Hayley Atwell’s Height, Weight, Dating History, Body Measurements, Net Worth & More

Hayley Atwell, a stupendous actress better known for her phenomenal acting and screen presence in Hollywood movies and television series. She is better known for her versatile acting and unique personality. Atwell started her career by acting in Pringles advertisements. This advertisement appeared on National TV.  Apart from acting in films, Atwell is a skilled Ventriloquist too. Her talent was exposed during CBC’S show. During Jimmy Kimmel live shows, Atwell showcased her talent of saying words with no lip movement.

If you are a Marvel fan or Captain America fan, you would have noticed Roger’s lover Peggy. Even though she is not a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she won millions of hearts with her vintage looks and awesome acting.

Still anxious to know Hayley Atwell’s personal info, height and weight, body measurements, favorite list, success story, net worth, Awards and Nominations, and many more.

Hayley Atwell’s Height, Weight, Dating History, Body Measurements, Net Worth & More
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Hayley Atwell’s Rise to Fame

Curious to know how Hayley came to fame?

The actress made her debut in 2005. She acted as Lo, a maiden who was exiled by Zeus. The drama was played at Sound Theatre London. Atwell earned praise for her performance from British Theatre Guide. After that, she began acting at the Royal Shakespeare Company. There she played Bianca in the project “Women Beware Women”.

Hayley played Major Barbara. She received the Ian Charleson Commendation for her performance in it. The actress played the role of Catherine in “A View From the Bridge” which was directed by Lindsay Posner. Catherine was the adopted niece of a household. Atwell gave her best performance with confidence, determination, and ideal acting techniques. She was selected on the nomination list for the Olivier Award. Hayley made her debut television role in 2006. It is in “Line of Beauty” by the BBC. She had acted in series like “Any Human Heart” by William Boyd, “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett, “Black Mirror” by Charlie Brooker. She was on the nomination list for Golden Globe Awards for her splendid acting in “Pillars of the Earth”.

The most notable character in her career is Agent Peggy Carter. She played this role in the Marvel universe movie “Captain America the First Avenger” released in 2011. She was listed as “Breakout Stars to Watch for 2011” by Next Movie. Hayley acted in Marvel Films like “Captain America: Winter Soldier” released in 2014 and  “Ant-Man ”. She has also played cameo roles in Avenger sequels, “Avengers: Age of Ultron ” in 2015, & “ Avengers: Endgame”. She acted as Carter in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” by ABC and “Agent Carter” by Marvel Studios. Hayley will act in Misson Impossible 7 with Tom Cruise. The shooting was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The report says that she will act in the next part of the Mission Impossible movie series.  

Hayley Atwell’s Height and Weight
Image: Jaguarps/Dreamstime.com

Hayley Atwell’s Height and Weight

Hayley Atwell maintains her body well. She is confident with her looks. Standing 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm or 1.7m) tall. She weighs 68 kg (150 pounds).

Hayley Atwell’s Dating History

Let’s dive into Hayley’s dating history. Are you interested? Then come on,

Hayley started a relationship with Gabriel Bisset-Smith.  He is a screenwriter. They both met at Guildhall Music and Drama School. Seven years of friendship eventually strengthened their bond and transformed into a relationship. But they got separated after a few months. Hayley denied the rumor of her relationship with Paul Wilson (Snow Patrol Bassist). The rumor spread due to a photo of them kissing each other. The actress said that it was fake.

After one year, there arose a rumor about Atwell dating Stephen Merchant. He was a comedian. There were reports that the duos had been involved in a car crash. But the actress said that the rumor was due to a photo taken when they came out from Groucho. It was fake and she sarcastically texted Stephen that day saying “Are we okay”.

Hayley Atwell’s Dating History
Image: Featureflash/Dreamstime.com

Hayley was in a relationship with Evan Jones. He was a British musician and model. The relationship was made public by Rankin, the photographer who introduced them. However, the duo broke up after a year. In 2019, Hayley started dating a doctor. He was not in the limelight and his identity is not known. The doc was her friend since childhood. The actress wished to marry him. She was ready to reveal his identity in public only in their marriage.

Unfortunately, they mutually broke up. There was yet another rumor about the actress’s relationship with Tom Cruise. Hayley met Cruise on the sets of Mission Impossible 7. The duos may have split. Some reports say that Hayley Atwell is single now.

Hayley Atwell’s Personal Info

Hayley Atwell
Image: Sbukley/Dreamstime.com

Born on  April 5 1982 in London, UK, Hayley Elizabeth Atwell is the only child of her parents. The 39 years old actress completed her Bachelor of Arts from Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Atwell’s father Grand Atwell is a photographer and massage therapist and her mother Allison Cain is a speaker who inspires others to achieve their goals. There is still more to know, go through the list,

  • Birth Name: Hayley Elizabeth Atwell.
  • Nickname: Hayley.
  • Date of Birth: The actress was born on 5 April 1982.
  • Age:  Her age is 39.
  • Birthplace: London, United Kingdom.
  • Religion: Christian
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries.
  • Father Name: Hayley’s father is Grant Atwell.
  • Mother Name: Her mother is Allison Cain.
  • Siblings Name: No.
  • Spouse/Partner: Stephen Merchant (2009-2012), Paul Wilson (2012-2013), Evan Jones (2014-2015).
  • Children: No.
  • Ethnicity: Father-American & Irish descent, Mother- British.
  • Occupation: TV actress, Video game artist, Theatre actress, Radio artist.
  • Education: Guildhall School of Music & Drama(BA).
  • Tatoo: Hayley has done two tattoos. One on her wrist and an elephant tattoo on her leg.
  • Sexuality: Straight.

