How To Look Like Kendall Jenner? (8 Style Lessons)

Kendall Jenner, the fabulous supermodel has style and it has been witnessed by her fans even outside of the runway. And for her 255 Million fans, that style is to die for. The oldest daughter of Kris and Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner has been a supermodel for some years now. That means, her wardrobe is overflowing with branded items like Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Giles, and Givenchy.

Despite all that, Kendall’s style is not what is expected of general fashionistas. It is rather endearingly slick and can easily be copied. Those bold, yet trendy classic streetwear looks can take any woman from ordinary to fabulous in a minute.

So, if your goal is to look like Kendall Jenner effortlessly while doing everyday chores, read on and adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

How To Look Like Kendall Jenner
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Straight Leg Jeans For Legs That Go On For Miles

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Kendall Jenner often sports her long legs in straight-leg jeans. On the red carpet, Kendall may be dressed beautifully in expensive branded gowns, but her street look is far simpler. She is often known to favor these baggy jeans instead of skinny ones, and there is no doubt that she rocks them all. 

The straight-leg jeans silhouette is the current favorite all over the world, there is no doubt that it is also a favorite of Kendall’s. Pairing a graphic tee with some acid-washed straight-leg jeans has been her go-to attire since the start of the year. 

Crop Tops For Your Casual Summer Day

A chic Crop top is the signature attire choice of Kendall Jenner throughout the summer season. And the supermodel has been known to sport this item in different forms even when she is going somewhere other than the grocery store. With a toned set of abs like Kendall’s, anyone would love to bare them with a tiny crop.

When you are a supermodel with killer abs and toned legs, flaunt them as best as you can. But even to the general public, there is no doubt that tiny crop tops and baggy jeans are “in”.

Mini Dresses For That Body

A model’s body is best showcased in those jaw-dropping mini dresses that we see around the internet. And Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe has shown that she is no stranger to those items either. Be it a little white sundress or a bright yellow mini dress, Kendall knows how to rock the items paired with minimal accessories.

A slinky look is Kendall Jenner’s all-time favorite. And to that effect, she often chooses to short mini dresses with a longer silhouette, and some knee-high black boots to complete the outfit.

Those Textbook Vintage Tees

Like most people, Kendall Jenner owns those graphic teeshirts that just look amazing. And she knows how to pair them up with items that make her street style look unlike anyone else. Kendall’s everyday look consists of those cute tee shirts paired with straight-leg or baggy jeans.

Monochromatic Matching Sets

Kendall Jenner, like most fashionistas, is quick to hop on the monochromatic trend that’s all the rage right now. Her wardrobe consists of a selection of items to mix and match, producing a stunning effect. Be it a belted trouser with a matching black button up, or a chocolate brown sweater vest with matching pants, Kendall knows exactly how to keep her wardrobe minimalistic.

The best way to copy her look and rock in monochromatic sets is to choose your everyday items carefully. After all, it is easier to match your wardrobe staples if they are in neutrals.

Knee High Boots For The Legs

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Along with other celebs, Kendall Jenner is known for showcasing her legs in killer knee-high boots. Her mini dresses and shorts are mostly accompanied by glamorous footwear, which she always keeps in a neutral color.

Thus, among the must-have footwear, getting a black or brown knee-high boot is necessary for the fashion conscious. Not to mention these look amazing and complement most outfits.

The Oversized Coats And Blazers

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Kendal Jenner’s winter wardrobe is filled with oversized blazers and coats, for that casual statement look. No doubt she likes to keep her outfits simple, but her coats always add a splash of flair to an otherwise sleek look.

Kendall’s oversized blazers add to her trendy look as well. From neons to leathers, her wardrobe has them all. So if you want to glam up your mini dress or matching sets, add an oversized blazer or coat and it will not go astray.

And Finally, Glorious Skincare

A patent product used by the supermodel Kendall Jenner to keep her face clean is the Clean Natural Facial Cleanser by a dermatologist, Christie Kidd. And taking care of her face by double cleansing and letting her skin breathe is a must for her. Kendall herself had admitted to being a little OCD about having a clean face, even before she went on to become a model. Now, with the huge amount of products headed on her face due to her career, she washes her face 2-3 times a day.

Kendall Jenner’s glowing radiant skin is the envy of most women who see her effortlessly beautiful pictures on Instagram. And those effortless pictures are indeed effortless, as she likes to keep her face relatively free of makeup. Her favorite makeup products are foundation and mascara, and as for skincare, she is known for her love of  Estée Lauder.

So, to have glorious smooth skin like Kendall Jenner, the key is to cleanse your face and keep the makeup light and breezy.

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Bottom Line

To look like Hollywood celebs is a dream for most of us, but often it is the price tag that doesn’t that happen. But with the free flow of information, it is easier to figure out exactly what kind of clothes they wear and not just the brand names.

Dressing like Kendall Jenner is especially easy as her street style is laid back and chic at the same time. With these tips in mind, anyone can tweak their wardrobe and dress like a supermodel every day.