Kiara Advani’s Beauty Secrets: From Stunning Skin To Silky Hair

Kiara Advani, the Indian actress became a household name with the sports biopic M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

Since then, the icon has had many gems like Kalank, Kabir Singh, and Shershaah added to her stellar career. Her acting in all these films has been highly praised.

Apart from her projects, the icon also awed the fans with her unmatchable fashion sense.

Her looks both on and off camera were flawless, making fans wonder what her beauty secrets can be.

So, here is everything Kiara Advani does to keep her skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing.

Kiara Advani’s Skincare Routine

Kiara Advani’s Skincare Routine

Much of Kiara Advani’s beauty secrets lie in the fact that the icon knows exactly what her skin needs. For her, understanding your skin type comes before the purchase of any products. And this helps her battle any issues she might have. Her skincare routine is the basic CTM method.


The first step in Kiara Advani’s skincare routine is to cleanse her face thoroughly. This helps her feel fresh and rids her face of dirt, impurities, and dead cells. The icon uses a gentle gel-based face wash that doesn’t strip the face of its natural moisture while clearing out the pores.


The second step in Kiara Advani’s routine is to use a toner, a step that most people forgo. But a toner is one of those underrated products that make all the difference in skin care. Its basic purpose is to hydrate the skin after it has been cleaned and to prepare it for moisturizers.


Moisturizing the skin is the best way to ensure it heals properly. Kiara Advani’s skincare is never complete without this essential step which hydrates and nourishes the face. The icon uses Pond’s Light moisturizer, which she feels is perfect for her everyday hydration needs.

Another favorite of Kiara’s is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, which is known for its clinically-proven results. The icon always keeps it handy in her makeup bag. For her nightime routine, she uses the Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma+, as it has all the right ingredients.

Vitamin C

While the CTM method can be sufficient for many, Kiara Advani loves adding an extra step to it, to maintain her incandescent. The icon uses serums, which vary depending on her needs. But for her morning regimen, she uses a Vitamin C serum, a clinically proven wonder element.

Many people are yet unaware of exactly how good a serum can be for their skin. Vitamin C is needed by us all, but when used directly on the skin, it unleashes a bunch of perks. The skin’s texture and issues slowly resolve themselves with the continued use of this product.

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The final part of Kiara Advani’s morning ritual is putting on sunscreen. The icon never leaves the house without its protection, even on a sunny day. For her, avoiding sunscreen is a great way to get fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. She uses a broad-spectrum nonoily formula every day.

What’s In Kiara Advani’s Makeup Bag?

What’s In Kiara Advani’s Makeup Bag

Kiara Advani’s secret to flawlessness isn’t makeup, the icon just has features that need no accentuating. Her skincare routine is enough to keep her radiant at all times. But for causal outings, an everyday makeup look becomes necessary. So, the products she uses daily are.


When the actress is not on camera, Kiara Advani loves being foundation free. This lets her skin breathe, but for some coverage, the icon uses concealer. When applied sparsely, it hides all her little issues, making her skin look flawless. She often uses the MAC Studio Finish SPF 35.


Lipsticks can brighten up the face instantly with a pop of color. And for Kiara Advani, if the focus should be on one part of her face, the icon chooses her lips. Her favorite shade among the plethora of colors available in the market is pink, her go-to crayon being a Marc Jacobs one.

Kiara’s love for a matte formula is well known. In her extensive collection, the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade Gossip Girl takes the throne. But the icon also loves to go bold with punchy red lipsticks and holographic glitters for certain special events.

Graphic Liners

Black liners are classics that go with any outfit. One wing and you’re to party. But for Kiara Advani, a liner in vivid colors show real courage. The icon often uses a thin line of colored liner to make her eyes pop. The trick is to pair it with subtle makeup, letting the eyes do the talking.


As the icon focuses on her lips for most outings, she just uses a little bit of mascara to complete her eyes. Kiara Advan’s beauty secret to long and full lashes is the Benefit Cosmetics Real Lash mascara. A few swipes on her upper and lower lash line give her rounder, bigger, brighter eyes.

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For Kiara, there is no such thing as too much blush. So for an everyday look, the icon uses quite a few palettes. Her favorite among those is the NARS powder in the shade Orgasm, a cult favorite. It gives her cheeks, a warm, sun-kissed look that brightens up her entire complexion.

Brow Care

Kiara Advani has naturally stunning features and has been blessed with thick eyebrows. To keep them in shape, the icon uses products that grip the brow hairs and prevents them from moving. The Brow Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics is her current favorite as it tames her brows.


Kiara Advani’s skincare routine ensures that the icon has a constant glow on her face. But to accentuate her features a little more, she uses a highlighter for different types of makeup looks. By adding a little to her cheekbones, nose, and forehead the icon gets a lit-from-within look.

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Kiara Advani’s Beauty Secrets

Kiara Advani’s Beauty Secrets

Kiara Advani’s skincare routine is extensive and full of good products. But that is the beginning and end of her beauty secrets. The icon is naturally stunning and prefers to remain so with little help from organic products. These are her secrets to keep glowing and remaining confident.

Kitchen Ingredients

Fancy products with huge price tags are not the only thing that can give you great skin. Sometimes, the most beneficial products can be found on your kitchen shelves. And for Kiara Advani, the best glow comes from a homemade DIY recipe that her mother taught her.

Therefore, her beauty secret consists of elements like fresh cream and besan. For an exfoliating scrub, the icon uses a mixture of these two on her face once a month. The result is a fresh face rid of dead cells. Another all-time favorite of hers? Tomato paste for skin brightening.


Keeping her crowing glory in the best shape is extremely important to Kiara Advani. The icon’s hectic schedule often leaves no room for thorough pampering, but the icon manages. Her favorite way to style it for an everyday look is by keeping it in messy beach waves.

For Kiara, shampoos and conditioners often don’t cut it when it comes to hair care.

To make sure that strands are nourished and hydrated the icon oils them as often as she can. But her word of caution is to make sure that the middle and end of the strands are not heavily oiled.

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Bottom Line

Kiara Advani, the Shershaah actress is currently one of the most renowned celebrities in Bollywood.

Her acting chops and natural features have made a lasting impact on the audience. But the icon’s beauty secrets are simple, where the focus lies on what works for her skin type.