Grown Ups 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer – Will We Ever Get To See It?

If you are fond of comedy movies that showcase tragedy of errors and make you go ROFL! Then, you cannot miss the two-part grown-up series!

Grown-up is an American comedy film series with various events that make the whole audience choke on their laughter. Along with that, it also has some excellent moments that make the fans love it.

The film was directed by Dennis Dugan. Actor-comedian Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf wrote the whole comedy movie, and then Jack Giarraputo and Sandler finally produced it. Additionally, both the producers were cast members of the film.

In the first film, we see Adam Sandler continuously creating a cheesy comedy for a paid vacation later with his friends. However, you may think that being a comedy film will have a straightforward plot with the same monotonous climax. But the movie was far from this. It had various plot-twisting stories and consequences, making both these movies fun to watch with families.

The first film received criticism as well as appreciation. There were various major shortcomings of the movie, including predictability, lack of mature stuff, and self-awareness. What saved the film’s fate was its large distribution. Even with rotten tomatoes’ 10% approval rating, the film was a major success and became Sandler’s one of the highest-grossing films to date.

The first movie’s success was the reason why the cast met about three years after the release of the 1st film to make a sequel in 2013. And after that, what happened? Was it successful? Did they announce the third part as well? Keep on reading to get the answer to all your queries.

Grown Ups 3
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Is there a Grown Ups 3?

No, the Grownups part 3 has not been made yet. However, let me continue the story now. What happened after the cast met to make part 2?

Grown-ups 2 received a below-average rating of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics trolled the movie for its sloppy, uninteresting, and bad acting. On the contrary, the film was a box office hit, collecting $247 million all around the globe despite having a budget of $80 million.

But as of writing this article, we do not have any news of part three. It has almost been a decade since part 2 came out, and fans are still hopeful for part 3.

Grown Ups 3 Release Date

We do not have any news about part 3 of Grownups. Grown-ups 1 came out a decade back in August 2010, and the second sequel of the film Grown Ups 2 came out on July 11, 2013.

The true fans of the movie have been eagerly waiting for the third part since then. As they say, time heals everything. So with time, the craze for the film is fading, and the ones still hoping have turned hopeless.

There is no official confirmation of the film, and thus for being on the safe side, we can assume that the film will not have any part 3. Again, without any official announcements, it would be grossly wrong of us to make any assumptions about the release of the third part of the movie.

Grown Ups 3 Characters & Cast

When the movie returns, we might see all our usual grown-ups. Here is a list of who we think will return:

  • Kevin James will play Eric Lamonsoff
  • Chris Rock as Kurt McKenzie
  • David Spade will play the role of Marcus Higgins
  • Loot Schneider as Rob Hilliard
  • Salma Hayek will act as Roxanne Chase-Feder
  • Maria Bello as Sally Lamonsoff
  • Maya Rudolph will play the role of Deanne McKenzie

Grown Ups 3 Plot

All the fans are eager to know when part 3 of the film Film grown-up will release. But there is no such information. So it is not fruitful to estimate the plot of the third part of the film. However, if the crew surprises us with part 3 of Grown-ups, then it is apparent that we will see the same five pals for sure.

In the second part of the film, we see Lenny going back to Connecticut to be with his family to be in touch with Eric, Kurt, Marcus, and Rob. The five of the pals will face new challenges and hardships since many things took a very unpredictable turn at the end of part 2.

In the second part, we find that Roxanne is pregnant. Soon we find Lenny returning to his senses and apologizing to her. As a result, we can predict that Roxanne’s baby will be the focus when the third part is released.

Last month, Grown-ups part 1 & 2 writers Tom Scharpling, on his Twitter handle, shared a speculative screenplay for Grown Ups 3. This script made headlines as long-time fans of the movie series started speculating that the studio had given the movie the green light. Of course, the truth was far from this as Tom wrote the 52-page script in his spare time to memorialize the film.

Grown Ups 3 Trailer

As of writing this article, there is no news regarding the making of Grown-ups part 3. If the studio and the producers decide to make the third part, we will update you with the same.

Grown Ups 3 Highlights

There is no news about the 3rd sequel of the film. Thus no certain information can be provided. But it can be expected that this part will also be full of fun just like the earlier parts.

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Where to Watch Grown Ups part 3

Both the grown-up films are available on Netflix and the Sony Liv app. Thus, we can expect that the film’s third part will also stream in these two apps.

The Bottom Line

Despite having such low ratings, the Grown-up series earned handsomely for the producers. This shows that comedy movies are mass entertainers, and everyone enjoys them. With Tom Scharpling posting a mock script for part 3, we can say that it has newly ignited the fire for reviving the film series.

We know Netflix tends to re-ignite the old series, and they already have a massive deal with Adam Sandler. So the hope is still high that we might one day get the third part.