Jacqueline Fernandez’s Beauty Routine: The Secret To Her Staggering Glow

Jacqueline Fernandez, the Sri Lankan-born actress of Bollywood has had quite a few successful movies under her wing.

Comedies like Judwaa 2 and Bhoot Police have made her a household name in the industry. The actress has also caused quite a stir with her new Netflix release Drive.

In all her movies, the diva has never failed to stun the audience with her beauty. Both on and off screen she has looked her best, with flawless skin. That begs the question about exactly what she does to maintain her beauty, what are Jacqueline Fernandez’s beauty secrets?

Breaking Down Jacqueline Fernandez’s Skincare Routine

Jacqueline Fernandez's Beauty Secrets

Jacqueline Fernandez’s beauty is undeniably flawless, and the actress makes sure that it stays so. Her routine, therefore, is quite strict, she rarely ignores the essentials and keeps the products ready. Her basic routine is CTM, with sunscreen even when she is indoors.

Face Wash

Due to her hectic schedule, Jacqueline Fernandez often has to wear makeup for hours at end. And it becomes necessary to remove them at the end of the day before going to bed. Her nightly routine, therefore, consists of deep cleansing with the Cetaphil face wash.


Jacqueline Fernandez’s beauty secrets include toners that are necessary for an even skin tone. This handy product prepares her skin after it has been cleaned. It makes sure the face’s pH is balanced and tightens the pores over time as well.


Moisturizers are the most important products in any skincare routine. It helps the skin regain the moisture it has lost during the cleansing process. For Jacqueline Fernandez, a thick moisturizer like the La Prairie Moisturizer Cream will solve most skin problems in one move.

This completes her nightly skincare routine, where she uses just 3 products. An important step here is to remove all the stale makeup of the day with double cleansing.

Lip Balm

Cracked or chapped lips can ruin any look, and the diva knows that quite well. So, an important tip in Jacqueline Fernandez’s beauty secrets is to use lip balm all the time. Her favorite are the lip balms by Dermalogica as they keep her lips soft and hydrated for hours.


Another important step in Jacqueline Fernandez’s skincare routine is the application of sunscreen. The icon is aware of exactly how harmful UV rays can be, and their contributions to premature aging. Therefore, as a precaution, she always wears an SPF of at least 30 at all times.

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What’s In Jacqueline Fernandez’s Makeup Bag?

Whether for a red carpet event or simply going out for the night, Jacqueline Fernandez never forgets her makeup essentials. They elevate her already wonderful features to perfection. And here are the products she always uses, to show off her subtle glam look.

Matte Red Lipstick

Jacqueline Fernandez’s favorite accessory in terms of makeup is a red lip. The diva feels that paired with any kind of outfit, they give her the perfect rosebud lips. For her usual routine, she chooses a matted application, making her look cool, addictive, and powerful.


To make her face look even more snatched, the actress never forgets to contour it to perfection. For Fernandez, the technique of contouring elevates every feature, from the cheeks to the nose and even the lips. For a glow, the diva uses bronzer on her jawline as well as her cheekbones. 

Jacqueline Fernandez’s makeup artist, Shaan Mu is the brain behind her sharp features as seen on screen. Even before contouring started trending, the diva was seen sporting the sharpest and most skillfully blended contour.


For Fernandez, glowing skin comes from within, but that doesn’t mean a highlighter is a step that can be ignored. The actress always pairs her bronzer with a highlighter that illuminates the face. The light and shadows seen on a person’s face are therefore accentuated subtly.

Face oils are another highlighting hack used by Jacqueline Fernandez. These oils are beneficial for the skin and can be very useful in a pinch. This trick gives the face a glow from within while the makeup can look minimalistic.

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Jacqueline Fernandez’s beauty routine includes experimenting with makeup as much as possible. For her, makeup and skincare are fun activities where mistakes are part of the learning curve. The actress is especially fond of mascara and uses them to make her eyes look rounder.


As part of her eye makeup, Jacqueline Fernandez prefers sharply made brows along with her eyeliner. On stage, the diva prefers a bolder look that makes her eyes pop. As she experimented with her makeup, Fernandez found what worked well to accurate her features.


Jacqueline Fernandez loves perfumes and it is her one essential that she never leaves the house without. The one perfume she has had to restock many times is The Body Shop’s Vanilla Body Mist. With top notes of apricot, peach, plum, and lemon, it gives the feeling of perfect happiness.

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Jacqueline Fernandez’s Beauty Secrets

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Beauty Secrets

Since her debut in 2009, Jacqueline Fernandez has managed to shake up the entire industry with her looks. From delicate flawless skin to luscious locks, her appearance is the envy of other icons. Oddly enough, her beauty secrets are not extravagant products or elaborate procedures.

Here are some beauty tips that may just give you great skin and hair.

Ice Packs

For Jacqueline, the number one skincare product can be found in one’s own home, in the fridge. The diva prefers using ice on her face as well as under her eyes for a pick-me-up. Her method of choice is wrapping up ice cubes in a muslin cloth and holding them gently against her face.

Ice facials like these are known for their effectiveness in reducing puffiness and swelling. While using raw ice may result in skin irritation, wrapping them up means they can be used for a while. Apart from plain water, aloe vera ice and green tea ice can also be used for their benefits.

Natural Ingredients

While Jacqueline Fernandez may use skincare products from different reputed brands doesn’t mean that the icon ignores her kitchen remedies. Her favorite ingredients that help her achieve glowing skin are all-natural and made at home.

Fernandez’s choice in terms of face packs is ingredients like dahi and honey, which helps soothe her skin. They are also great to achieve even skin naturally. The actress also loves using honey as an organic lip balm.

Intense Hair Care

Speaking of organic products in self-care, Jacqueline Fernandez also uses a lot of natural products for her hair care. Her favorite hair mask is made of egg whites, which helps her moisturize her hair before shampoo. Egg whites are also rich in protein that support growth.

For Fernandez, hair is her most important asset and she takes care of it religiously. The icon’s hair care routine is incomplete without deep moisturizing and oiling her hair well. The gentle massaging also helps with blood circulation and gives her that luscious dark tresses.

For added moisture, Fernandez also uses a leave-in conditioner, that helps her tackle frizz. At the end of her skincare routine, she rinses her hair with beer for a quick sheen.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the trendiest piece of skincare that promises to give glowing skin. The beauty industry is saturated with serums, and Jacqueline Fernandez at least finds them unique. To her, they are the holy grail that offers a multitude of benefits all at once.

From brightened-up skin to faded dark spots, and even skin tone, Vitamin C can help with everything. There are many products in the market that even offer extra hydration and other nutrients added for smoother and more glowing skin.

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Bottom Line

The Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her skillful acting in movies like Kick and Race 2. Her beautiful features and graceful appearance too are responsible for her popularity. However, the actress doesn’t follow any over-the-top routine.

Along with a good CTM routine, she uses sunscreen and intensively hydrating hair care. Her makeup bag is full of products used everyday, ones that can turn a light day look into an evening glam.