Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Routine: From Flawless Skin To Pouty Lips

Katrina Kaif’s movies like Sarkar, Namaste London, and Welcome have seen widespread popularity due to her acting chops.

The Bollywood actress had started early in the industry, with a modeling gig when she was just 14. And she is still making headlines with her latest ventures.

From movies to creating a beauty brand, it is undeniable that Kaif is an exceptionally knowledgeable person when it comes to beauty. So naturally, the question arises, what are Katrina Kaif’s beauty secrets? Read on to know all about her routine.

Breaking Down Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Routine

Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Routine

Katrina Kaif is naturally beautiful with flawless skin, but the actress works hard to maintain it. Her strict routine is full of steps that keep her looking ageless, but they are not overly complicated. A few choice products are all she needs to her glam on.

Moisturiser With SPF

Katrina Kaif is very conscious about the products she uses and loves a moisturizer with an SPF. For the actress, hydration in a skincare regime is a must but it becomes a treasure when accompanied by sun protection facilities. Thus, she starts her day with this product.

The benefits of using an SPF-induced moisturizer are truly uncountable. The entire body needs hydration, but at the same time, protecting the exposed parts of our skin is also important. The sun’s rays play an important part in aging a person prematurely.

But with a moisturizer that works as a sunscreen, there is no need to invest in two different products. The point is to nourish the skin while protecting it and making sure it remains bouncy and glowing all the time.

Removing Makeup Carefully

For Katrina Kaif, a great sin against all skincare gods would be not taking off the day’s makeup before bed. The stale makeup that sits on the skin has a great capacity to harm it and cause breakouts all the time. And removing it carefully ensures thoroughly cleansed skin.

Katrina Kaif’s beauty secrets include a lot of cleansing tools for hectic days. Her favorite is the Shu Uemura Skin Cleansing Beauty Oil which has become a staple in her collection. It helps her eliminate all traces of makeup and impurities and prepares her skin for other products.

Other cleansers that the diva loves using are the Lancome Cleansing Milk for her face and eyes. During the daytime, the diva uses a facial cleansing lotion, Mene & Moy Face Wash to get a fresh feel.

Good Ctm Before Bed

For Kaif, a separate day and night routine is not necessary. But the actress makes sure that she follows her skincare routine daily with three basic ingredients, a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. She cleanses her face well with gentle face washes and pats them down with a toner first.

Her favorite part of her CTM routine is the moisturizers. The actress makes sure that she puts on a good night cream before bed to wake up with a glowing face. Her favorite is the La Prairie night cream, which repairs the skin at a cellular level overnight.

Mineral Mud Masks

Another great beauty secret among Katrina Kaif’s list of skincare do’s is the use of mineral mud masks. These products have been trending for a while now because of their amazing benefits. Her product of choice among the masks available is the Anne Semoin one.

These masks are known for their exfoliating benefits. These help the actress remove all the impurities from the skin, as well as unclog pores, and absorb excess oil. Using them regularly also helps reduce signs of aging and keeps the face tight and glowing.

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What’s In Katrina Kaif’s Makeup Bag?

Katrina Kaif may be naturally beautiful, but that doesn’t mean she puts no effort into her makeup. As the owner and founder of the makeup brand Kay Beauty, she considers it a privilege to look her best all the time. But while it looks perfect, her makeup is never heavy.

Contour Stick

Kaif’s secret to looking snatched all the time is her expert use of contour sticks. These handy little products can be used anywhere on the face, from the cheekbones, jawline, hairline, and nose to the lips. Paired with a good highlighter, the light, and shadows are accentuated well.

Compared with other contours, a contour stick makes the art of makeup much easier. With one swipe and a little blending, the face gets its impressive depth and dimension.

Gel Eye Pencils

Another favorite makeup product used by Katrina Kaif all the time is gel eye pencils. These liners are notoriously easy to use and they bring color to the face instantly. A crisp wing can be made within seconds with a thin brush, one that lasts for a long time without smudging.

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Lipsticks are Katrina Kaif’s favorite makeup accessory. The actress is often seen with red or soft pink lips on the runway. She is quite proud of her brand’s very own lip product, one she uses all the time, the Kay Beauty Lip Crayons. These keep her lips moisturized all day long.


The last product that makes for Katrina Kaif’s entire makeup routine is blush. The diva prefers a light pink blush as it gives her naturally healthy-looking pink cheeks. She uses the trending blush formula from her brand, the highly pigmented Kay Beauty Creme Blushes.

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Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Secrets

Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Secrets

For Katrina Kair, a good skincare regime along with some makeup items is not enough to get great skin. Healthy glowing skin comes from within, and it should be accompanied by a healthy body and hair. Her list of beauty secrets, therefore, contains much more than simple products.

Accepting Herself And Being Happy

Katrina Kaif’s biggest beauty secret is just being herself and accepting her flaws. Society and trends are always changing, but being content with one’s outward appearance and staying healthy is all that matters. She also firmly believes that happiness brings out your inner glow.

Happiness plays a big part in maintaining a person’s overall health. It has been scientifically proven that stress and anxiety can cause premature aging as well as other skin problems. Trying to lessen these with methods like yoga and self-acceptance is therefore self-care.

Ice Packs

Katrina Kaif loves the feeling of ice on her skin. The actress often dunks her face in a bowl of ice during her morning skincare routine. For her, it is an effective way of rejuvenating oneself as well as hydrating the skin and refining its texture

Another hydration process used by Kaif before putting on any kind of makeup is wrapping ice in a muslin cloth. She then takes it and gently rubs it all over her face. The ice stimulates her blood circulation and freshens up her skin instantly. This method also tightens her pores.

Hair Care Routine That Works

Having a good hair care routine is paramount when it comes to having great hair days all the time. For Katrina, her beauty secrets include washing her hair almost every day. This schedule works for her as she prefers a clean scalp after long hectic shoots.

But cleansing one’s hair alone is not the definition of haircare. A good routine includes hydrating the hair and sealing in the moisture. Katrina Kaif uses a lot of beauty oils to nourish it and keep it glossy. She also uses a leave-in conditioner to get soft silky tresses.

Another hair care tip from Kaif is getting frequent haircuts to get rid of split ends. The actress loves getting her hair styled by Sapna Bhavnani, one of her favorite hairstylists.

Body Massage

Katrina Kaif’s beauty secrets include taking care of her body as a whole. And massaging the whole body with oils is a great stress buster. It also improves circulation, energy, and alertness. Choosing a good oil is important as it makes sure the skin gets the required nutrients.

Kaif’s favorite oil to get a relaxing massage is Apricot oil by Anne Semonin. It keeps her skin glowing and healthy while eliminating toxins.

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Final Thoughts

Since her debut movie Boom, Katrina Kaif has been capturing the hearts of fans everywhere. Her stunning good looks as well as beauty secrets have made her a household name in the beauty industry. And the actress makes sure that her simple routine is always followed.