Hansika Motwani’s Beauty Secrets: The Icon’s Recipe For Glowing Skin

Hansika Motwani, the Indian actress is predominantly famous for her roles in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. The icon started as a child actor in memorable shows like Shaka Laka Boom Boom and Desh Mein Nikla Hoga Chand. These helped her become a household name.

The icon had her debut in Bollywood in 2007, with Aap Ka Suroor. But since then, she has found significant success in the Tamil and Telegu industries. All of her characters were extremely diverse and fans were enthralled by the icon’s beauty secrets that had her glowing.

So how does Hansika Motwani look so effortlessly beautiful all the time? Read on to learn all about her skincare and beauty routine. 

Breaking Down Hansika Motwani’s Beauty Routine

Hansika Motwani’s Beauty Routine

Hansika Motwani is naturally beautiful with amazing skin. But the icon has a few special tips that help her remain glamorous both on and off the screen. Her beauty secrets are not filled with expensive products, they are just tips that enhance her looks naturally. Her routine includes.

Special Sunburn Cream

Hansika Motwani’s beauty secrets are filled with homemade face masks that give all the benefits of store-bought ones. Her most popular mask that made the internet go gaga is made of 2 ingredients, cucumbers, and yogurt. Both of these elements help with sunburns.

Motwani takes one large cucumber, grates it finely, and then adds it to a cup of plain yogurt. The icon then applies the mixture to her face and neck, letting it sit for 30 minutes before washing it off. This helps the skin cool down, while the mask can reduce swelling and irritation.

Bold Looks

While minimalistic, clean girl makeup may be the current trend, going bold will never disappoint. For Hansika Motwani, a pair of bold red lips can transform any outfit and add a glam factor to it. Her signature looks are often accompanied by this fiery red shade that makes her lips pop.

Among the icon’s statement makeup looks, there are also false eyelashes which she loves sporting. Adding some individual ones to her lower lines adds a little flair and drama to her face. A little highlighter to brighten the eye’s inner corners complete the bold look.

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Stunning Beach Waves

Apart from a flawless face, Hansika Motwani also has the most perfect curls as seen on screen. The icon’s secret to a good hair day, every day is taking good care of her tresses. Her routine, therefore, gives her curls the right amount of volume and texture to make them look stunning.

What’s In Hansika Motwani’s Makeup Bag?

Hansika Motwani’s bag is her entire home where she carries all her essentials. The Badla actress’s appearance seldom needs help from makeup to make her flawless. Thus she focuses on keeping items that are important to her self-care. Still, a few of her makeup must-haves are.

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Hansika Motwani’s favorite items to always keep around are perfumes. The icon owns an extensive selection of it and loves flaunting her signature scents. Her everyday bag contains as many as 5 bottles sometimes. Among her collection, Motwani loves the J’adore Dior Parfum.


For her everyday makeup look, Hansika Motwani loves sporting different daring shades of lipstick. These colors are the one thing in her makeup bag that she cannot function without. For her, putting on lipstick means brightening up the face almost instantly.

The icon’s favorite brand to keep in her travel bag is Charlotte Tilbury. Their long-lasting matte formulas are ideal for daily use. Three shades that are ever-present in her bag are Rising Star, Pillow Talk, and Charlotte Darling.

Lip Balm

Hansika Motwani loves adorning her lips with colors, but lip balms are not her style. But the icon keeps a tube in her bag all the same, in case of emergencies. These can transform any tip from a dehydrated one to a plump and healthy one in one swipe.

Hansika Motwani's Beauty Secrets

Hand Cream

Hansika Motwani’s handbag is incomplete without a sanitizer. But the icon often follows this step with a hand cream to keep her palms soft. It also helps her keep her hand moisturized while maintaining the skin’s elasticity, saving it from dehydration and premature wrinkling.

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Hansika Motwani’s Skincare Secrets

Hansika Motwani’s Skincare Secrets

Hansika Motwani’s naturally flawless skin includes a few industry secrets that are game changers. Her daily beauty routine therefore always contains these steps for optimum results. Her skincare regime is personal to the icon, but she cannot live without these products.

Cleansing Before Bed

Hansika Motwani’s skincare routine is incomplete without a good face wash. The icon is a firm believer in the different benefits a thorough cleansing can have on the skin. Her busy schedule requires her to wear heavy makeup throughout the day, which may often lead to breakouts.

To combat the harmful effects makeup has, the icon always removes her makeup before bed. As she keeps her pores clean, she ensures that her skin would remain smooth and ready to absorb the products to follow. Motwani uses a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin.


Hansika Motwani’s next step in her skincare regime is using a good moisturizer. While cleansers clean the face and make sure it is rid of dirt and impurities, they also dry it out. A good moisturizer gives back all of the lost hydration to the face, making it look plump and healthy.

There are many moisturizers available in the market, full of different elements that heal the skin and resolve its issues. A good choice should always be based on your skin tone. For oily skin, a gell-based formula is often prescribed as it controls the oiliness while keeping the skin hydrated.

A pro tip in the skincare game is the added use of toner. When this product is used in between a cleanser and a moisturizer, the texture of the skin improves drastically. Its main function is to reduce the appearance of pores, making the face look tighter and more even-toned.


Hansika Motwani never leaves the house without putting on a good amount of sunscreen. The icon’s use of SPF helps her protect her skin from the harmful effects of the sun. It is a well-known pointer in the beauty industry that not using sunscreen is equal to no skincare.

The sun’s UV rays are responsible for aging out a person much faster than normal. Prolonged exposure results in fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and even skin cancer. To avoid that, it is advised to wear a sun lotion of at least SPF 30 every day and reapply it every 2 hours.

Herbal Products

Hansika Motwani has been in the beauty industry for a while and has been exposed to all kinds of elite skincare products. But among all of these, the icon’s favorite skincare items are homemade face masks. She also loves using herbal products instead of chemical-infused ones.

Among the natural ingredients available in the market, Motwani loves using Ubtan. This element is greatly beneficial to the skin because of its anti-aging properties. When used in a pack with turmeric, aloe vera, and neem it can make the face flexible, toned, and glowing from within.

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Wrapping Up

Hansika Motwani is known for her roles across various industries. The icon’s undeniable skills and flawless looks have made her a fan favorite among the ton. Both her beauty and her charm never seem to fail her, her beauty secrets being simple and relatable by one and all.