Miley Cyrus’ Height, Weight, Dating History, Body Measurements, Net Worth & More

Miley Cyrus is an American singer who needs no introduction. Miley is well known for her extraordinary voice that fans love the most. She is a born entertainer. She has this extra cheerful from her birth. That’s why her parents named her Smiley, which later changed to Miley.

Miley has always been in the news with her romances or controversies or something other, but her fans love Cyrus for her confident and not bothered personality.

Cyrus has contributed very heavily to the music industry and, she is at the peak of her career.

We expect much more from the American singer. If you are a fan of Miley Cyrus and want to know more about the celebrity, tune into the article for more information.

Miley Cyrus’ Story Of Sucess

Miley Cyrus' Height, Weight, Dating History, Body Measurements, Net Worth
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Miley has not always been a singer and, her breakthrough also did not come from any song or album. Cyrus was born in the USA, but at the age of eight, she moved to Toronto with her family for her father’s acting career.

Her father was an actor too and, he got a role in a series, so they shifted. Miley started her career in acting and, she got her first role in the same show as her father. Later, she got a small part in small fish. Her role gained quite fame at the time.

In 2005, Miley got cast by Disney in their movie Hanna Montana as the main lead. This project got a skyrocketing response and, Miley got an overwhelming amount of fame which gave her to her first movie.

Cyrus got into singing after Hanna Montana as the show’s main plot was the life of the pop star. Right now, Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest names in the music industry.

Miley Cyrus’ Height and Weight

Miley Cyrus' Height and Weight
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Miley Cyrus is a lightweight lady and, she maintains her physique quite well. Fans love Cyrus’s sharp body assets. But to maintain that look, Miley needs to work hard, follow a strict diet. Cyrus has motivated many with her personality and work ethic.

Miley is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs around 48 kgs (106 lbs). She has a slim and balanced figure with curves at the right places.

Miley Cyrus’ Relationship Timeline

Miley Cyrus' Relationship Timeline
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Miley has had a complicated relationship timeline in her life. At 14, Miley confronted her mother with her feelings towards the women. She has always mentioned that she is heterosexual and thinks of herself as a Queer.

There are many rumors of the pop star with many other celebrities, but most of them are fan-made theories of their own. There are some confirmed relationships as well. Miley’s first confirmed relationship was with Tyler Posey. He claimed their relationship and said they dated when he was nine years old and the pop start was seven.

After this relationship, Miley found dating singer Nick Jonas. The couple dated for quite a while, but they got separated for some reason. Cyrus also wrote the song 7 Things for Nick Jonas after their breakup.

Her most popular relationship amongst her fans was with Liam Hemsworth. They both started dating in 2010 and broke up in 2012. The pair reconciled in 2016, which made the news and, the couple got married in 2018. But things did not go the way both wanted after the marriage, so in 2019 they got their divorce.

Miley Cyrus’ Personal Info

Miley Cyrus
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Fans want to know everything about the pop star, whether her personal life or her professional one. Miley’s full name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. Yes, Miley is not her original name. She goes by Smiley, Miley Ray as her nickname. The 29-year-old singer was born on 23 November 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee.

Miley follows the Baptism faith and, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Cyrus is the daughter of  Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus. She had a bunch of siblings to play within her childhood are  Noah Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, Christopher Cody, Brandi Cyrus, and Braison Cyrus.

Miley is currently enjoying her single life, but in 2019, she got a divorce from Liam Hemsworth, her Ex-husband. Miley Cyrus has no children.

Miley thinks of herself as of Queer sexuality. She is a heterosexual person, which she admits and takes pride in. Cyrus got educated at Heritage Elementary School, and later she worked as an Actress, singer, and songwriter.

Miley is of white caucasian ethnicity. She also loves to tattoo her body. As of now, she has now 74 known tattoos on her body.  

  • Birth Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus 
  • Nickname: Smiley, Miley Ray
  • Date of Birth: 23 November 1992
  • Age: 29
  • Birthplace: Franklin, Tennessee 
  • Religion: Baptist
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Father Name: Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Mother Name: Tish Cyrus
  • Siblings Name: Noah Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, Christopher Cody, Brandi Cyrus, and Braison Cyrus.
  • Spouse/Partner: Liam Hemsworth (Ex-Husband)
  • Children: None
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress
  • Education: educated at Heritage Elementary School
  • Tatoo: 74 Known Tattoo
  • Sexuality: Queer

Miley Cyrus’ Body Measurements

Miley Cyrus' Body Measurements
Image: Aaron Settipane/

Miley has beautiful facial features and a charming body. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm) and, she weighs 48 kgs (106 lbs). Her body measurements are 34-24-33 inches. Miley’s chest size is 34 inches (86.3 cm) and, her waist size is 24 inches (61 cm). Cyrus’s hips size is 33 inches (83.8 cm). Miley has the curves right at the places and, her looks tempt everyone who looks at them.

Miley has a slim figure and, her body build is lightweight. Cyrus works hard and follows a strict diet to maintain this slim look. Miley has blue eyes, and her hair is Brown. This combination suits and complements her look to the utmost perfection.

The singer’s distinctive features are her slim looks and versatile voice, which made her famous.

