Tomi Lahren’s Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Net Worth & More

Tomi Lahren is a versatile political commentator, TV host, anchor, and TV personality. She has a strong tone and she explains her viewpoint with clarity and perfection.

Over the years, she has been a part of various protests and campaigns. Lahren has a well-defined political ideology.

Lahren is an incredible personality who expresses her views to anyone anywhere and at any time without any external influences.

Get ready to explore Tomi Lahren’s height and weight, body measurements, the road to success, net worth, personal info, romances, and much more.

Tomi Lahren’s Road to Success

Tomi Lahren’s Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Net Worth & More
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After high school, she joined the University of Nevada where she studied a bachelor of art in broadcast journalism and political science.

During her college days, Tomi became the associate producer and host for the university’s political show, ‘Scramble’. Instead of an internship at One America News Network (OANN), she was selected to host the show.

In 2014, she shifted to San Diego where she worked as a host for her show, ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’.

She had worked there for a year and on August 19, 2015, she completed her final show at OANN. In November 2015, she started a new job as a host at ‘TheBlaze’.

Her show became popular due to her versatile performance. One such segment which gained popularity was the ‘final thoughts’ segment. It is a three-minute program in which she spoke very quickly and it is done at the end of the show.

Tomi expressed her statements on abortion in an interview with ‘The View’ She said that every lady should have the right to abortion.

She added that she would be a hypocrite if she supports both limited government and abortion restrictions imposed by the government.

Due to this, she was suspended by The Blaze’s owner, Glenn Beck. He is against abortion. This resulted in the filing of a wrongful termination suit. The fight became sensational news.

Finally, it was compromised as she removed her videos with TheBlaze on Facebook but got the right to keep her Facebook page active.

Tomi started her work at ‘Great America Alliance’ in their communication wing in May 2017. Three months later, she joined Fox News.

Tomi defines her as a ‘Constitutional conservative’. This lady clearly defines her job. Tomi said that she is not a journalist but a commentator.

Her role is not to just read the news but to express her views about them. Lahren is not a feminist. But she supports women’s empowerment. Tomi considers it mandatory for all women to educate themselves. She is against anti-abortion.

Lahren is a supporter of same-sex marriage. She was a supporter of equal employment opportunities for all genders. No business or an enterprise can discriminate against workers from seeking a job irrespective of gender, or sex.

This was for LGBTQ people and it allowed them to work without any external disturbances. Lahren is against the illegal migration of people from Mexico to the US through the Mexico-US border.

In one of her thanksgiving, she said that the real highlight is the US Border Patrol firing tear gas to stop illegal migrants from the Mexico-US border. She asked former US President Donald Trump to construct a wall at the Mexico-US border. 

Tomi Lahren’s Height and Weight
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Tomi Lahren’s Height and Weight

Tomi Lahren stands 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm or 1.65 m) tall. She weighs 54 kg (119 pounds). Tomi is a slim lady with a banana-shaped body.

She has a body with a good posture and she does workouts to remain physically fit. She was skinny during her teen years. But gradually, her body changed and she began to gain weight. Tomi is still slim and energetic.

Tomi Lahren’s Romances

Tomi Lahren is not too open about her personal life. Let us check out Tomi’s relationship

Lahren dated Jerard Christian from February 2015. However, the duo broke up in June 2016. After that relationship, she started a new one with Chase McNary in October 2016.

It was a brief one that lasted for about a month. Some media reports that this relationship is just a rumor. Later, Tomi started dating Brandon Fricke. The duo got engaged in June 2019.

Unfortunately, they split in February 2020 ending an eight-month relationship.

Tomi Lahren’s Quick Bio

Tomi Lahren
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Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren popularly known as Tomi Lahren was born on August 11, 1992, in Rapid City, South Dakota, United States. She is the daughter of Kevin Lahren and Trudy Lahren.

The 30-year-old political commentator had graduated from the University of Nevada where she studied a bachelor’s in broadcast journalism and political science.

She has two tattoos, one on her wrist and the other on the back of her neck. Tomi has German, Norwegian, English, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry.

  • Birth Name: Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren.
  • Nickname: Tomi.
  • Date of Birth: August 11, 1992.
  • Age: 30 years old (as of 2022).
  • Birthplace: Rapid City, South Dakota, United States.
  • Religion: Christianity.
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo.
  • Father Name: Kevin Lahren.
  • Mother Name: Trudy Lahren.
  • Siblings Name: No.
  • Spouse/Partner: Jerad Christian (2015-2016), Brandon Fricke (2018-2020).
  • Children: No.
  • Ethnicity: Tomi’s parents have German, Norwegian, English, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry.
  • Occupation: Political commentator, News anchor, TV host, and TV personality.
  • Education: Graduate (Studied Bachelor’s in broadcast journalism and political science from the University of Nevada).
  • Tatoo: Wheat leaf crossed with pasque flower (back of neck), Roman numeral- 11 tattoo (wrist).
  • Sexuality: Straight.

