How Many Dogs Does Ariana Grande Have?

Ariana Grande is an astounding Hollywood singer and actress. But do you know anything about her love for dogs?

Ariana Grande is one of the cutest singers and it is a great scene to watch her with her adorable little ones. Fans love her connection with pets.

Most of her pet dogs are rescued ones who were fortunate to join the family of one of the most astounding young singers in the world.  Get ready to know more about her dogs.

How Many Dogs Does Ariana Grande Have
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How Many Dogs Does Ariana Grande Have ?

Ariana Grande is a die-hard dog lover. She has adopted 12 dogs to date. It was reported that she has 9 dogs now. So what kind of dogs does she have? Dachshund-German Shepherd, Beagle-Chihuahua, Labradoodle, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bloodhound, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua breed, and PitBull mix breed are the breeds that she owns.

Who is Ariana’s First Dog?

Ariana’s first dog is a dachshund-German Shepherd mix. She called her Coco. This dog was adopted in 2010. Coco was born on March 27, 2010. This dog was shown in one of her music videos, ‘Put Your Hearts Up’. Ariana once said that the name ‘Coco’ was such a basic and common name and she felt bad naming her dog Coco.

Generally, the mix has an intermediate size of Dachshund and German Shepherd. These dogs prefer to run around so keeping them indoors is not a good option. It has a loud bark and is energetic.

They are quite jealous and find it hard to join the company of other pets. These dogs are possessive. Dachshund-German Shepherd mixes are intelligent dogs and are easy to train. They respond to commands quite easily.

What’s Ariana Grande’s Favorite Dog?

Ariana Grande has rescued many dogs over the years. But her favorite pet dog is Toulouse Lautrec Grande. He joined her family in September 2013. Ariana Grande’s dog was named after a kitten that appeared in ‘Aristocats’, a Disney movie.

This dog was born on June 16, 2013. It was her second dog after Coco. Toulouse was taken by Grande on her honeymoon tour. Her cute dog won Cutest Musician’s Pet 2018 at iHeartRadio Music Awards. It had appeared with her in music videos and was featured in August 2019 Vogue alongside Grande

This dog is of the Beagle-Chihuahua breed. This dog is a mix of the Beagle breed and Chihuahua breed. These dogs cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions (too hot or too cold). They are good to be treated indoors with less exposure to outdoor weather conditions.

It gives great affection to its owner. These dogs are intelligent and could easily be trained. They could easily catch up with the commands.

The coats of these dogs range from small to medium length. While long hair traits of Chihuahuas could be seen in some springs.

The ear length and muzzle are usually acquired from the beagle parent while the eyes and tail length are from the Chihuahua parent. The dog breed is extremely affectionate to the family. The dogs become jealous if love is given elsewhere.

These dogs bark and attack when threatened. They protect their owners and show loyalty. The average lifespan of the dog is 15 years. Beagle-Chihuahua dogs are active and energetic breeds. On average, 40 minutes of playtime are required every day. Trick training, playing fetch, and tracking games are some of the training besides jogging or walking with the dog.

Does Ariana Grande Still have all her Dogs?

Ariana Grande has twelve dogs. But does she have all of them now? Let’s find out.

It was reported that one of her dogs, Fawkes Kitty, was not with her now. This dog is a Shiba Inu which is her fourth dog. It was adopted in July 2014. As Fawkes was not comfortable with other dogs, it was shifted from the large dog family.

This was revealed by Ariana Grande’s brother in July 2015. Later Grande confirmed it again through a Snapchat video and further said that Fawkes is with one of her friends.

What Dogs does Ariana Still Have?

Ariana Grande has 11 dogs with her now. She has created Twitter and Instagram accounts for her adorable pets like ‘MissCocoAriana’  

  1. Coco– Dachshund German Shepherd born on March 27, 2010. Ariana adopted it in 2010 and is her first pet dog. 
  2. Toulouse– It is a Beagle-Chihuahua mix breed born on June 16, 2013. It was adopted the same year. Toulouse is Ariana’s favorite dog.
  3. Ophelia– Labradoodle with a chocolate color born on July 27, 2013. It was adopted in September 2013. It is Grande’s third dog.
  4. Cinnamon– Cinnamon (American Pit Bull Terrier) is her fifth dog and was adopted in 2014.
  5. Lafayette– This Bloodhound was adopted on June 6, 2016. This dog is mostly featured on her Instagram and Snapchat handles.
  6. Sirius– This Labradoodle was adopted in January 2015. It was named after the character in Harry Potter. 
  7. Strauss– This Yorkshire Terrier breed was adopted on October 7, 2015. It is her seventh dog.
  8. Pignoli– It is a Chihuahua breed who joined her family on March 2, 2017. It is Grande’s ninth dog.
  9. Myron– It is a Pit Bull mix breed and the tenth dog of Ariana Grande. It was adopted in January 2017. 
  10. Snape– It is her eleventh dog which was adopted on July 11, 2019.
  11. Lily– It is Grande’s twelfth dog. It was adopted along with Snape in July 2019. This dog was named after the Harry Potter series.

Ariana had created an account on Instagram called ‘Opheliatoulouseandcoco’ for her dogs, Ophelia, Toulouse, and Coco. Apart from this, she has other social media handles for her cute dogs.

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The Bottom Line

Ariana Grande is not just a person who runs after fancy dog breeds. She has saved numerous dog lives from trash and landed them safely on her laps.

The singer has shown love, compassion, and great care for her dogs. It is a great scene to see Grande next to her dogs.