Murder Of Tamron Hall’s Sister: What Happened To Her?

Tamron Hall, the host of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show ‘The Tamron Hall Show,’ is also well known as the former host of  ‘Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall on the Investigation Discovery channel.

The Tamron Hall Show is purely an infotainment talk show, while the latter is an investigative story by Hall and the team. Tamron Hall has become a familiar face in broadcast journalism for a while, yet none of her fans knew that she was living with a grief-stricken heart for years.

In 2016, Tamron Hall had a special guest on her talk show. It was none other than her late sister’s son Leroy Moore. In the audience’s presence of the talk show, Hall and Leroy revealed a secret that Tamron had been carrying in her heart for years. It was the brutal murder of Tamron’s sister and Leroy’s mother, Renate.

Murder Of Tamron Hall's Sister
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What Happened To Tamron Hall’s Sister?

Tamron Hall recollected her memories about the day when her sister died. Hall got a phone call informing her that her sister Renate was found dead in the pool in her backyard.

She was bludgeoned to death and floating with her face downwards in the pool when the body was recovered.

Renate was brutally murdered, but the details of the murderer remain a mystery.  Tamron knew her sister had been trapped in a toxic relationship. She was sure that her sister’s death resulted from domestic violence, which Renate had suffered for some time.

The police had recognized the suspect, but neither he was arrested nor brought to justice due to the lack of evidence.

Who Killed Tamron Hall’s Sister

Tamron Hall’s sister Renate’s body was found floating from the pool behind her residence; she was bludgeoned to death.

Tamron believes her sister was living with an abusive partner for a while, and she suspects Renate’s partner, who had physically abused her before, of the murder.

The police had identified the possible suspect for the murder but did not arrest anyone, sighting a lack of evidence.

Murder Of Tamron Hall's Sister
Tamron Hall Show

The Incident Had Haunt Her Forever

Tamron says the incident had affected the entire family for a long time. Their father became sick after Renate’s murder and died shortly. The incident took happiness from everyone’s life in the family.

Tamron believes she was also partially responsible for her sister’s death since she couldn’t do anything even though she knew everything.

Tamron recollected an incident that happened in their life. She had once identified a wound on her sister’s face due to an assault from her partner. When enquired, her partner lied and explained the injury occurred when Renate had fallen.

Tamron argued with her sister to leave the relationship, but she denied it. The incident ended in an argument between the sisters, and Tamron did not have any contact with her sister for some time, although they reconciled later.

Now she believes she should not have left her sister to suffer everything alone. She would have been alive if she had interfered at the right time and kept contact with her sister. Tamron believes one day, her sister’s murder will be brought to justice.

Tamron Hall’s Brave Decision

Tamron Hall had not revealed the sorrow and guilt of her sister’s death to anyone. She feared people would judge her for using her sister’s death for publicity. Finally, she decided to speak up, hoping it might save someone’s life.

She revealed the incident and how it affected their family in her talk show, in the presence of her sister’s son Leroy Moore.

Leroy said, he and his brother had always missed the physical and emotional presence of their mother. In honor of her mother, he decided to work with non-profit organizations that support people who face domestic violence.

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Final Words

Domestic violence is considered one of the most brutal crimes, yet only a minor percentage of the victims report it.

An average of one out of three women and one in four men face domestic violence from their partners. Tamron Hall’s attempts to reveal the story of her sister must be appreciated, although she was late to react.

The only way to stop domestic violence is by spreading awareness and encouraging the victims to report the crime.