Hayley Atwell’s Body Measurements

Hayley Atwell’s Body Measurements
Image: Featureflash/Dreamstime.com

Hayley is 5 feet 7 inches tall or 1.57m (170cm) tall and weighs about 68kg (150 pounds). The actress has a voluptuous figure. Atwell has achest size of 37 inches (94 cm), a waist size of 27 inches (70 cm), a hips size of 36 inches (95 cm), and a body measurement of 37-27-36 inches or 94-68-91.5 cm.

Hayley Atwell is attractive with her light brown eyes. She is slim with a warm smile, brown hair, and a curvy figure.

Do you know her outfit sizes?

Hayley’s dress size is 10 (US) or 42 (EU) and her shoe size is 8 (US) or 39 (EU).

Hayley Atwell Body Measurements


170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)


68kg (150 pounds)

Body Measurements

37-27-36 inches (94-68-91.5 cm)

Chest Size

37 inches (94 cm)

Waist Size

27 inches (70 cm)

Hips Size

36 inches (95 cm)

Eyes Color

Light Brown

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Figure or Body Shape




Distinctive Features

A warm smile and curvy figure

Dress Size

10(US) or 42(EU)

Shoe Size

8(US) or 39(EU)

Hayley Atwell’s Favorite Things

Hayley Atwell’s Favorite Things
Image: Carrienelson1/Dreamstime.com

Hayley loves maple syrup. In reply to her favorite food,  Atwell said in a television show that she can drink maple syrup all day. She loves literature books. Want to know more about Atwell?

What’s in Hayley’s wish list or bucket list. Let’s find out.

  • Favorite Foods: Hayley is so fond of traditional foods. She loves to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Hayley likes maple syrup so much that she can have them all day.
  • Favorite Places: New York and Thailand are her favorite places to visit.
  • Favorite Movies: She loves to watch horror movies.
  • Favorite Actress: Jodie Whittaker.
  • Favorite Actor: Tom Cruise.
  • Favorite Color: Hayley’s favorite color is Green.
  • Favorite Artists: Rihana, Beyonce.
  • Favorite Outfits: She loves to wear gowns, vintage clothes, and leather jackets.
  • Favorite Products: Her favorite products include skincare products, cosmetic products. She likes Mac and Chanel.
  • Favorite Books: She loves to read dramas, motivational books.
  • Favorite Perfume: Juicy Couture Viva La is her favorite perfume.

Do you know her hobbies and interests? Atwell enjoys playing tennis, horse riding, and reading.

Hayley Atwell’s Awards and Nominations

Hayley Atwell has been nominated for her incredible performances on the screen. But she could bag very few awards. The most notable one was the Ian Charleson Commendation for “Major Barabara” at the Ian Charleson Awards 2009. Atwell was in for 20 nominations. There are more things she can achieve. Let’s hope that she will bag these awards one day. Her acting skills will bring her to the stage. 

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Hayley Atwell’s Net Worth

Hayley Atwell has an astounding screen presence and a brighter future. Atwell’s net worth is about $3 Million US Dollars. Her income sources are from acting and brand endorsements.

Did Hayley Atwell do plastic Surgery?

What do you think? Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, or none. Have you ever made a comparison between Hayley’s old and present look?

Many People think that Hayley had breast augmentation surgery. She had increased her breast size to look fairer. This is evident from her old photos. Moreover, her cup size had increased significantly over the years. For normal aging, such a considerable change in size is not possible. It is also noted that the actress had attended all promotions of her series and movies after this change, showing that the surgery boosted her confidence.

Still, other reports say that she had also undergone dental surgery to look fairer. Earlier she smiled a bit without expressing much. But she smiles more widely on red carpets.

It is not sure if the rumors of her surgeries are true or not. They are stating a lot of supporting evidence. But is it enough to believe completely? Anyway, there is certainly a change in her figure.

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Final Words

Hayley Atwell is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring actress in Hollywood. An interesting fact about Hayley is that she loves to prank her co-actors. Once, Chris Evans, the Captain America star, pranked her but later owned the actress back by scaring him. She always succeeds in pranking others.

These pranks are funny ones and the victims love them. Over the years, Hayley struggled a lot to improve her acting skills and mark her place in the Hollywood industry. She has been facing a lot of rumors and false allegations but she keeps on fighting each day. Atwell was in the nomination lists for major prestigious awards. But she could not bag much. These awards will approach her soon. Do you agree or not?