Poldark Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer – Everything you need to know

Poldark is a very popular series that has been a massive hit. This British drama series is based on a novel series. The author of the novel is Winston Graham, and Poldark remains his best work.

This drama series shows how such wars affect families and innocent people. It is based on the American War of Independence of the eighteenth century.

Debbie Horsfield, the famous writer, is behind the development of the series, and BBC aired it first. Considering the huge reach that BBC has, this series has gathered a huge and loyal fan base.

There have been five seasons of Poldark to date. And since the fifth season ended in 2019, the show lovers have been eagerly waiting for the sixth one, But there is a lot of confusion regarding the upcoming season. So, for Poldark lovers, all the information related to the sixth season has been provided here.

Is Poldark getting a season 6?

Poldark Season 6

The novel series has twelve volumes. And the drama series has adapted seven out of the twelve novels. There are still five novels left to be transformed into series.

But there has been no news about the making of the sixth season for Poldark till now. As there is content available that can help in the further continuation of the series, the audience still remains hopeful.

So, it is not yet confirmed whether there will be Poldark Season 6 or not.

Poldark Season 6 Release Date

Poldark Season 6 Release Date

The last season of Poldark aired in 2019. The executive producer has confirmed officially that the fifth season was the last. But, BBC has not yet released any official statement regarding the cancellation of the show.

As the OTT platforms have developed tremendously in recent times, there is a possibility that popular networks will try and revive the show as it still enjoys huge popularity. The audience still hopes that the show will come back with another season.

As per the writer of the series, the story has been able to convey a strong message, and the characters are still liked by the audience. The makers felt that the series needed a lot of effort, and their aim was to adopt the majority of the original novel series.

Even the actors have revealed that they loved working in the show and would love the makers to come back with more seasons. So, there are still some chances left that there will be Poldark Season 6, but as of now, there has been no official confirmation regarding the release date.

Poldark Season 6 Characters & Cast

If the show returns with another season, it is expected that some of the main characters of the show will be seen again. The characters of the series have been drafted very well and portrayed wonderfully by the actors. Hopefully, the cast of Poldark Season 6 will include:

  • Aidan Turner
  • Eleanor Tomlinson
  • Ruby Bentall
  • Caroline Blakiston
  • Beatie Edney
  • Luke Norris
  • Heida Reed
  • Kyle Soller
  • Tom York
  • Harry Richardson
  • Drake Carney

The main character of the show is Ross Poldark. It is played by Aidan Turner. Another important character is his wife, Demelza. This role is played by Eleanor Tomlinson. Other characters like Caroline, George, Francis, and Elizabeth are also very important parts of the story.

Poldark Season 6 Plot: What will it be about?

Poldark Season 6 Plot

As already mentioned, the central character of the story is Ross Poldark, who is a captain. He is in the army, and he returns to his home in Cornwall after fighting the American War of Independence for three years.

But things have changed a lot as he returns. His father is dead, and he is in debt too. And to make things worse, Elizabeth, his childhood love and his cousin Francis are engaged.

Ross meets Demelza, who he hires as a maid. Eventually, they fall in love and also get married. Thus, the story revolves around these characters, about their struggles and dealings with marriages, heartbreaks and other emotional aspects like the deaths of near ones, effects of the war, etc.

So, Ross has to rebuild himself again and pay his debts, dealing with the miseries the war has brought to his life. He also has his own issues, like he can be really harsh at times. He is also impulsive.

On the other hand, Demelza is calm, composed, honest and beautiful in her own ways. So, their relationship gets complicated at times as they deal with issues related to infidelity, money, and distance.

As they grow together in their marriage and become parents, they experience a transformation in their relationship. So, they explore different ups and downs and evolve together.

If there is a season six, it is expected to follow the storyline of the remaining novels. It will further explore the relationship between Ross and Demelza, and some new characters may be seen too.

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Poldark Season 6 Trailer

There is no official information about the sixth season, and there are no trailers or teasers available.

But, to refresh your memory of the fifth season of Poldark, here is the official trailer:

Poldark Season 6 Highlights

Poldark has received a lot of appreciation from the audience and is termed an epic romance novel.

The story involves the audience emotionally, and that’s what they connect with the show very well.

Where to Watch Poldark Season 6?

BBC One aired the series first in the UK. In the USA, PBS was streaming Poldark. Presently, all the seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video. Netflix also has complete series.

If there will be the sixth season for Poldark, it is expected to be streamed on these platforms.

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Wrapping Up

Some classic series need to be watched for their magnificent storyline and beautiful portrayal. Poldark is one of them.

It has an IMDb rating of 8.3. Besides, it has a compelling and intriguing story that binds the audience. You should watch this epic series for sure.