Ruth Slater True Story: Sandra Bullock’s Portrayal Of A Fictional Character

Sandra Bullock gave us another remarkable performance, this time with the movie The Unforgiveable. The thriller had made it impossible to ignore the effect Netflix has in today’s cinematic world.

The twists and turns made it reach Number One on Netflix’s top 10 list. But the actress and her ability to make any scene seem real made the viewers question the movie’s source.

The movie did aim to make its viewers believe that it had happened. But what is the scoop on Sandra Bullock’s Ruth Slater? Is The Unforgiveable real? Read on to know all about Netflix’s new drama.

Ruth Slater True Story
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Is The Unforgivable A True Story?

No, the film The Unforgiveable is not based on real events in any way. This film is entirely a work of fiction, created by Christopher McQuarrie and Scott Frank.

The character arc as well as the plot often makes people think that it could be based on a true story. Bullock as the tough Ruth Slater gives a convincing performance as well.

In the movie, Sandra Bullock plays the role of Ruth Slater, a woman who has just been released from jail. After serving her 20-year sentence for her violent crimes, she is now left to pick up the pieces.

When Ruth returns home, nothing is as it was. Even her primary aim of reconnecting with her younger sister Katie is in jeopardy. And given her past crimes, Katie’s adoptive parents are reluctant to let the sisters reconnect. To make matters worse, Katie has little to no memory of her sister.

The movie’s plot also includes snippets of her past, explaining in short how and why Ruth went to prison. It becomes more complicated when the son of the cop she murdered starts coming after her.

And in the end, she has to race against time to solve everything. But even with a happy familial ending to see off the viewers, the more complex side of the movie gives it real depth.

The Unforgiveable Story Is Based On A TV Series

Ruth Slater
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The movie The Unforgiveable is based on a script written by McQuarrie and Frank, not on a real story. But it is inspired by another British show. The 2009 British miniseries Unforgiven was written by Sally Wainwright and directed by David Evans. With only 3 episodes, it had nearly the same plot as well as the same set of characters as the movie.

There were many noteworthy differences between the movie and the miniseries. Starting with the lead, the series had the British actress Suranne Jones play the character of Ruth. Plot-wise, in the miniseries, it was shown that Ruth was released from prison only 15 years after her crime.

The cast of the 2021 version of the movie is also stellar by itself. Apart from Hollywood A-lister Sandra Bullock, the movie also features actors like Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, and Viola Davis. The cast is all in awe of the plot as well. Viola Davis also proclaimed in an interview with People magazine that the movie’s beauty lies in the catharsis it brings.

The main character of the movie, Ruth also brings out some strong emotions on behalf of the viewers. The relationship between Ruth and Katie, sisters who almost have a mother-daughter relationship due to their age gap takes the center stage.

Sandra Bullock As Ruth Slater, A Not So Real Character

Sandra Bullock As Ruth Slater
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The character of Ruth Slater had been fictional from the get-go. The original writer of the British miniseries, Sally Wainwright came up with it from another production. The concept of a mother reuniting with her daughter after a long time struck a chord with her that she wanted to play out.

Nora Fingscheidt had taken Sally’s story and made it into something a bit different. While preparing for the role, Bullocks had claimed that she had interviewed real-life convicts to understand their state of agony better.

Many convicts face what Ruth had faced on screen, being brought up in foster care. It seems that many of their life stories were brought forth through the character of Ruth Slater.

Bullock also claims that playing Ruth had been an eye-opening event for her, which also influenced her relationship with her daughter.

In the end, listening to the stories of those women helped her reevaluate her stance as a parent. In Ruth’s struggle to rejoin society, we see the battle many ex-convicts face even today. But Bullock claims that the character’s happy ending could be chalked up to white privilege.

Viola Davis who plays the role of Liz Ingram also backs up Bullock’s statement as she brings forth the horrors of racial injustice even during the pandemic.

Being black, Davis notes that her sons would not have survived the 20 years in prison. Her point was strengthened by the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. All these became a talking point in society, something that had not been available all these years.

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The Bottom Line

Sandra Bullock’s new film, The Unforgiveable is a hit that most cinephiles have not missed. Since its initial release on Netflix on 25 November 2021, the movie has gone on to hit the top charts. A very big reason behind its popularity is Bullock’s convincing portrayal of Ruth Slater. The character as well as the plot often makes people think that it is based on a true story.

However, that is not the case with The Unforgiveable. The entire premise is fully fictional, but it is considered to be a remake of a British miniseries of a similar name, Unforgiven