How Many Cars Does Kylie Jenner Have? ($6M Luxury Car Collection)

Kylie Jenner, the American media personality, and savvy businesswoman, is known for her exclusive fashion sense.

The young cosmetic entrepreneur is one of the more famous Kardashian sisters, all of whom saw their careers start with the reality show KUWTHK.

But if there is one thing more famous than her coveted closet, it is her garage which is full of luxury cars.

From the fastest to the most powerful, if there’s a car that catches her eye, she must have it. But how many cars are there in her garage?

How Many Cars Does Kylie Jenner Have?

How Many Cars Does Kylie Jenner Have
Kylie Jenner in an Instagram photo (Kylie Jenner / Instagram)

Kylie Jenner is reported to own 15 luxury cars, whose value is around $6M. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is wealthy of her own accord, with her numerous fashion deals.

But after the success of her brand Kylie Cosmetics and the subsequent lines like Kylie Baby, is it any wonder that she splurges a little on expensive cars?

Kylie Jenner’s car collection includes several items that have made her garage the envy of most collectors.

Along with her $3M Bugatti Chiron, Kylie owns 5 Rolls Royces, 3 Ferraris, 2 Lamborghinis, 3 Mercedes-Benz, and many other exotic cars. And while many of them are custom-made, there are a few limited editions as well, like the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster.

What cars does Kylie Jenner have?

What cars does Kylie Jenner have
Kylie Jenner in an Instagram photo (Kylie Jenner / Instagram)

The list of expensive cars that Kylie Jenner owns is long and equally impressive. Her impressive $6M collection includes custom-made cars like a pink $300K Rolls Royce. Here is a list of all the 15 luxury cars that she owns, along with the price.

  1. Bugatti Chiron- $3M
  2. Ferrari 458 Spider- $250K
  3. Ferrari 488 Spider- $285K
  4. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta- $1.4M
  5. Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster- $400K
  6. Lamborghini Urus- $225K
  7. Mercedes Maybach S600- $200K
  8. Mercedes-Benz G550 4×42- $230K
  9. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG- $200K
  10. Range Rover Autobiography LWB- $150K
  11. Rolls Royce Cullinan- $350K
  12. Rolls Royce Ghost- $325K
  13. Rolls Royce Phantom VIII- $465K
  14. Rolls Royce Wraith- $320K
  15. Vintage Rolls Royce- Priceless

Does Kylie have a Bugatti?

Does Kylie have a Bugatti
Kylie Jenner in an Instagram photo (Kylie Jenner / Instagram)

Yes, Kylie Jenner’s exotic car collection boasts of a $3M Bugatti Chiron. The business mogul’s famous cars get more clout on social media because of her tendency to flaunt them. In 2019, when the celebrity broke the news of splitting from her baby daddy, the musician Travis Scott, she also posted her recent purchase, this particularly expensive car.

The $3M Bugatti Chiron came with black and white curvature, along with an orange, all-leather interior. But her fans were not too enthusiastic about this self-love treat. Her Instagram was slammed by people calling out her exuberance while the country was “struggling”.

What kind of car does Kylie drive?

Kylie Jenner is famous, but her cars are known for themselves due to their unique specifications. From a bright orange Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster to the glossy white $3M Bugatti Chiron, her cars are all glamorous like Kylie herself.

But Kylie has shared a sneak peek into her dream car and it is every barbie lover’s fantasy come true. The custom-made, all-pink interior Rolls Royce SUV is her “mom car”, one she prides above all. The cute customized nameplate that reads “Stormi’s mom” is as unique as the constellation ceiling.

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Who gave Kylie a Ferrari?

The American celebrity songwriter, rapper, and actor Tyga gave a $320k Ferrari 482 Italia to Kylie Jenner for her 18th birthday.  But that is not the only Ferrari in Kylie Jenner’s garage. Indeed, it is not the only Ferrari she had received as a gift either.

In 2018, after the birth of their daughter Stormi, the singer Travis Scott surprised the new mother with the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta. With such a hefty price tag like $1.4M, this particular Ferrari remains the most expensive of the Ferraris that Kylie owns.

What car did Tyga buy Kylie?

The six-figure Ferrari was only one of the cars that the rapper Tyga had given Kylie Jenner. In fact, for her 19th birthday, he also got her a car, the luxurious sedan Mercedes Maybach S600. The car, like the Ferrari, was expensive, with a price tag of $200k.

The Ferrari 458 Spider which had been given to Kylie for her 18th birthday was later upgraded by her, with custom-made red rims and a new matte gray paint job. But the Mercedes Benz was a splurge that included a mini fridge, folding tables, and Chanel mirrors.

How much was the car Tyga bought Kylie?

Tyga had bought 2 cars for Kyle Jenner, and both of them were birthday gifts for her 18th and 19th birthdays consecutively. For her 18th birthday, Kylie received the expensive Ferrari 458 Spider, with a retail price of $240K.

For her next birthday, he gifted her the Mercedes Maybach S600, with a retail price of $200K. Moreover, the Benz was customized by Tyga himself to include sleek details like pink interior lights, fold-out tables, TVs, and even a built-in refrigerator.

Did Kylie keep the Ferrari from Tyga?

Tyga may have bought Kylie Jenner an expensive Ferrari for her 18th birthday, but the gift was not devoid of drama. The six-figure car was reportedly leased, not gifted, and it was leased in Kylie’s name. There were also allegations of the particular car reportedly being repossessed.

But that was all exposed to be a prank when the star’s Snapchat pic revealing the white vehicle was shared.

The truth was, the then 19-year-old Kylie was pulling a prank and paying someone to hide his Ferrari. The very next day she surprised Tyga with a brand new Bentley priced at $229K.

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Bottom Line

We can see that the entrepreneur and business mogul Kylie Jenner is well versed in her knowledge of luxury cars. And her fans all over the world are interested in knowing the number of cars she owns as well as their specifications.

Thus we can see that even if her overflowing closet is the envy of women all over the world, it is nothing compared to the gems in her garage.