The Chronicles of Narnia 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer – Everything you need to know

Do you remember when the last Chronicles of Narnia movie came out? Oh, I just forgot, Don’t blame me that I have a weak memory. It’s just that the last season came out so back that I just couldn’t remember.

Just like me, the fans have been waiting for a long to see their favorite characters back as kings and queens in the fantasy world of Narnia.

The film series is adopted from C S Lewis’s 1950 novel of the same name. There are seven parts to the novel, but to date, there have been three films:

While Andrew Adamson directed the first two movies, Michael Apted directed the third.

The story’s plotline centers around four children discovering a doorway in an old wardrobe. Through that, they travel to another universe, where they encounter several challenges. They work together to deprive the evil White Witch of her power. Although CS Lewis wrote the novels for adults, the film was directed towards youngsters.

Prince Caspian, the 2008 sequel, offers a very different take on the films. The movie starts 1300 years after the Pevensie children’s initial excursion to Narnia.

The third movie, the voyage of the dawn traders, again brought back the younger lot of the Pevensie children and another new addition, their cousin. So, if you are among those who eagerly waited for the franchise’s future, in this article, we bring you the news about the fourth movie and what it entails in the children’s journey. I hope it will clear all your doubts.

The Chronicles of Narnia Season 4
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Is there The Chronicles of Narnia 4?

No, the fourth movie of Chronicles of Narnia is canceled. There are various reasons for the movie’s cancellation, which have been discussed below in the article. To know them, stay tuned!

Did The Chronicles of Narnia 4 get Cancelled?

Although Lewis has written seven books and there is a huge scope of making a movie on it. But the studio decided to discard the idea of making Chronicles of Narnia part 4.

The movie had very little connection with the book. The storylines are different as the books were written for adults, and the movie is for kids. The first film started with children’s fantasy themes, but the later movies are more centered around adult themes.

The children-centered film did not support the subsequent novels’ language and theme. In the second move, the four Pevensie children came across a prince. They aided him in reclaiming his throne. This movie lacked features of a family-friendly film because it was less mystical and more somber than the previous. So it’s no wonder that the film did not perform well at the box office.

In the third movie, we are introduced to two younger Pevensie children and their cousin, who embark on a quest to locate seven lords who have gone missing.

While the first part of the film was a hit, however, from the second season, the sequel, Prince Caspian, was more centered around late teenagers and adults. That is why the audience did not enjoy this edition as much as the prior one, and it only earned $419 million at the box office.

In the third movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Trader, the reception was lackluster and only received 50 percent ratings on rotten tomatoes. The third film was a total failed attempt indeed.

Why did The Chronicles of Narnia 4 get Cancelled?

Walden Media, the film’s primary investor and distributor, said in 2008 that they had lost the rights to make a film for two years. In 2011, the fourth movie of the Chronicles of Narnia was supposed to be released. It revolved around The Magician’s Nephew and would have served as a prologue to the other films.

Three producers and a writer were tasked with making the film. In an announcement, the studio announced that The Mark Gordon Company and the studio will team up to produce a film adaptation of the fourth novel in the series. Even director Joe Johnson joined the movie in 2017

However, that was the last piece of news and no news came up after that. Thus we can assume that the studio shelved the idea of making season 4 of Chronicles of Narnia.

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The Bottom Line

After 2017, however, there was a deafening hush. Netflix and Concordia University announced their collaboration in November 2018. In 2016, Sony became the distributor. We hoped for a comeback, but it didn’t happen. Lewis Company recently revealed that it is collaborating with Rough House Pictures to develop a television series based on the books.

In 2018, Netflix signed a deal to bring back more films and tv adaptations for the chronicles of Narnia series. But still, the series’ future is uncertain. Douglas Gresham, the original producer, told media channels in May 2020 that he had yet to hear from Netflix. So let’s hope to hear from Netflix about the release of the Narnia series as soon as possible.