Tomi Lahren’s Body Measurements

Tomi Lahren has a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 1.65 m (165 cm). She weighs 54 kg (119 pounds).

The slim beauty has a chest size of 34 inches (86 cm), a waist size of 24 inches (61 cm), a hips size of 35 inches (89 cm), and a body measurement of 34-24-35 inches or 86-61-89 cm.

Tomi Lahren looks stunning with her hazel eyes and blonde hair. She has a banana-shaped body.

Talking about her outfit sizes, Lahren has a dress size of 4(US) or 36(EU) or 8(UK) and her shoe size is 7.5(US) or 40(EU) or 9(UK).

Tomi Lahren’s Body Measurements


165 cm (5 feet 5 inches)


54 kg (119 pounds)

Body Measurements

34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 cm)

Chest Size

34 inches (86 cm)

Waist Size

24 inches (61 cm)

Hips Size

35 inches (89 cm)

Eyes Color


Hair Color


Figure or Body Shape




Distinctive Features

Sweet voice but sharply articulates to express fluent commentary

Dress Size

4(US) or 36(EU) or 8(UK)

Shoe Size

7.5(US) or 40(EU) or 9(UK)

Tomi Lahren’s Most Loved Things

Are you curious to explore the favorite lists of Tomi Lahren?

  • Favorite Foods: Tomi likes to eat Italian Cuisines.
  • Favorite Places: Paris.
  • Favorite Movies: Tomi loves to watch romantic, realistic, political, and motivational movies
  • Favorite Actress:  Her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston.
  • Favorite Actor: Her favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr.
  • Favorite Color: Camouflage.
  • Favorite Artists: Rihanna, Cardi B, Beyonce.
  • Favorite Outfits: Frocks, gowns, t-shirts, jeans, jumpsuits.
  • Favorite Products: Tomi is a person who loves makeup products. She likes using branded stuff as they are of excellent quality.
  • Favorite Books: The Terminal List by Jack Carr.
  • Favorite Perfume: Tomi loves sweet-smelling perfumes.

Tomi loves reading, traveling, writing, and spending time with friends.

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Tomi Lahren’s Awards and Nominations

Tomi Lahren is a fantastic news anchor and commentator. She has won Best Supporting Actress at Christian Film Festival-Menchville Baptist Church Awards in 2021. Apart from that, she has limited honors and achievements.

Unlike acting, musical field, or fashion, Lahren’s field lacks prestigious award ceremonies. Tomi is in the front row displaying her talent and charm in her respective niche.

She could easily bag many more achievements if there are any such award functions.

Tomi Lahren’s Net Worth

Tomi Lahren has an estimated net worth of $3 million US Dollars as of 2022. The major wealth comes through her stage performances, world tours, endorsements, brand promotions, and social media.

Hosting, talk shows, anchoring, political commentary, and social media are her major source of wealth.

Has Tomi Lahren Done Plastic Surgery?

Just like any other celebrity, Tomi Lahren is also surrounded by gossip and plastic surgery rumors. This may or may not be true but different sources share their perspectives and speculations about her surgery. Let us find out more.

In 2014, her old images went viral. These were taken when she hosted the TV news program, ‘The Scramble’ when she was in her university. People started to compare this image with her present ones and concluded them.

Media reports that Tomi changed a lot thus increasing the probability of cosmetic surgery. A reputed plastic surgeon had commented that she had taken botox on her lower eyelids.

Earlier, the lower eyelids had banding or jelly roll but now it has reduced. Also, the area became smooth and her eyes have more brightness than before.

Another plastic surgeon from Arizona stated that she had rhinoplasty. The nose has become thin and narrower than before. The surgeon added that she had made alterations in the teeth’ alignment.

It is rumored that Tomi had done an eyebrow lift. Now her eyebrows are thin, smooth, and well curved with sharp boundaries. This could also be due to makeup. There is no proof for these speculations.

Also, Tomi has not confirmed any of these rumors. Her fans believe that her change is completely natural. Lahren’s present look is awesome compared to her past one.

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The Bottom Line

Tomi Lahren is a bold lady. She is brave enough to express her views, statements, or ideas. She dares to talk against anything that is not right according to her ideologies. Tomi is against anti-abortion.

She is not a feminist but raises her voice against women’s injustice and women’s harassment. She supports women’s education, same-sex marriage, and equality.

She is an active motivator for the LGBTQ community and extends her support in their activities. Tomi is a lady with self-confidence, determination and a strong heart.