Jenny Jones Now: What Happened To Her?

Jenny Jone’s show dominated daytime television for over 12 years. Jenny Jones began her career as a drummer, later became a standup comedian, and the host of one of the most-watched talk shows in the mid-90s.

Jenny Jone’s rise to stardom was mainly through the show ‘Start Search,’ which she won, and it helped to gain the attention of producers and directors.

‘The Jenny Jone’s  Show’ began in 1991 as a traditional talk show and continued for two years with less popularity and lower ratings. In 1993 the show gave up its serious form and started dealing with unusual subjects and theme shows.

The show also had the performances of many unknown and known bands simultaneously. Slowly the show gained popularity and was rated one of the top talk shows of the time.

The show successfully telecasted for over 12 seasons. The show had a few controversies, and the ratings started to decline, which ended up losing its market value. The final episode was telecasted in May 2003, and the show was canceled.

What Happened To Jenny Jones?

What Happened To Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones / Jenny Can Cook

Jenny Jones was one of the last decade’s most popular television-show hosts. In one of the episodes, a guest named Scott Bernard Amedure revealed his secret crush on another male colleague Jonathan Schmitz.

A few days later, Schmitz shot Amedure to death. Although the verdict of a lawsuit following the murder came in favor of the show, the incident affected the popularity of Jenny Jone’s Show.

The show lost ratings slowly and failed to increase its market value since then. The Jenny Jones show ended in May 2003, and she never returned to television with a new season.

She had not appeared in public programs for a long time until she returned with a book on cooking, ‘Look Good, Feel Great Cookbook. How Eating Superfoods Can Help You Turn Back the Clock with Over 80 Comfort Food Recipes.

Jenny Jones started a website to share her cooking recipes in 2008, She entered the social media era with her channel under the same name, with 100 million views and 1 million subscribers. Jenny is very active with her philanthropic activities now.

Where Is Jenny Jones Now?

Jenny Jones does not currently host any show and lives with her husband in Los Angeles. Jenny had limited her public appearance after the final episode of her talk show. But she is very active on Social Media, where she interacts with her fans and is busy with philanthropic activities.

What Does Jenny Jones Look Like Now?

Jenny Jones Now
Jenny Jones / Jenny Can Cook

The host of the talk show has rebranded herself post the show’s ending. After her success in Social Media and Internet, she turned to philanthropy. Her project Jenny’s Heros, provided financial assistance to the local heroes who made a difference in their community.

Jenny served as the honorary chairperson for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s annual event on awareness and fundraising for breast cancer research.

She donated a mobile mammography unit to provide mammograms for underserved women and donated the fund received from her autobiography to breast cancer research. Jenny took the initiative to support firefighters in the fight against wildfires.

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The Bottom Line

Jenny Jones was the front-runner of tabloid television shows in the mid-1990s. A show which ran successfully for 12 years despite its controversies. Jenny has never been outdated and has returned strongly to celebrity life through new entertainment mediums. Jenny must have inherited her cooking skills from her father, who was a chef.

Jenny believes in second chances, and being a school dropout, she found the courage to finish her degree later.

She has always encouraged children to complete their education and started a funding program for children struggling to meet their school education goals.

As a survivor of health issues related to silicone gel implants in breasts, she has been giving awareness to prevent women from such practices