Megan Fox’s Parents: Inside Her Bond With Her Parents

Megan Fox may have played a few iconic characters in the past, but her popularity lies elsewhere. To the world, she is a beauty symbolic of the generation and has been so since her late teens. Born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Megan Fox’s parents were not typical Hollywood parents. Her humble background proved to be a hurdle for the young actress. 

But now that she has kids of her own, it seems that the actress’s perspective has changed. Megan Fox still rocks Hollywood festivities with her bold sense of fashion and inspires everyone. But the actress has confessed that being a ‘working mom’ in Hollywood is much more complicated than people believe. From unequal gender expectations to keep the paparazzi away, her current situation is not without struggles.

Considering her recent comments on the ups and downs of having children, here is a brief introduction to Megan Fox’s parents.

Megan Fox’s Parents
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Who Is Megan Fox’s Dad?

Megan Fox’s father is Franklin Thomas Fox. The former American parole officer and his wife had a child before giving birth to the beauty icon. Life had not been picture-perfect for the Foxs, the couple like any other had their differences. The actress thus had a rough childhood, the result of her parent’s divorce when she was just 3 years old.

Megan Fox might not have been born with a silver spoon, but her heritage is very rich. The actress may have had a very strict Pentecostal upbringing, but her lineage is a mixture of various European ethnicities. Apart from her Powhatan Native American ancestry, the actress also has little bits of English, Scottish, German, French, and Scots-Irish (Northern Irish) in her.

Who Is Megan Fox’s Mother?

Gloria Darlene was a housekeeper and Megan Fox’s mother. Megan Fox and her mother had a slightly tumultuous relationship. But after the divorce, Fox, and her older sister Kristi went to live with her mother. It was later that Darlene remarried Tony Tonachio, who moved the entire family to Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Megan Fox started her career at the age of 13, but she did not move out till she was making enough money to support herself. The actress had to become an independent woman at a young age and had been a 17-year-old when she moved to L.A. 

Megan Fox’s Stepfather and His Strict Rules About Dating

Megan Fox’s parents include her father, mother, and stepfather who played an equal role in her formative years. Gloria Darlene, Fox’s mother married Tony Tonachio, a much older guy years after her divorce. But life with a stepfather had not been fun. Fox’s new family ran under Pentecostal beliefs and that meant the rules were strict.

The rough childhood that followed had been a lonely one for the actress. Megan Fox and her sister Kristi were not allowed to have boyfriends. Nor were they even allowed to invite friends to their house. With such compulsive restrictions, the actress found it natural to move out as soon as she could.

But even before going off to L.A, Fox had not been timid. The actress’s off-screen persona in interviews is proof of her rebellious nature. And she has confessed to doing the exact opposite of what she was told. From stealing her mom’s car to wearing the smallest of clothes she could find, Fox did whatever she could to annoy her strict parents.

Even though the actress has professed her hatred of authority, her father had been there to support her throughout her life. When Fox married Brian Austin Green in June 2010, her father had no qualms and only saw her happiness.

Fox’s Mom Second-Guessed Her Career Choices

Megan Fox had been in love with acting ever since she saw the movie Wizard of Oz with her mother. Fox had insisted that her mother call her Dorothy, but the reality of television and movies had been explained to the 5-year-old carefully. But by then, Fox was smitten with the world of acting and had decided instantly where her future lay.

But her mother had not been as supportive of her choices as she had expected. Throughout her childhood and teen years, Fox attempted to launch her acting career but she did not get her big break. Even though she had been an extra in Bad Boys II, her image had not yet been cemented. So she decided to go to L. A. when she was just 17, to get better opportunities.

But the actress’s mother did not back her up, she even moved back to Florida when Fox turned 18. But the aspiring actress never gave up or became depressed from the lack of support. Instead, she proved her merit time and again with each role.

Fox’s Early Childhood And Life With Her Parents

Megan Fox’s parents and her relationship with them had been complicated. From a broken home to an overtly-strict one, the transition had been rough. Even her schooling experience had been lonely with almost no friends.

But the actress had been determined to make it in the world of Hollywood and stuck to it. Before acting, she turned into a model at the age of 13 and won many awards for it. Her debut may have been at 15, but she was 17 when she caught her big break as Mikaela Banes in the movie Transformers.

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The Bottom Line

Megan Fox’s parents were not similar to the other A-listers’ parents in Hollywood. But her relationship with her parents inspired her to do better and become the widely-known fashion figure she is now. But in the end, her life as a working mother has had much influence from the time she spent with them.