffering for a while by then, but he was always surrounded by his friends and family.

The talented singer’s life was cut short due to AIDS, a disease that is yet to have a cure. Shortly after asking for help he fall into a coma, from which he never woke.

How Did Freddie Mercury Die?

Freddie Mercury died of bronchial pneumonia, one of the complications that were related to AIDS. The singer did not allow the disease to affect his performance, rather had appeared in public increasingly sickly. It was only days before his death that he made a public announcement that he had contracted the disease.

The band also continued to make music till the very end. The members also agreed to keep the lead’s condition a secret, just to protect his privacy.

The decision to continue making music till he died was also Freddie Mercury’s own choice. But as Freddie’s health deteriorated, Queen stopped going on tours.

Did Freddie Mercury Go Blind Before He Died?

Yes, Freddie Mercury was nearly blind toward the end of his life. He had been too frail to get out of bed, but the singer still tried to rally his spirits. Mentions of this can be found in Elton Johns’s memoirs where he states that Freddie was suffering from Kaposi’s sarcoma lesions, yet he gossiped away like he used to.

Freddie Mercury’s sight was impaired, as a result of his condition, but there were times when he see well.

What Happened To Freddie Mercury In His Last Days?

Freddie Mercury’s last days were fairly private and only through the words of his late partner Jim Hutton do we know them. The illness did not seriously affect the singer till about a month before his death.

In Hutton’s autobiography, he mentioned that Freddie had been well enough to go on a vacation, but fell grievously ill once they returned to England.

Once Freddie was back in London, he took to bed in their home at the Garden Lodge. His time was spent sleeping or watching television, surrounded by friends, including Mercury’s ex-girlfriend, Mary Austin.

According to the autobiography, Freddie also stopped taking all types of medication two weeks before he died. As his body grew weaker, the singer also stopped eating solid food, trying to survive only on fruits and fruit juices.

What Song Did Freddie Mercury Wrote Before Death?

The last song Freddie Mercury wrote and recorded before his untimely death was Mother Love. The recording session took place sometime between May 13 and 16 in 1991.

Freddie’s passion for music did not desert him even when he was on his deathbed. He made the band keep on recording so that their work lives on even after his death.

While writing Mother Love, Freddie knew that he did not have long till the illness took over. He tried to finish it but couldn’t, instead the band’s guitarist Brian May took over the last verse of the song.

The final video Freddie Mercury recorded came out even later, with the promo footage for the song, These Are The Days Of Our Lives.

What Song Did Freddie Mercury Have At His Funeral?

Freddie Mercury’s funeral ceremony ended with his favorite opera aria, Verdi’s D’amour sull ‘ali Rose. It was sung by his dear friend Montserrat Caballe in his honor.

The singer’s funeral had been a small and intimate affair, with about 40 people attending. He had a traditional Zoroastrian funeral, but his ex-girlfriend, Mary Austin took his ashes home.

Austin kept his ashes for two years, following Freddie’s last wishes. The singer did not want his remains to be dug up by others. He had wanted to rest in peace, so Austin buried him in a location she did not disclose.

How Old Was Freddie Mercury When He Died?

Freddie Mercury had just turned 45 in 1991 when he succumbed due to his illness, four years after he was diagnosed. Fans had noticed him looking sickly and gaunt during tours previous to his death, but there had been no real news.

Though rumors had been circulating since 1986 that he had contracted AIDS, Freddie did not make it public till the day before he died.

His statement had been a peek at the life behind the glitzy curtain, but it had a more important social effect. The much-needed conversations about healthcare and stigma in the gay community regarding the disease were finally brought to the forefront after his admission.

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Bottom Line

Freddie Mercury, the sensational singer died at the young age of 45, suffering from AIDS. He had been fighting the illness for a long time, but ultimately succumbed to it, after falling into a coma.

His songs are still remembered with enthusiasm, but so are his last words, as proof of helplessness in the face of such a disease.