How Old Was Selena Gomez In Another Cinderella Story?

Selena Gomez just turned 30 in July 2022, but her name has been on par with other famous actors and actresses for more than a decade. The singer-slash songwriter is known throughout the world for more than just her smash hits. Her acting chops throughout various movies and TV shows have proved her merits.

Selena had an opportunity to enter the world of television at a very young age. Her first acting gig had been on Barney And Friends, from where the adults recognized her real talent. After this kid’s show, Selena landed many roles in other TV series, but she got her career-making opportunity in 2004 with Disney productions.

The pathway to landing her TV show had her guest appearing in other Disney shows like  Suite Life of Zach and Cody and Hannah Montana. But once Wizards Of Waverly Place aired in October 2007, the budding star became a known face throughout television.

The widely successful Wizards Of Waverly Place proved to be a pivotal point in Selena Gomez’s life. Because once the show gained immense popularity, Selena received opportunities to work on movies like Another Cinderella Story, where she was also the lead. But how old was Selena Gomez when she played the role of Mary Santiago in Another Cinderella Story? Read on to find out.

How Old Was Selena Gomez In Another Cinderella Story?

How Old Was Selena Gomez In Another Cinderella Story
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Selena Gomez was just 16 years old in the movie Another Cinderella Story. The Selena Gomez and Andrew Seeley teen romance aired in 2008, well before Wizards Of Waverly Place ended. The early 2000s romcom had all the requirements of being a smash hit, including sizzling hero and heroine.

Selena’s age in the movie played a big role in its popularity as well as some of the controversies regarding it. At just 16 years old, Selena Gomez was a bit on the younger side of typical romances. But because she is supposed to play a high schooler, the ages just match. The problem was that Drew Seeley was 10 years older than the starlet at the time of release.

But 16-year-old Selena was more than ready to handle such a role. Happening played the witty Alex Russo in the Wizards Of Waverly Place series had been a great learning opportunity. And acting in a movie alongside long-time TV veterans like Jane Lynch was a bonus. Selena Gomez played the role of Mary Santiago, the down-on-luck aspiring dancer to perfection, and that strengthened her image as an actor more.

Selena’s role in Another Cinderella Story would always be considered one of her best characters on screen. While many actresses have played woe-is-me Cinderella in different movies, Selena added a little zing of character in the otherwise flat role. Adding that stellar dances and songs sang by Selena herself made for a great movie indeed.

But this movie is not the only good one of the pop star’s early works. Her next project came in the form of the movie ‘Ramona And Beezus’, accompanied by a young Joey King. This movie falls within the timeline of her Alex Russo years, and indeed there were some similarities between the two projects. The loving yet hilarious on-screen chemistry between the two actresses made for a fun watch.

The 2011 adventure romance also proved to be a great opportunity for Selena Gomez of her acting skills. From an American girl next door to a spoilt British heiress, Selena took the change in characters in stride. The audience was left with a whiplash during this family-friendly journey.

After a string of teen movies that could be associated with Disney, Selena Gomez moved on to portray roles that were a bit more serious. A certain pivotal step in her career was the movie ‘The Fundamentals of Caring, alongside Paul Rudd. Another movie worth mentioning is Woody Allen’s ‘A Rainy Day in New York’ where Selena Gomez successfully fit in with her co-actors Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, and Jude Law to land it flawlessly.

Selena Gomez’s latest accomplishment has to be the 2021 mystery comedy ‘Only Murders In The Building’. The series is already in its second season and is being received with much critical praise. The on-set chemistry among the actors is off the charts, leading to its much-deserved success. This show has proved that even though Selena Gomez is known for her music, her acting is not at all sub-par.

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Bottom Line

As a singer and songwriter Selena Gomez is incomparable. But it should be noted that the pop star is also a superior actress. And that can be proved easily by comparing her numerous and diverse roles throughout the years.

One of her first movies, ‘Another Cinderella Story, where the star was just 16 had been a sensation when it came out in 2008. From ‘Monte Carlo’ to ‘A Rainy Day in New York, Selena showed an almost unexpected range. And with the recent hit series ‘Only Murders in the Building’ under her wing, the star is more famous than ever.