Nithya Menen’s Beauty Secrets: From Natural Curls To Glowing Skin

Nithya Menen is known for her diverse work across many feature films in different languages.

The artist has been involved in the film industry since she was seventeen, with a role in the movie 7 O’Clock. Her movies like Mission Mangal and O Kadhal Kanmani were also instant hits.

Her iconic beauty has had the audience in its thralls since early on in her career.

The actress’s grace and charm accompanied by the naturally stunning features is a dangerous combo not often seen across tinsel town. But what are Nithya Menen’s beauty secrets? Read on to know.

Nithya Menen’s Skincare Routine

Nithya Menen’s Skincare Routine

Nithya Menen’s spectacular performances are always accompanied by naturally flawless skin. But the secret behind her stunning features is not expensive products. The icon has an affinity for natural products in her skincare routine. But her beauty secrets are simple, with just 4 steps.


Nithya Menen is a strict believer in the CTM method of skincare and seldom fails to follow it. The first step of her routine involves cleansing thoroughly. Menen’s busy schedule is packed with shoot days which involve putting on heavy makeup for the camera.

But stale makeup, dirt, and impurities can often lead to breakouts and other skin issues. To avoid that, and maintain her healthy appearance, the icon uses a gentle cleanser, making sure there is residue in her pores. This gives her a fresh face, one that looks healthy and hydrated.


The second step of Nithya Menen’s skincare routine is toning her face, a step many people ignore. But a toner helps with many things, primarily removing any last trace of impurities that may be left on the skin. It also has hydrating properties which restore hydration after cleansing.

The main job of toner is to lessen the appearance of pores over time. It helps with aging skin and tightens it to retain its youthfulness. A toner also preps the face to receive the moisturizers and serums that are to follow.


The most important step in any skincare routine is moisturizing to ensure proper hydration. Like our body, our skin also needs to be hydrated often, to maintain its elasticity and well-being. A good moisturizer makes sure the skin remains healthy and free of any issues.

It is a common misconception that people with oily skin do not necessarily need moisturizers. But contrary to this belief, moisturizers help in controlling the skin’s natural oil production. However, the proper choice of product depending on your skin type is extremely important.


After CTM comes the last step in Nithya Menen’s list of beauty secrets, sunscreen. The icon knows that stepping outside without the protection of a good SPF is tantamount to no skincare at all. Thus she uses sunscreen of SPF at least 30 every few hours when she is outside. 

While the sun and its rays can be a good way of soaking up Vitamin D, they are extremely harmful. The UV rays are responsible for aging out a person faster than normal, deteriorating one’s appearance with the help of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

What’s In Nithya Menen’s Makeup Bag?

What’s In Nithya Menen’s Makeup Bag

Nithya Menen is very strict about her no-makeup rule, especially during non-shoot days. The icon prefers letting her skin breathe in between projects to keep it healthy. But for certain events like interviews and red-carpet visits, the icon uses a few items that accentuate her beauty.

BB Cream

Nithya Menen dislikes heavy makeup that may clog up her pores. The icon prefers letting her face breathe. But during events that need a little touchup, she uses a BB cream instead of a foundation. This helps her skin heal while looking flawless without fine lines and wrinkles.


While a BB cream smoothes out the entire skin tone, sometimes a little heavier product is needed. Nithya Menen uses a conceal under her eyes and its heavy pigmentation helps her hide whatever little blemishes the icon has. When blended perfectly, it looks like a second skin.


Nithya Menen has been blessed with natural aesthetic and thick brows. But for them, a little shaping is required to keep the hair tamed. The icon uses brow tools like spoolies and brow pencils to tidy up the shape and fill in when required. This helps her natural shape look perfect.

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There can never be too much blush on our cheeks. This product adds depth and dimension to the face, changing it instantly. For Nithya Menen, the color of blush that works best is soft pink, when applied precisely to the apples of her cheeks. It gives a warm, sun-kissed look naturally.


Nithya Menen has expressive eyes which need no enhancement to make them look bewitching. But following her Indian roots, the icon always puts on a kajal, rimming her eyes with the pencil. Its appeal lies in enhancing the face and its natural features subtly and giving the eyelids depth.


Mascaras work on the eyes instantly to make them look bigger and brighter. And with a few coats of it, Nithya Menen completely transforms herself into an icon known for her casual beauty. The icon uses this little product on her upper and lower eyelashes for an everyday look.


Lipsticks are a staple in everyone’s makeup bag, and the beauty industry is saturated with them. Each brand offers a plethora of colors to choose from, but for Nithya Menen, pinks and nudes look the best. While bolder colors can brighten up the face, the neutrals offer a look of subtlety.

Lip Balm

One product Nithya Menen always keeps handy on herself is a lip balm. While the icon dislikes makeup, a cracked lip is not something that she pulls off. Therefore to keep her lips hydrated, plump, and juicy all the time, she uses a balm that keeps them healthy for long periods.

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Nithya Menen’s Beauty Secrets

Nithya Menen’s Beauty Secrets

Nithya Menen’s natural beauty has awed the audience far and wide. But along with her skincare routine, which she follows religiously, the icon also has a set of beauty secrets that transform her skin. These are a big part of her daily regimen, and they keep her always looking fresh.

Green Tea Bags

Nithya Menen’s beauty secrets include a hack that answers all undereye problems in one go. The icon’s fridge usually contains quite a few green tea bags, for emergencies regarding puffiness and dark circles. This ingredient is known to be quite effective and affordable.

The eye creams available in the market, the ones that deal with puffy, swollen eyes have one key ingredient as caffeine. This element, which can be found in tea bags constricts the blood vessels and reduces skin issues. Green teas are also full of helpful antioxidants and tannins.

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Coconut Oil

Hair care is a big part of Nithya Menen’s beauty secrets. The icon has a head full of luscious curly hair as her crowning glory and maintains it to the full extent. To make sure her strands and scalp are just cleansed regularly but also receive nutrients, she uses coconut oil.

Coconut oil has been a part of the south asian beauty community for centuries for its multiple benefits. Not only does this oil keep the strands hydrated, but it also provides them with vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. It also relieves dandruff and restores luster to damaged hair.

Flaunt Them Curls

Nithya Menen has naturally curly hair which she loves flaunting. The trend a while back may have been silky straight hair, but now natural and textured hair is all the rave. But maintaining it carefully means staying away from damaging procedures that involve excessive heat.


Nithya Menen has an affinity towards the science of Homeopathy and loves using its remedies for her skin issues. This specific branch of science works with the body, aiding in its healing qualities. Consulting with Homeopathy experts means healing and preventing future issues.

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Final Thoughts

Nithya Menen’s skills in Mission Mangal made a great impact on the minds of the audience.

Her natural beauty too made its mark, establishing her as one of the most beautiful South Indian actresses. However, the icon’s beauty secrets consist of just a few steps and natural elements.