Happy Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer – Cancelled or Renewed?

The famous American series Happy is actually adopted from a comic book series. It is a live-action show that has comedy and action. Also, it is a thriller that involves drama.

Maor episodes of this drama series have been directed by Brian Taylor. The series has two seasons to date that continued airing from 2017 to 2019.

The American cable network SYFY aired this show first. It got good reviews from the audience, and as the first season was so successful, the channel decided to bring another season a year later.

As the last season ended in 2019, the show lovers are eagerly waiting for the series to come up with another season. But there is also news that the series got cancelled.

So, if you are waiting for Happy Season 3 and want to know details about the release date, highlights and expected plot, or if the show got cancelled officially, here is all the information that we have revealed after detailed research.

Is Happy getting a season 3?

Happy Season 3

The storyline of Happy can be continued into further seasons. Even the makers want to continue the TV series, and provided there are so many online platforms that are booming these delays, there is a possibility that Happy might get a season 3.

But there has been no confirmation from the makers, and neither any production channel has approved that the series will be returning. Unless it is announced officially by the makers, it is not possible to confirm if there will be a third season for Happy or not.

Did Happy Season 3 get Cancelled?

After the second season, Syfy, the cable network that aired the series, officially announced that the show would be cancelled. But, it is the decision of the production house, not the makers.

If the makers want to come up with further seasons, there are chances that other channels or networks, or even OTT platforms, will take up the show. But, as of now, there has been no such attempt by the creators too.

Why did Happy Season 3 get Cancelled?

The production house has not highlighted any specific reason for the cancellation of the show. But, it is assumed that the low ratings of the show are a potential reason that it got cancelled.

The first season of the series performed extremely well. Seeing the popularity, within a year, Syfy announced the renewal of the series.

But the second season’s rating decreased, and it did not match that of the first one. As the viewership declined, the channel did not get much profit from the series. So, this might be the reason that the show got cancelled.

Another reason that can be attributed to the decision to cancel is the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the situation was serious, filming would not have been possible.

But given that things are getting better, it is expected that the makers may decide to come up with the third season. Also, the fans are constantly demanding Happy Season 3. Maybe, this will inspire the creators to make the season soon.

Happy Season 3 Release Date

Happy Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Happy was released in 2019. It has already been three years, and the audience has been waiting for another season.

As there has been no confirmation regarding Happy Season 3, the release date is still unknown.

Happy Season 3 Characters & Cast

Happy Season 3 Characters & Cast

If there is a third season, it is expected that the main characters will return. Maybe new characters will be introduced. But the cast will mainly include:

  • Christopher Meloni
  • Ritchie Coster
  • Lili Mirojnick
  • Patrick Fischler
  • Patton Oswalt
  • Christopher Fitzgerald
  • Michael Maize
  • Antonia Rey
  • Daniel Sunjata

The central character of the series is Nick Sax, and the role is played by Christopher Meloni. There are also other guest appearances in the series by actors like Jerry Springer, Alison Fraser, Billy West, Jeff Goldblum, and others.

Happy Season 3 Plot

The character Nick Sax is a police detective who lives as a social outcast. He drinks heavily and is also a victim of substance abuse. He suffers from a massive heart attack and survives.

Nick meets a unicorn which is very small and blue in colour. The name of this unicorn is Happy. And only Nick can see the unicorn. The voice for the animated unicorn is given by the famous American actor Patton Oswalt.

Happy motivates Nick to save Hailey. Hailey, Nick’s estranged daughter, is a little girl. She has been kidnapped. Santa has kidnapped her. So, Happy and Nick work as a team to rescue her.

As they get involved further, they get to discover that there is much more to the kidnapping. There is child trafficking involved.

Also, as it is fiction, there are other elements like aliens and ancient gods. There is also a possible threat of an apocalypse. So, the series is full of fantasy and thrilling adventures capable of binding the audience.

So, if there is a season 3, it is expected that it will be full of thrilling adventures. Also, there will be a lot of humour in this comedy series.

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Happy Season 3 Trailer

To the disappointment of the audience, there have not been any teasers or trailers of Happy Season 3 released yet. But, if you want to see what the series looks like, here’s is the official trailer of the second season of Happy:

Happy Season 3 Highlights

The Universal Content Production has been planning to offer the series to other productions as there are very few chances that Syfy will air Happy again. Also, the fans have constantly been demanding to bring the series back, and there is an online petition going on for that.

Where to Watch Happy Season 3?

The previous seasons of the series are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Even the official site of Syfy has the series too.

It is expected that the third season will be streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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The Bottom Line

Happy is an insane comedy series, full of drama and has an exciting storyline too.

The actors are brilliant, and the animated character also is an excellent addition to the show. It also has an IMDb rating of 8.1, which is quite good.

So, if you want to watch a wholly entertaining series, Happy will be a good choice for sure.