Sonam Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets: From Perfect Skin To Smooth Makeup

Sonam Kapoor, the Indian actress started her career as an assistant director in 2007. But since then, the icon has made quite a name for herself with her acting chops. Her roles in movies like Neerja, and Raanjhanaa has earned her awards like the National Film and Filmfare Award.

Sonam Kapoor’s style and flair have also helped her distinguish herself in the beauty industry.

Her flawless looks both on and off-screen have fans clamoring after her beauty secrets. So, how exactly does Sonam Kapoor take care of her skin? Read on to find out.

Breaking Down Sonam Kapoor’s Skincare Routine

Sonam Kapoor’s Skincare Routine
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Sonam Kapoor’s skincare regime is quite extensive. The icon knows the kind of products that suits her skin, and never messes around.

While experimenting with makeup is a hobby of hers, that sentiment is not applied to skincare. The actress always follows her routine religiously. 


Sonam Kapoor starts her day with a simple skincare routine that has only 3 products. She uses these items on a fresh face, making sure she looks radiant throughout the day.

Vitamin C Serum

The first thing the Khoobsurat actress puts on her face is a vitamin C serum. Known for being safe to use for most skin types, this helps her add hydration to her skin. This miracle product can promote collagen production and heal the skin internally.

Sonam Kapoor uses the MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Serum, known for combining the perfect dosage of Vitamin C with actives. It helps her correct age spots and skin tone imperfections.

Tinted Sunblock

The next step in Sonam Kapoor’s skincare regime is sunblock. The sun’s rays can be extremely harmful to the skin, making it lose its elasticity and aging faster. But wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 combats all of these and helps protect the face against the elements as well.

The icon uses a sunscreen prescribed by her doctor, but her preferred choice is tinted sunblock. The beauty industry is yet to produce one that suits her skin perfectly, so she improvises. Before going out, she mixes a little foundation to her sunblock quickly before applying it on her face.

Lip Tint

Lastly, for a casual day outing, the icon prefers going without makeup. A little tinted sunscreen along with her favorite lip tints make for a daily makeup routine. She uses the Hourglass N°28 Lip Treatment Oil, rich with essential oils, vitamins, and powerful active ingredients.


Sonam Kapoor’s nighttime routine is a bit more complex that her daytime one. While following the less-is-more theory, she never skips on the essentials.

Cleansing Balm

Sonam Kapoor’s career has her acting in front of a camera for hours. And with all the heavy makeup that goes on before shoots, the icon loves a good cleansing ritual during the night. She uses the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse, followed by a makeup remover towel.

Cleansing Lotion

While the CTM method may work for many, Sonam Kapoor has improvised it to include the steps that specifically suit her. The icon prefers to double cleanse to make sure her pores are rid of all the impurities. For that, she uses the MZ Skin® Cleanse & Clarify Cleanser & Mask.

Under-Eye Cream

Sonam Kapoor suffers from dark circles and to combat that she uses her eye cream religiously. She uses the Dr. Lancer Legacy Eye Treatment Duo which comes with its unique triple rollerball applicator which helps brighten the eyes. It leaves the skin smooth, firm, and hydrated.

Heavy Moisturizer

A moisturizer is one of the most essential items of any skincare regime. It keeps the skin plump and hydrated, maintaining its youthfulness. Sonam Kapoor uses the Rinascita Delle Olive Replenishing Balm known for its organic botanicals.

What’s In Sonam Kapoor’s Makeup Bag?

What’s In Sonam Kapoor’s Makeup Bag
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Sonam Kapoor’s skincare routine ensures that the diva has flawless skin every time she steps out. To minimize the harm heavy makeup may cause on the skin, she prefers a subtle approach. The Neerja actress more often than not goes on without makeup, letting her pores breathe.

Pressed Powder

Sonam Kapoor’s makeup bag almost seems empty without her pressed powder. The icon welcomed her first child on August 20, 2022, and kept it handy throughout her pregnancy. It allowed her to freshen up on the go, giving good coverage and hiding the spots.


Blush is important for any makeup, be it full glam or clean girl. It adds dimensions to the face, making it look flushed and rosy naturally, and adding a glow. Sonam Kapoor’s beauty secrets include adding a dash of blush to her cheeks to enhance her features and look more youthful.


Sonam Kapoor suffers from dark circles, but her beauty secrets include hiding them with makeup whenever she has to go out. The icon uses a color corrector in shades of orange or peach for a more natural look. This helps her concealer look like a second skin without graying.


For understated eye makeup, flicking some mascara on your lashes would give the most natural effect. For Sonam Kapoor, the everyday clean girl look ends with her mascara to give her brighter, and bigger-looking eyes. These tubes are responsible for fuller lashes with one swipe.


For an everyday look, Sonam Kapoor prefers lip balms or lip oils. These hydrating agents are often tinted to make the lips seem fuller and natural. But to add a bit of glam to an outfit, the icon often switches to lipsticks. A pop of red or pink can brighten the face instantly with its vivid color.

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Sonam Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets

Sonam Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets
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Sonam Kapoor’s beauty secrets include taking care of her whole body with different methods and techniques. The icon’s skincare regime is top-notch, but that is often accompanied by certain lifestyle choices for optimum results. Her favorite self-care hacks are as follows.

A Fresh Blow-Dry

Sonam Kapoor’s idea of a quick pick-me-up when it comes to her hair is getting it blow-dried. The technique may be a little old school, but it always leaves her feeling fabulous. So, when she is not making a statement with her brave hairdo, she uses a blow-out for general occasions.

Natural DIYs

Sonam Kapoor’s list of beauty secrets does not just contain expensive products. Growing up, the actress came across many natural skincare remedies that she uses even today. She often uses these self-care methods during intimate date nights with her partner.

Sonam uses elements that can be found around her kitchen and are known for their benefits. Her homemade face packs include milk, gram flour, and yogurt. Milk is known as a hydrating agent, and when added to gram flour leaves the skin hydrated and exfoliated completely.

Which Foundation Does Sonam Kapoor Use?

Sonam Kapoor prefers a natural look during casual outings and therefore doesn’t use heavy makeup. Her morning routine consists of mixing her sunblock with a few drops of her foundation. She uses three foundation shades of Vitalumiere by Chanel no. 20, 30, and 40.

Which Concealer Does Sonam Kapoor Use?

For people suffering from dark circles and hyperpigmentation, it is essential to color correct using an orange or peach base. Sonam Kapoor used to favor the Bobbi Brown ‘Dark Peach’ concealer, which has since been discontinued. Now she uses a similar Chanel variant.

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Wrapping Up

Sonam Kapoor believes in focusing on skincare to enhance her natural beauty. The actress has an extensive day and nighttime skincare regime. She also keeps a low profile for her daily step-outs, with essentials like mascara and lip balms as her best-kept beauty secret.

Sonam Kapoor’s natural charm and acting chops have enthralled the audience since her debut movie Saawariya. And while she has naturally beautiful features, the icon prefers having a good skincare regime to maintain it. Her beauty secrets, therefore, consist of many elite products.