Miley needs the shoe size of 6 (US) OR 4 (UK) and, her dress size is  2 (US) OR 6 (UK).   

Miley Cyrus Body Measurements


 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)


 48 kgs (106 lbs)

Body Measurements

 34-24-33 inches 

Chest Size

 34 inches (86.3 cm)

Waist Size

 24 inches (61 cm)

Hips Size

 33 inches (83.8 cm)

Eyes Color


Hair Color


Figure or Body Shape




Distinctive Features

Versatile voice

Dress Size

 2 (US) OR 6 (UK)

Shoe Size

 6 (US) OR 4 (UK)

Miley Cyrus’ Most Favorite Things

Miley Cyrus' Most Favorite Things
Miley Cyrus in an Instagram photo (Miley Cyrus/Instagram)

Miley is one of the most cheerful people you will ever see. She loves to enjoy her life to the fullest. Although, Cyrus has a strict diet to follow for those body goals. She does have cheat days in between them. Miley’s favorite food consists of chocolate cookies, pizza, McDonald’s french fries, Nutella on toast. Cyrus loves to travel and enjoy new adventures. There are many places which the pop star loves, but nothing can take the place of her hometown, Nashville.

Miley has had a glorious career in acting and, she loves to watch movies in her pass time. Some of her all-time favorite movies are High School Musical (2006), Steel Magnolias (1989), Titanic (1997), Cars (2006). Cyrus has always been a huge entertainment fan and there are some of her favorite entertainers.

She loves  Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Meryl Streep’s work as an actress. She loved actors are Pete Davidson, Tom Cruise.

Miley has always been vocal in her interviews. In the recent one, Cyrus has mentioned her crush over the actor and comedian, Pete Davidson, after his encounters with Kim Kardashian.

Miley has always held Elvis Presley as her ideal in the music industry. She loves Fab’s work and enjoys their music. Dolly Porter is the godmother of Miley and, she has always helped and guided the singer in her journey.

Miley has mentioned her love for her VMA 2015 red carpet outfit and, this is her favorite outfit of all time. Her favorite color is Lime Green and Purple. M

iley Cyrus has answered some of her fan’s questions about her essentials. She has a favorite product in lip gloss. Miley is a heavy reader and, these are her recommendations, Don’t die, My love, Girl talk with God. Her favorite perfume to smell fresh is Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum.

  • Favorite Foods: chocolate cookies, pizza, McDonald’s french fries, Nutella on toast
  • Favorite Places: Nashville
  • Favorite Movies: High School Musical (2006), Steel Magnolias (1989), Titanic (1997), Cars (2006).
  • Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Meryl Streep
  • Favorite Actor: Pete Davidson, Tom Cruise
  • Favorite Color: Lime Green and Purple
  • Favorite Artists: Elvis Presley, The fabs, Dolly Porter
  • Favorite Outfit: Her VMA 2015 red carpet outfit
  • Favorite Products: Lip Gloss
  • Favorite Book: Don’t die, My love, Girl talk with God
  • Favorite Perfume: Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum

Awards Won By Miley Cyrus

Miley has been one of the most popular pop stars of our time. She has contributed majorly to the music industry. Due to this, she has gained a lot of love and affection from the fans and the critics. Miley Cyrus has won 25 awards and 69 nominations, Her trophy cabinet involves many prestigious numbers. She won Bambi Awards in 2013 for the Pop International category.

Miley has worked in music as well as in the film industry, and she has won critical acclaim in both categories. Cyrus won Bravo Otto awards in 2010 for the best actor category, She got nominated for the same award in 2008 and 2007. Miley was nominated for the Grammy Awards 2 times in 2015 and 2022. 

Miley’s trophy cabinet also involves Kid’s Choice Awards in the USA as well as Australia, She has also won the MTV Europe Awards. Her story and success have motivated and inspired a generation of people.

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Miley Cyrus’ Net Worth

Miley started to work in films and then progressed as a pop star singer. Miley writes her songs and sings them to the utmost perfection. Fans love her work and her personality. All of her hardwork and persistence have made her wealthy and famous. Cyrus also has a strong social influence. Miley has always raised her voice for social issues and stood up for the oppressed

Miley has over 153 Million followers on Instagram. As of 2022, Miley Cyrus’s net worth is $160 Million. She has gained quite a fame and wealth with her hard work and versatile voice.

Has Miley Cyrus Gotten Cosmetic Surgery?

Miley lives in the hearts of her fans with her songs. They love her for her unique tone. But there are some allegations that she has gone under the knife.

There are allegations on her nose that she has done some surgeries on her nose, to make it look perfect. It is alleged that the singer has done some eye treatments to reduce the blind spot in her eyes. Her eyelids also look changed for some people.

But when asked in the interview, the singer has declined all the claims of surgery and claimed all-natural. Whether she has done the surgery or is natural, She is the real beauty and, her fans love her for her charming and doubt-free personality.

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Final Thoughts

Miley has always risen to the opportunity, whether a Disney movie or her singing career. Miley impacts the world positively and stood up for the things she believes in and, raises her voice for the LGBTQ community.

Miley thinks of herself as a part of them. She has delivered some of the most beautiful pieces of work and, we wish her to give many more in the future. We want to wish Miley a happy and prosperous life ahead.