How old was Ariana Grande in Sam and Cat? 

Sam & Cat is one of the most popular sitcoms in 2013-14 and has a strong audience even now.

How can we forget the cute-looking Cat Valentine, her mannerisms, sound modulation, and overall funny behavior?

Ariana Grande who played Cat Valentine is 29 years old as of 2022. But how old was she when this series was shot? Let’s find out.

How old was Ariana Grande in Sam and Cat?

How old was Ariana Grande in Sam and Cat
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Grande is one of the cutest and most beautiful singers in the world. Ariana Grande was 19 years old in Sam & Cat. As she always looks younger than her actual age, it was easy for the creators to cast a 19-year-old girl for the 17 years old character Cat Valentine.

When did Ariana Grande start acting in Sam and Cat?

Ariana Grande got the opportunity to reprise as Cat Valentine in the sitcom ‘Sam & Cat’. She started as Cat Valentine in January 2013. The episodes were shown on June 6, 2013. Ariana Grande worked on this project from 2013-2014.

Earlier Grande acted the same role in the sitcom ‘Victorious’.

Ariana Grande’s Character in Sam & Cat

Ariana Grande played the most striking character as Cat Valentine in Sam & Cat. Valentine is also the main character in the sitcom ‘Victorious’. Cat is a funny person who is sweet and bubbly.

She always roams in a playful mood talking to her friends. Cat Valentine often faints when she gets frightened. She talks in an airy and ditzy manner which is one of the primary reasons for the shows’ success. Cat’s real name is Catherina and only her grandmother calls her by that name.

Valentine’s favorite snack is red velvet cupcakes and she dyed her hair red as a mark of resemblance to this. Valentine has a short attention span. Another trait of valentine is that she gets emotional quite easily.

She could not positively take criticism and felt sad when someone scolds her. However, she is smart and empathetic. At first, Grande dyed her hair red but later, she wore a red wig to play Cat’s character.

How does Ariana Grande feel about Sam and Cat?

Ariana Grande was fortunate to portray such an iconic character (Cat Valentine) in Sam & Cat. Grande had played the character in two shows, ‘Victorious’ and Sam & Cat’. After the end of the sitcom ‘Victorious’, Grande continued as Cat in the spinoff show ‘Sam & Cat’. It is a crossover with ‘iCarly’.

When the series ended in 2014, Grande wrote a thanksgiving Facebook post for the creator of the series, Dan Schneider. She said that due to the worldwide reception of her character Cat Valentine, she pretended to act like her in real life.



She faced an identity crisis. Ariana took a long time to clearly define the boundary between her and Cat’s personalities. According to Grande, her character Cat never lost the childish wonder. As we grow older, our curiosity and innocence disappear. There is a high chance of holding back and getting fearful. But Cat is just the opposite of this. That’s what attracted Grande to her. 

In short, this golden opportunity, which came in her early twenties, contributed a lot to her career growth.

How long was Ariana Grande on Sam & Cat?

Ariana Grande resumed her role of Cat Valentine in the sitcom Sam & Cat after the end of ‘Victorious’. The series Sam & Cat is a spin-off of ‘Victorious’ and ‘iCarly’. The project was started on November 29, 2012.

The shooting started in January 2013. It premiered on June 8, 2013.  At first, the series was intended for 20 episodes, later it was extended to 40 episodes. Ariana Grande was there throughout the season.

On March 13, 2014, it was reported that the second season of Sam & Cat was about to start. The twenty episodes of order news were reported by Adweek. However, Nickelodeon stated that the news was not official.

This led to a series of gossip related to the cancellation of the series. After telecasting 33 episodes, Nickelodeon canceled the series. Grande acted as Cat throughout these episodes. Several rumors sprouted stating the reasons behind the cancellation. The last episode was shown on July 17, 2014. Grande was a part of Sam & Cat from 2013-2014.

How was Ariana Grande in Sam and Cat?

Ariana Grande took her role as Cat Valentine when she was 17 years old in the sitcom ‘Victorious’. Later ‘Sam & Cat’ allowed her to resume the role of Cat. Her awesome performance created a global audience for that series aired on Nickelodeon.

Cat Valentine’s sound resonates in our ears, her funny incidents make us laugh, and her cute looks attract us. After all, it’s an Ariana Grande output!

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Wrapping Up

Ariana Grande is currently known as an exceptional Hollywood singer. But a decade ago, she stole the hearts of the TV audience through the iconic character Cat Valentine in the Sam & Cat comedy series. This single character is enough to describe the versatility of Grande.

It is not possible to think of any other actress in place of Cat Valentine. That is the benchmark she gained through her outstanding performance.