Freddie Mercury’s Parents: Are They Indians?

Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, was born in Stone Town, Zanzibar (Tanzania), to Parsi parents from India. Freddie Mercury’s original name was Farrokh Bulsara, and he completed his elementary school education in Bombay (Mumbai). The family fled to London from Zanzibar in 1964, and Freddie received registered  British Citizenship in 1969.

In his childhood, Farrokh Bulsara attended a British Style boarding school in India, where he started practicing western music. Farrokh formed a music band in his school and started using the name Freddie.

Freddie Mercury
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Who Is Freddie Mercury’s Father?

Freddie Mercury’s father, Bomy Rustomji Bulsara, belonged to a Parsi community from Western India. Bomy Bulsara grew up with his eight brothers in Bulsar, a small town near Mumbai. Later Bomy was employed as High Court Cashier in the British Government and moved to Zanzibar for reasons related to his employment.

Bomy left  Zanzibar with his family during the revolution and settled in London, where he worked in a department store with his wife.

Who is Freddie Mercury’s Mother?

Freddie Mercury’s mother, Jer Bulsara, was born in Gujarat and moved to Zanzibar after marrying Bomy Bulsara. Jer Bulsara had encouraged her elder child, Farrokh Bulsara, to practice piano sessions and supported his interests in music. Jer’s interest laid the foundation of Farrokh’s music career, which later helped him to become one of the best rock stars the world has seen, Freddie Mercury.

Jer Bulsara was always interested in the band Queen’s growth and tracked the evolution every time. She had always attended the live programs of the band whenever conducted in nearby places.

Ethnicity Of Freddie Mercury’s Parents

Freddie Mercury’s parents, Bomy and Jer Bulsara, belong to Parsi-Indian families from Western India. Parsi-Indians are Persian Zoroastrians who migrated from Persia, present-day Iran, to India in the middle of the 6th century due to the Muslim invasion of Persia.

Nationality of Freddie Mercury’s Parents

The nationality of Freddie Mercury’s parents is Indian (British Raj). Jer and Bomy Bulsara were born to Parsi families in Western India. The couple, with their children  Farrokh and Kashmira, lived in Zanzibar for some time and later migrated to Britain at the time of the Zanzibar revolution. They received British citizenship later.

How Much Money Did Freddie Mercury Give To His Parents?

At the time of his death in 1991, Freddie Mercury had an estimated wealth of $50-$60 million. In his will, he divided his net worth and future earnings between his ex-girlfriend, his parents, and his sister.

Freddy Mercury’s parents had received 25% of his income until their death, while his only sister Kashmira still received another 25%. Mary Austin, his former girlfriend, gets 50% of his earnings.

Are Freddie Mercury’s Parents Still Alive?

No, Freddie Mercury’s parents are not alive now. His father, Bomy Bulsara, died on the 26th of December 2003. He was 95 years old at the time of his death. Freddie’s mother, Jer Bulsara, passed away on November 13th, 2016. She was 94 years old.

What Happened To Freddie Mercury’s Parents?

Freddie Mercury’s parents died many years after their son’s death. His father passed away on the 26th of December 2003, and his mother died on the 13th of November 2016.

No parents want to hear the news of their children’s death. Unfortunately, Freddie’s parents had to go through the incidents, and the old couple relocated to Nottingham, where their daughter Kashmira was living with her family.

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The world, which suffered two back-to-back wars, looked at music as a way to recuperate. The music industry witnessed the rise of rock music and performance bands for almost three decades after world war II. Queen remains the most influential rock band after World War II, considering their popularity, quality of music, showmanship, and sales record.

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer, is as popular as his band Queen. His lively presence on the stage with his fantastic voice crowned him the greatest rock star and one of the best showmen in the music industry. The music of Freddie Mercury is still celebrated years after his death.