Taapsee Pannu’s Beauty Routine: From Stunning Skin To Beautiful Curls

Taapsee Pannu, the Indian actress is known for her influential roles in different Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films.

The icon started her career as a model, but soon moved on to movies, with her debut in the Telugu film Jhummandi Naadam. Her tricky roles have made her a fan favorite.

From movies like Saand Ki Aankh, Thappad, and Badla, her off-beat acting has won her many awards. But in all these roles, her natural beauty stood out, begging the question, what are Taapsee Pannu’s beauty secrets?

Read on to know all about the icon and her routines.

Breaking Down Taapsee Pannu’s Skincare Routine

Taapsee Pannu’s Skincare Routine

Taapsee Pannu’s skincare routine is quite simple. She is known for her outspoken nature as well as natural beauty and chic style. But taking care of herself is an essential part of her daily regime. Her dependence on chemicals is less, as the icon mainly uses natural ingredients.


The first step in Taapsee Pannu’s beauty routine is cleansing. The icon follows the CTM method of skincare, one that is suitable for every skin type. These simple steps ensure that the icon has a glowing, fresh, and youthful face every day. These steps are to be followed twice a day.

Skincare is usually customized according to the need of individuals. Therefore, for Tapsee it works best if she cleanses two or three times a day. That way her face remains free of dirt and impurities that can clog the pores. The gentle cleansers also don’t dry out skin or leave it greasy.

Cleansing well after the icon has finished shooting is also very important for her. Taapsee uses a water-based make-up remover to remove the heavy makeup that is necessary to put on for her roles. These cleansers make sure that the residual makeup is removed from the pores.

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Toning is an essential step in Taapsee Pannu’s skincare regime. This helps her keep her skin balanced. Toning is done between cleansing and moisturizing, to rid the skin of whatever dirt may linger while simultaneously prepping it. Just soak a cotton ball with toner and swipe gently.

This curious product soothes the skin while it is sensitive. A toner’s job is to maintain the appearance and tightness of the pores, giving the skin a smoother look. Using toners also helps even out the skin tone naturally. And no matter the skin type, an alcohol-free toner suits all.


Taapsee Pannu’s beauty secrets include hydrated skin that glows naturally. The beauty considers hydration a big factor in her overall health and ends her everyday routine with a moisturizer that suits her perfectly. It helps her deal with skin issues like blemishes and spots.

Taapsee takes great care of her skin and ensures that it remains hydrated all the time. The actress carries around with her a bottle of moisturizer at all times, especially during shoots. The weather may be unpredictable, but it is the best way to ensure smooth skin all year round.


The easiest way to lose your healthy skin would be in ignoring the skincare essential sunscreen. It is the most commonly known beauty secret across tinsel town. And Taapsee Pannu is no novice when it comes to the art of skincare. Her daily routine therefore always includes an SPF.

The sun’s rays may be full of soakable Vitamin D, but they wreak havoc on the exposed skin. From wrinkles, and dark spots to even skin cancer, the harms are truly uncountable. But sunscreen, when applied regularly can protect the skin from all that and keep it healthy always.

What’s In Taapsee Pannu’s Makeup Bag?

Taapsee Pannu is a natural beauty that needs no embellishment from cosmetics. The icon has a simple yet effective skincare regime that gives her all the glow she needs. But for special occasions on camera, the icon puts on a few products that accentuate her features well.

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A kohl pencil is one of Taapsee Pannu’s makeup essentials which she always carries around in her bag. They can change the face dramatically, bringing the focus to the eyes. The actress prefers them to other eye makeup items as they are versatile and easily applied to perfection.


To complete her daily minimalist makeup look, Taapsee Pannu just flicks a little mascara on her lashes. Mascaras enhance the lashes by lifting and volumizing them. These make her eyes look bigger and rounder naturally, and when combined with a kohl pencil make the eyes look divine.

Lip Color

Taapsee Pannu’s beauty secrets include putting on makeup that has a barely-there look to them. For that, she prefers lipsticks in colors like nude pinks and browns. These complement well with her skintone making her look classy and sophisticated while brightening her face.

Lip Balm

A lip balm is an essential item that should always be carried everywhere. Lips can dry out fast, making them look dry and unhealthy. And no amount of color can hide the cracked skin. So using lip balm is one of Taapsee Pannu’s beauty essentials which gives her plump lips always.

Face Wipes

Face wipes or towelettes come in handy when the face is in desperate need of a quick freshening up. Taapsee Pannu’s hectic schedule always has her on the go, so when accompanied by these, she can remove excess oil and sebum from her face instantly.

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Taapsee Pannu’s Beauty Secrets

Taapsee Pannu’s Beauty Secrets

Taapsee Pannu’s beauty is revered in the industry. But the actress doesn’t use expensive products full of chemicals to maintain her beauty.

Rather, she is famous for preferring natural products that can be found in anyone’s household. Some of her beauty supplements are:-

DIY Face Packs

Taapsee Pannu loves using natural ingredients to accentuate her naturally glamorous skin. The icon chooses elements that can be found in the kitchen, ones that are known for their healing and soothing properties. Her face packs include yogurt, gram flour, tomatoes, and aloe vera.

Taapsee’s favorite face pack is made of yogurt, which is known for increasing the skin’s elasticity. These also contain exfoliating properties which help her transform her face completely. Added to gram flour, it makes a paste that gently cleanses the skin of dead cells.

On the other hand, aloe vera is a common plant that is known for the healing properties it contains in its leaves. When its gel is applied to the face, it moisturizes while simultaneously healing it from within. When tomato juice is added to it, it makes sure the skin remains bright.

Curl Care

Taapsee Pannu’s hair is an important factor in her life, a feature she is quite proud of. But curly hair needs a lot of effort to be kept bouncy and healthy. The icon uses only the choicest of products for hair care, her favorite being Arata’s new Advanced Curl-Care Curly Hair Gel.

Another hair care tip that the icon loves is using a hair mask 2 to 3 hours before shampooing. She also lets her conditioner sit on her hair for 15 minutes to ensure proper hydration. As a post-wash routine, she uses the gel that helps the curl retain its shape, defined and frizz-free.

Oil Twice A Week

Hair oils are a very important part of Taapsee Pannu’s beauty secrets. The icon believes that without locking in the nutrients and moisture, the hair becomes dull and damaged. She learned the art of taking care of curly hair by hit-and-miss trials but makes sure they remain healthy. 

Taapsee’s routine includes giving herself a good champi 2 or 3 times a week to get the most out of it. She also uses good nourishing oils that are clean and natural and prevents split ends and breakage.

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Bottom Line

Taapsee Pannu is one of the most influential actresses in the entertainment industry. The icon is known for her candid expressiveness as well as her simplistic approach toward cosmetics. Her beauty secrets are therefore quite easy to be followed, and extremely beneficial for the ton.