Is Algee Smith Related To Will Smith?

Algee Smith has recently become the talk of the town due to his stellar performance in Euphoria. Following the tradition of other Disney stars like Selena Gomez, and Victoria Justice, Smith has proved his talent at singing as well. And along with his incredible acting skills, Smith has shown that he is in Hollywood to stay.

But the American-born actor’s popularity boom has made many questions whether his talent is a result of nepotism.

The entertainer rose through Disney’s star-studded platform, but his surname ‘Smith’ has made people wondering if he is related to Hollywood A-lister Will Smith. Here are the facts about Smith and his connections in the industry.

Is Algee Smith Related to Will Smith?

Is Algee Smith Related to Will Smith
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No, Algee Smith is not related to Will Smith. The Euphoria star is a native of Michigan who relocated to Atlanta at 8. Will Smith, on the other hand, is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native.

It is their surname ‘Smith’ that confuses fans into thinking the actors are relatives. But ‘Smith’ is a very common surname across the world, in fact, the most common surname in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Two Different Smith Families

Algee Smith and Will Smith belong to two different families that originate from two different cities. The 1968 Philadelphia-born Will Smith is the second child of Caroline Bright and her husband, Willard Carroll Smith Sr. Will Smith has become a family name for decades now since his first role on the 1990 TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Algee Smith, however, is a Michigan-born, to mother Tanesha Eley, and father, Algee Smith III. The weirdest part in this is even though the two actors are not even remotely related, they followed the same tradition of being named after their fathers.

The Euphoria star turned 28 in 2022 and is the eldest son of a big family. With three younger sisters as well as a younger brother, Smith had quite a time growing up.

Both actors grew up similarly as well, with divorced parents at quite a young age. Their career in Hollywood had some similarities as well. After The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith went on to act in movies like the Men In Black franchise, and still has projects lined up in 2022. Algee Smith too went on from acting in the Nickelodeon show How to Rock to movies like The Hate U Give.

Algee Smith has also gone on record to say that the older actor has been an inspiration and a role model for him throughout his career. Indeed, the actors are both extremely talented musicians, being rappers since early on. Algee Smith had been composing music at the age of 9, with his first EP entitled Listen, which was released in 2017. Will Smith is also a well-respected musician with five albums and the Men in Black theme song under his wing.

But despite the similarities of their circumstances as well as their career trajectories, it has been proven without a doubt that the actors are not related.

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Who Is Algee Smith Related To?

Algee Smith is not related to any other famous Smiths in the industry. His mother Tanesha Eley was a fashion designer who divorced his biological father Algee Smith III when Smith was just a child. The lady later married John Eley, a musician who inspired Smith to pursue his music and acting further.

The family relocated to Atlanta when Smith was just eight years old. And it was here that the actor found the chance to explore his natural gifts. With a comfortable atmosphere, Smith saw his talents bloom. And, with the invitation to take part in Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” competition at 16, Smith has never looked back.

Who Is Will Smith Related To?

Who Is Will Smith Related To
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Will Smith rose from a relatively fame-free background, growing up in Philadelphia. And he also has a family of his own now, with his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and children, Willow and Jaden Smith. Willow and Jaden Smith are both famous on their own accord as budding artists in the field of music and acting.

Jada Pinkett-Smith is also an actress known for her talk show Red Table Talk. Smith also has an ex-wife Sheree Zampino and a son Willard Caroll “Trey” Smith III.

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Wrapping Up

Thus, we see that both Algee Smith and Will Smith may be actors as well as share the same surname, but they are not related. Their being in the same profession along with the name ‘Smith’ is nothing but a coincidence.