Guy Sebastian’s Parents: All That We Know About Them

The 2003 Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian was just 22 years old when he became famous instantly. But his fame had not been without merit, Guy proved that with his entire career.

The Angels Brought Me Here singer’s achievements include 12 top-ten and six number-one singles, making him incredibly successful.

Guy Sebastian’s parents however had little idea of the enormity of his competition in the early stages. They had downplayed the situation, believing it to be similar to other small competitions.

Later on, however, they realised truly how big the Australian Idol’s platform was. On that note, here is everything we know about Guy’s parents, Ivan and Nellie.

Guy Sebastian's Parents
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Who Is Guy Sebastian’s Father?

Guy Sebastian’s Father
Ivan Sebastian

Guy Sebastian’s father is Ivan Sebastian. Guy is multiracial, while his father is an ethnic Malaysian Indian. Ivan was born in Malaysia but is of Tamil origin. Ivan Sebastian is not a singer, his profession is engineering.

Who Is Guy Sebastian’s Mother?

Guy Sebastian’s Mother
Nellie Sebastian

Guy Sebastian’s mother is Nellie Sebastian. Nellie however is of a different ethnicity than her husband Ivan, being of European and Asian descent. She was also born and brought up in India. None of Guy Sebastian’s parents were musicians, Nellie Sebastian being a homemaker.

Ethnicity Of Guy Sebastian’s Parents

Guy Sebastian’s Parents
Nellie Sebastian and Ivan Sebastian

Guy Sebastian’s parents belonged to two different ethnicities. His father, Ivan is Sri Lankan and Portuguese who hailed from Malaysia. While his mother Nellie is of Portuguese and Irish/Scot descent, born in India.

This made Guy a person of mixed ethnicity. But he was from a well-settled Christian family, who always minded his culture and traditions.

Nationality Of Guy Sebastian’s Parents

Guy Sebastian’s parents are of different nationalities. The singer may have Australian citizenship but he was not born there. Guy was born in Klang Selangor, Malaysia. His father Ivan too was born in Malaysia. But Guy’s mother Nellie was raised in India.

Guy’s parents met each other in India when his father went to study Geology. They were married just a year after meeting each other and had Guy and his older brother Ollie before migrating to Australia.

The couple had initially lived in Victoria but later moved to Adelaide. Guy’s younger brothers Chris and Jeremy were born in Australia.

Love Of Music Through Violin

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Even though Guy Sebastian and his family had lived in Australia for years, they did not abandon their roots.

Their native traditions were imbibed in Guy and his brothers Ollie, Chris, and Jeremy by their parents, and were taught to never lose sight of their upbringing.

Guy’s mother Nellie had insisted that location did not matter as long as the traditions were remembered. The basic teachings of their native culture were something they would always keep within themselves.

Along with an appreciation for their cultural traditions, Guy’s parents also insisted that he should learn the violin.

The instrument however was not something that interested the young singer. He would only learn one song, to be played at family gatherings. But he gave it up soon, after just three years, and chose the guitar and piano instead.

Struggle With Early Success

Like any other parent, Ivan and Nellie were extremely proud of their son for winning the Australian Idol. But it took them some time to realize that such instant fame was a double-edged sword. It disrupted their normal lives for a while before things calmed down.

Guy’s mother Nellie had explained that after the winner was declared, they would get calls all day long.

Their telephone had become a 24/7 answering machine, where fans called even at 2 a.m. asking to speak to him. Guy had worked extremely hard to win, and his parents were proud and excited, but the fame had been a little too much to handle.

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Bottom Line

Guy Sebastian’s parents, Ivan and Nellie were always supportive and proud of the talent. The couple had always taught their children to keep in mind their roots while being out in the world.

The X Factor judge is known for his hits as well as participation in other shows like Australia The Voice. And his parents have contributed a lot of values toward his success.