Kajal Aggarwal’s Beauty Routine: From Glowing Skin To Perfect Makeup

Kajal Aggarwal’s movies like Magadheera, Temper, and Brahmotsavam have helped her make a name for herself.

Ever since her debut with the Telugu movie Chandamama, the actress has been turning heads both on and off the screen.

But in all of her roles, the characters were presented to look beautiful most naturally. And that begged the question of Kajal Aggarwal’s beauty secrets. What are the products the icon uses to maintain her glowing image, read on to find out?

Kajal Aggarwal’s Beauty Routine

Kajal Aggarwal's Beauty Routine

Kajal Aggarwal is naturally beautiful and knows to invest in good skincare to remain so. The Singham actress’s beauty routine is therefore filled with both good products and natural ingredients that work. She has found that availing the best of both worlds works wonderfully.


The most crucial part of Kajal Aggarwal’s skincare routine is the primary yet effective CTM method. The steps here are deceptively simple and promise clear skin for all skin types. The icon believes that hard work is important for skin care and follows the steps every day.

CTM, or Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing is the ideal skincare regime. It proves that great skin can be achieved with just 3 products. Other items like serums and essences are secondary and can only benefit the skin when CTM is followed religiously twice a day.

Kajal Aggarwal’s skincare routine starts with a gentle cleanser. This step helps her in removing all the dirt and impurities the face has accumulated throughout the day. The diva uses the Gallinee Foaming Facial Cleanser which contains prebiotics & lactic acid.

With a cleansed face, she uses a hydrating mist to bring back some of the moisture lost in the process. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir Face Mist used by the diva tightens her pores and gives her a burst of radiance.

For the hydrating and moisturizing part of her routine, the icon uses 2 separate products for optimum results. After spending years in the beauty industry experimenting, Kajal Aggarwal knows the products that work for her.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum and Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream are two intensely hydrating agents. The Lancome serum has powerful anti-aging properties and the hydration cream helps the icon brighten her skin with Vitamin C.

Lots Of DIYs

Kajal Aggarwal’s skincare regime contains some high-profile products that are known for their effectiveness. But the south Indian native doesn’t ignore the kitchen ingredients that have been used as skincare for hundreds of years. For her, a revitalizing fruit-based moisturizer is a must.

The icon shared that she loves using the food she eats as skincare. Apart from putting papaya or tomatoes on her face, she also makes DIY face packs, taught to her by her mother. Her miracle mask contains just 3 ingredients effective for cleansing, honey, lime juice, and yogurt.

Apart from these, Kajal also used an Almond meal scrub to help exfoliate her face further. This simple scrub is made by crushing raw and unpeeled almonds and is much gentler than store-bought exfoliants. The icon uses this once a week for a fresh look.


A skincare tip that Kajal Aggarwal never forgets is applying sunscreen 15 minutes before leaving her house. The diva’s time in the beauty industry has taught her that this precautionary step is paramount. It saves the skin from a lot of sun damage down the line.

Standing in the sun can be a great way of absorbing some vitamin D, but that is also the easiest way to lose your youthful skin. The sun’s rays are responsible for skin discoloration, dark spots, and wrinkles. And without sunscreen, there is no way to protect the skin.

What’s In Kajal Aggarwal’s Makeup Bag?

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Kajal Aggarwal loves makeup and experimenting with her looks. The actress feels that a big part of glamming up is just basking in the confidence it gives. And there are certain products that she prefers. Here are her makeup staples for a fun outing off-screen.


When the icon is off the red carpet, she loves putting very little product on her face. A little concealer to buff the under eyes and blur lines is all she needs, Her favorite concealer for an everyday look is the Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Concealer in the shade 21 T34/T36.

For looks that require a little more coverage, she pairs the concealer with the foundation from the same collection, Sephora’s Best Skin Ever Foundation in the shade 21 25 N. These two products give Kajal Aggarwal her naturally enhanced skin.

Heavy Mascara

Kajal Agarwal’s everyday look is never complete without her mascara. The subtle way it makes her eyes look rounder makes this tiny tube her favorite makeup item. She uses Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments Mascara for lashes that look long, curly and distinctive.

Lip Oil

The latest clean girl aesthetic focuses on keeping the face bare of extra products. And Kajal Aggarwal participates in the trend by opting for lip oil instead of lipsticks all the time. Her preferred lip oil is Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in the shade 04, named Intense Pink Lady.


Cream blushes have been trending for a while and the latest consensus is more is less when it comes to blush. For her everyday look, Kajal Aggarwal uses the Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color Matte Blush in the Sunkissed for a natural, fresh glow.

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Kajal Aggarwal’s Beauty Secrets

Kajal Aggarwal’s Beauty Secrets

Kajal Aggarwal’s beauty secrets include more than just skincare and makeup. For the icon, beauty comes from within. The motivational aspect of a glam look and the confidence it eludes makes the actress take care of herself and her appearance.

Apart from that, a few titbits here and there also turns her normal skin into a glowing one. Her skin and haircare game benefit from these enormously. Here are some of Kajal Aggarwal’s beauty secrets.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile beauty remedies on the planet. Its benefits are so obvious that no one can wonder why it ranks so high on Kajal Aggarwal’s beauty secret list. The diva is a staunch believer and uses this element as a skincare staple to get ultra-hydrated skin.

Her haircare too includes coconut oil as a moisturizer which seals all the nutrients and makes it look luscious. It also keeps her scalp moisturized and even prevents the loss of protein.

Onion Juice

Another natural element that Kajal Aggarwal keeps in her hair care regime is onion juice. When used to promote microcirculation, onion juice helps in hair growth. This has been trending in the beauty industry for a while now and there are many products with onion juice available in stores.

The sulfur present in onion juice is responsible for the regrowth of hair follicles as it prevents breakage and thinning of hair. It is also loaded with anti-oxidants as it gives the icon her enviable black hair.


Another product that Kajal Aggarwal always incorporates in her skin and hair care regime is glycerin. The diva opts for shampoos that have a good concentration of this element during her shopping. As a humectant, glycerin pulls moisture from the air to keep us hydrated.

Apart from keeping the hair healthy, shiny, and hydrated, glycerin is also free of fragrance making it easy to use. It is also an economical product, readily found in stores in its raw form.


Kajal Aggarwal knows that hydrated skin is healthy skin and therefore never forgets her glass of water. Even during hectic shoot days, the diva keeps a bottle of water by her side to ensure her daily intake.

Water also helps her flush out the toxins and keeps her face even naturally. The diva also keeps her face from aging prematurely and wrinkling by drinking juices and water throughout the day. Being hydrated is the easiest and cheapest form of skincare one can follow.

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Wrapping Up

Kajal Aggarwal is known for her amazing roles in moves as well as her charming personality.

The actress is a timeless beauty, but being in the industry for a while has taught her how to accentuate her looks further. Armed with natural products and amazing skincare, the diva indeed looks sensational all the time.