How Did Dua Lipa Get Famous? (Here’s A Look At Her Rise To Fame)

Dua Lipa, the London-born British-Albanian pop star has been trending on social media for years now, and with good reason. The singer-slash songwriter has a relatively shorter career but her talents have more than made up for the lost time. Not born into the music industry, Dua Lipa is one of those rare few who made a name for themselves out of a will and hard work.

As a kid, Dua Lipa had been into singing and dancing and had even tried cello for a while. Music had been more than just a hobby for her, and she was determined to make a career out of it. So by the young age of 14, Dua Lipa was already posting covers of her favorite pop songs on YouTube. She had known from a young age that her success depended on none but herself, thus by the time she was in her late teen, she had better life skills than most adults.

Now we all know the music sensation that is Dua Lipa. From her iconic dance moves to feet-tapping original hits, her music and videos are everywhere. The star just celebrated her 27th birthday in 2022, and as fans from all around the world celebrate her success, many are curious about how she came to be so famous. What led to Dua Lipa’s fame and popularity? Read on to know all about Dua Lipa.

How Did Dua Lipa Get Famous?

How Did Dua Lipa Get Famous
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Dua Lipa started her career on YouTube where she posted various cover songs by other artists. While it may seem like she started her career just a few years ago, in reality, Dua Lipa had been working on herself for years. Her signature disco-pop sound was not an overnight result but perfected through years of practice.

At the beginning of her career, Dua Lipa knew she had to work very hard, and make sacrifices to ensure that her work was seen by the right people. Like a lot of other stars not directly born into fame, the young star had to apply herself and pave her way through social media. But her fantastic work ethic, grit, and undeniable talent made sure that got the fame she deserved.

And since her start when she signed with Warner Music Group in 2015, her popularity has reached sky-high. Dua Lipa’s face is ever present around television, whether posing for Jaguar or decked in Yves Saint Laurent. Her new hit “One Kiss” has become a party anthem for most clubs. The ‘Dark Pop’ singer has been an inspiration for a lot of artists, who have proved that achieving success without nepotism is possible.

How Is Dua Lipa Discovered?

It cannot be said that Dua Lipa was discovered per se. Ever since she was a child, Dua Lipa loved singing and worked hard to be better at it. After singing covers of originals on YouTube, when she first uploaded her original songs to SoundCloud in 2012, her path to fame was set. Through these songs, she caught the eye of Lana Del Ray’s managers from Tap Management, Ed Millett and Ben Mawson.

But after 2 years of intense recording and as many as 130 songs, she only had a dozen of them put in an album. Suffice it to say, she was not happy with her current contract. So as an unsigned singer, she waited for the right opportunity and finally found it with Warner Music Group in 2015. It was there that she found a team devoted to her career which took off with her debut album.

Dua Lipa has worked hard for the position she holds in today’s music world. From social media platforms to YouTube, she promoted herself vigorously and was duly rewarded. Her breakthrough hit song “ Blow Your Mind” had been the start of her journey to fame. Dua Lipa has had an arsenal of hit songs since then, with three singles in the UK Top 15 and many other rewards under her wing.

What Made Dua Lipa Famous?

Dua Lipa has a mezzo-soprano vocal range and with her electric music, she is quite famous now. Her signature disco-pop sounds are immensely loved by people worldwide. But the pop star had some difficulty in choosing her genre. When Dua Lipa started her career, her music style was still in its early stages, but luckily, she had enough space to let it develop.

As soon as she started songwriting, Dua Lipa understood that for her to develop her style, her music needs to be authentic, coming from deep within. And because of her drawing materials from her own experience, her music became instantly relatable and loved. Her success led her to become the world’s most streamed female artist on Spotify in 2017. A title for which she had to beat other musical giants like Ariana Grande, Adele, and Beyoncé.

Dua Lipa is a very talented artist, and she has enough awards to prove this fact. In her list of awards, she has won 6 Brit Awards, 3 Grammys, 2 MTV Europe Music Awards, 1MTV Video Music Award, 2 Billboard Music Awards, and 1 American Music Award. The singer also holds 2 Guinness World Records.

What Was Dua Lipas First Hit?

Dua Lipa’s first debut single “New Love” came out in 2015 and was an instant hit. She also had a few other minor hits like “Hotter than Hell” and “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” which worked wonders in boosting her popularity. Since her stint in a TV advertisement for The X Factor in 2013, Dua Lipa’s career had seen exponential growth.

While her debut album had reached the Top 10 chart in many EU countries, her more recent ones have been a hit as well. In 2018, her song ‘New Rules’ had 1 Billion views on Youtube. Even in 2022, her music remains popular and that particular song has over 2.3 billion views. Thus we see that the list of Dua Lipa’s hit songs is too big to write in 1 article.

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Bottom Line

From “New Love” to “Potion”, Dua Lipa’s music career has seen steady growth. But the most inspirational part of her journey is how she willed her career to take off by working tirelessly for it. Her natural talent combined with aspirations to be great made her the truly successful singer that we see today.

The start of her career had been in 2014, and we have had a string of hit singles and albums since then. And at the peak of her fame in 2022, we can only expect the best of the genre from her.