How Many Dogs Does Kylie Jenner Have? (Her Dog Babies…!)

Pets are an essential part of our lives, and it is no wonder that celebs like Kylie Jenner think so as well. And while pets are especially famous due to their famous masters, no one is more adored than Kylie’s dogs.

The reality TV show star is already immensely loved by the media for her candidness, but her dog brood adds to the charm. With a new little pup in town, Kylie Jenner is all set to prove to the world how she’s the ultimate dog mom.

But what dogs does Kylie Jenner have, and just how many are there in her glorious mansion? Find out all of that in this article.

How Many Dogs Does Kylie Jenner Have?

How Many Dogs Does Kylie Jenner Have
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If one were to count the dogs in Kylie Jenner’s household, the total would be a whooping 10 as of 2022. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is known for keeping her viewers updated with the nuances of her life. So, in accordance, on March 2022, her fans were introduced to the newest addition to her dog family, Jill. This little puppy brings the total tally up to 10.

As of 2021, the Jenner household only had 9 doggos. February 2021 saw the arrival of another little pup Kevin, to the family. These random additions are not whimsical as the business mogul is notoriously popular for her love of animals.

Kylie Jenner Kevin
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Kyle also keeps a bunny named Bruce, but it is not featured on her social media pages as much as the puppies.

The sheer number does not come as a shock to her social media fans, who have witnessed the growth of the number throughout the years. Her Snapchat followers are all regaled with various views of the numerous dogs. In a video interview way back in 2018, Kylie Cosmetics owner had claimed that she only had 4 dogs.

But her pets took a backseat in her life when she welcomed her daughter back in 2018. But if fans were concerned about the status of her dogs, they need not be so anymore. Because in February 2019, Kylie confirmed via Twitter that her puppies are still a big part of their lives, even if they do not make an appearance on her Instagram.


What dog breed does Kylie Jenner have?

Kylie Jenner may have a lot of dogs in her house, but none of them are as famous as the Italian greyhounds’ Norman and Bambi. After the birth of Stormi, the new mother hardly featured her dogs on her personal social media. But these 2 Italian Greyhounds have the honor of hosting their own Instagram account. All of her pets can be found in the Normie and Bambi Jenner Instagram account.

The account may not have been updated since 2017, but it still remains a cute animal account followed by many. It seems that Kylie Jenner’s favorite dog breed is definitely the Italian Grayhouns, as the media personality has 5 of them as pets.

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Despite the favorites, Kylie also owns other breeds like her 3 Daschunds along with a rescue Chihuahua Daschund mix. While the star does not feature them much on her platforms, there is no doubt that she has created a wonderful home for all her puppies.

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What are the names of Kylie Jenner’s dogs?

While Kylie’s love for all her pets is very evident, she is forever known as a dog mom. And all that started in July 2016, when her ex-BFF gifted her an adorable Beagle which she then named Penny. And while her then BFF, ​​Jordyn Woods is out of the picture, the puppy Penny remains, and is one amongst many.

Here is a comprehensive list of the dogs that Kylie Jenner owns, and their breeds-

  1. Penny Jenner- Beagle
  2. Rolly- English Bulldog
  3. Norman- Italian Miniature Greyhound
  4. Sophia- Italian Miniature Greyhound |
  5. Ernie- Long-Haired Dachshund
  6. Adam- Mix Breed
  7. Bambi- Italian Miniature Greyhound
  8. Vuitton- Chocolate Lab
  9. Jackson- Australian Shepherd Mix
  10. Kevin Dog- Adopted Feb 2021

While Kylie Jenner’s famous makeup brand is a point of envy for most people, her dog house is not to be left behind. Her dogs may not live in the same house as her, but their current abode is nothing less than a 5-star resort for dogs. With heating, air conditioning, and even a little white picket fence with a porch, the dogs are no doubt living their best boujee life.

With the addition of new pets to her already large rooster, Kylie Jenner has often been under fire as her fans question her decisions. But the lady loves her pets and evidently makes sure they are in want of nothing.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we see that as a model, socialite, and American TV show personality with a booming beauty business, Kylie Jenner has her hands full. But her love of pets, especially her dogs is still there.