Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty Routine: The Radiant Beauty’s Secret Hacks

Shraddha Kapoor is an Indian actress, model, performer, and philanthropist known for her diverse career.

Ever since her start in the entertainment industry with the 2010 film Teen Patti, her acting had been much praised. However, the icon’s claim to fame had been Aashiqui 2.

The icon played many versatile roles in movies like Stree, Ek Villain, and Baaghi. And all of them displayed her natural charm and beauty, which had fans wondering about her beauty secrets.

So, what does Shraddha Kapoor do to maintain her beauty? Read on to know more.

Breaking Down Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty Routine

Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty Routine

Shraddha Kapoor takes a very realistic approach to skincare and makeup. The icon believes that less is more when it comes to using products.

Therefore her beauty secrets contain many DIYs and simple procedures of self-care. She uses classic techniques to have a polished result.

Cleanse Twice A Day

The first thing Shraddha Kapoor does every day is cleansing her face. The icon is very particular about keeping her face free of any impurities that might cause her to break out. Therefore her routine has her washing her face in the morning before putting on makeup.

The actress also thoroughly cleanses her pores at night, to remove the day’s stale makeup. This gives her a fresh feel with unclogged pores ready to absorb moisture and nutrients.


Moisturiser is an essential part of Shraddha Kapoor’s daily skincare regime. She uses these lotions whenever necessary, always keeping them handy in her purse. Moisturizing daily helps her skin retain its natural hydration while dealing with skin issues like acne and dry patches. 

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Apply SPF Regularly

Sunscreen is a step Shraddha Kapoor never misses in her list of beauty secrets. By putting on this product the diva ensures healthy skin free of dark spots or hyperpigmentation. The sun’s harmful UV rays can prematurely age a person and give them wrinkles and fine lines.

Sunscreen is the best method to protect the skin at any age. It shields the exposed skin against elements that cause it harm. And for optimum protection, doctors advise wearing a sunscreen of SPF 60 and reapplying it every few hours.

Lip Balms

Shraddha Kapoor’s beauty secrets are never complete without lip balms. These little tubes keep her lips plum and hydrated at all times, giving them a healthy look. Lips tend to dry quickly, and using a lip balm means keeping them moisturized for a long period of time. 

What’s In Shraddha Kapoor’s Makeup Bag?

What’s In Shraddha Kapoor’s Makeup Bag

Shraddha Kapoor is known for her talent and beauty. The actress is also blessed with great skin which she keeps glowing with different products. Her natural charm is often devoid of heavy makeup, as she prefers to let her skin breathe. But she does use a few items before going out.


For Shraddha Kapoor, a concealer is the best way to look flawless without putting on too much product. The icon uses it to hide whatever minuscule spots and blemishes she has on her face for an airbrushed look. When blended to perfection, concealer can look like a second skin.

Shraddha loves using concealer to illuminate her face naturally. This helps her avoid the feeling of made-up since the icon also skips steps like contouring. A little blush and she is ready for the day.


Shraddha Kapoor always keeps a compact in her purse whenever she goes out. Compact powders can be of many types, but they all help in keeping oil and sweat under control. The light coverage they offer also evens out the skin tone with one swipe, creating the perfect base.


Shraddha Kapoor may prefer the minimalistic look at times, but that doesn’t mean the diva hates the dramatic one. The icon loves using a Kohl pencil and gently swipes them on her upper and lower lash lines. This instantly brightens up her eyes and makes them bold with a silky finish. 


Shraddha Kapoor’s eye makeup is never complete without flicking on some mascara. These handy little tubes help her make her eyes bigger and brighter. As the lashes lengthen and volumize, they can change the structure of the face entirely, making you look more awake.

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Shraddha Kapoor loves lipsticks of all shades and formulas. For her, a simple red color can instantly light up her face. But browns and pinks are not to be ignored. When the icon focuses on brightening another feature of herself, she chooses muted shades that impart a natural glow.

Lip And Cheek Tint

Lip and cheek tints have recently taken over the internet because of their usefulness. These makeup essentials are all one needs to transform their face instantly. And when icon Shraddha Kapoor wants a subtle day look, she uses these tints for a pop of color on her lips and cheeks.

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Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets

Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets

Shraddha Kapoor is one of a kind and needs no enhancement when it comes to natural beauty. But her stunning radiance is maintained with a series of well-kept beauty secrets.

The icon follows these steps religiously, taking care of herself from the inside out, and her methods are.

DIY Hair Mask

Shraddha Kapoor’s idea of pampering herself is with hair masks she can make at home. These little DIYs work much better than the off-the-shelve ones as they are fully natural. The icon uses aloe vera with hibiscus flowers and yogurt. This mask keeps her strand shiny and healthy.

DIY Face Pack

One of Shraddha Kapoor’s favorite skincare hacks is using a face mask made with besan and oil. The icon uses the items she can find around her kitchen, especially oils like coconut, jojoba, or rosehip oil. The technique is to apply them on the face and gently scrub for a few minutes.

Hair Oils

Shraddha Kapoor’s daily life includes styling her hair with electricity and heat, which may leave the strands dry. So her beauty secret is using oils to replenish them and adding back the moisture they have lost. This method is an important part of her hair care routine.

Which Foundation Does Shraddha Kapoor Use?

Shraddha Kapoor loves minimalistic makeup during her daily outings. The icon rarely puts on a heavy foundation, but when needed uses the MyGlamm Treat Love Care Anti-pollution Foundation. This protects her skin and gives a medium to high coverage while nourishing it.

Which Soap Does Shraddha Kapoor Use?

Shraddha Kapoor is the brand ambassador of Dyna beauty soap which the icon uses quite often. This product differs from the other soaps available in the market by leaving the skin nourished and fragrant. It also prevents pimples and acne by removing grime from the skin.

Which Hair Oil Does Shraddha Kapoor Use?

Shraddha Kapoor keeps her hair shiny and healthy with the help of the right products. To provide nourishment to her stands, she uses organic oil from Khadi. These are full of beneficial properties and enhance new hair growth, provide color restoration, and reduce inflammation.

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Final Thoughts

Shraddha Kapoor is a radiant beauty who follows minimalistic makeup trends to look naturally beautiful all the time. Her beauty secrets include a good skincare regime filled with DIYs and a few makeup essentials. The dewy-skinned actress focuses solely on healing inside and out.