Trisha Krishnan’s Beauty Secrets: From A Fresh Face To Luscious Locks

Trisha Krishnan, the Indian actress is known for her numerous movies in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Her roles in movies like Yennai Arindhaal, Khatta Meetha, and Power have garnered her much fame. Fans everywhere have praised her for her versatile acting chops.

And since 1999, the actress has stunned people across the screen with her radiant beauty. She remains one of the most influential icons in the industry, and fans often ask about her beauty secrets.

So, what are Trisha Krishnan’s beauty essentials? Read on to know more.

Breaking Down Trisha Krishnan’s Skincare Routine

Trisha Krishnan's Beauty Secrets

Trisha Krishnan is an ethereal beauty who is aging gracefully and naturally. The icon has flawless skin and beautiful features, which she maintains with hard work and determination.

Her daily routine has several steps to ensure her face’s natural glowing radiance at all times.

Krishnan’s skincare routine is simple. The icon prefers natural ingredients instead of expensive chemical-laden products. Her main focus is to use whatever suits her skin and keep it healthy.

Trisha Krishnan’s skin is naturally flawless, but like everyone else in the beauty industry, the icon uses specific products. These help her keep her skin healthy, and free of blemishes and breakouts even after heavy makeup. So naturally, the first step in her regime is cleansing.


The icon cleanses her face thoroughly at the end of the day to make sure there is no makeup residue left. Cleansing also helps her unclog her pores of the dead cells and impurities that may have collected there. Using a gentle cleanser for this task is essential, to keep the skin soft.

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Next in her routine is a moisturizer that serves to hydrate her face and provide it with nourishment. A good moisturizer is always selected on the basis of your skin type. For those with oily skin, choosing a gell-based formula gives the best results.


Trisha Krishnan never leaves her house without putting on sunscreen. An SPF of power 30 or more protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. So it is advised to put on sunscreen every two hours when you are outside, to make sure the skin doesn’t lose its elasticity and youth.

What’s In Trisha Krishnan’s Makeup Bag?

Kollywood’s makeup on camera is called HD makeup, as the effect it creates is solely for HD cameras. And Trisha Krishnan is extremely fond of it. Being an actress for more than a decade means she had first-hand access to all the exclusive makeup items in the market.

Krishnan’s makeup bag, therefore, is the envy of the ton. The icon has had a knack for the art of makeup since her childhood and loves experimenting. Her outfits always compliment her art, both on-screen and off. But she keeps a few staples with her always, to freshen up when needed.

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Foundation is an essential part of Trisha Krishnan’s everyday makeup look. The icon believes that without the perfect shade of coverage, no makeup can look good. This product also helps the face look naturally flawless by covering whatever blemishes and dark spots your skin has.


Trisha Krishnan’s beauty secrets include enhancing her eyes with black eyeliner. This brings focus to her expressive eyes, making them look bolder. Eyeliners are extremely versatile and can be worn anyway, be it simply around the eyes or a dramatic wing, they always look good.


A mascara is usually worn to volumize and lengthen the upper and lower lashes naturally. It makes the eyes look bigger and rounder. Trisha Krishnan’s day outings include flicking some on her lashes, which added to her eyeliners gives her a glam look that can easily match any outfit.

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Lip Gloss

The minimalistic makeup that has been taking over the internet is always accompanied by little to no makeup. And following the trend, Trisha Krishnan just uses lip gloss for her everyday look. These tubes keep her lips hydrated while adding a little glam to an otherwise bare face.

Trisha Krishnan’s Beauty Secrets

Trisha Krishnan’s Beauty Secrets

Trisha Krishnan has been in the entertainment industry for a while now, and the actress still maintains her relevance. Her beauty is incomparable, she still looks the same as she did in her debut movie in 1999. The icon has always been naturally blessed with good features.

The Ponniyin Selvan actress celebrated her 39th birthday in May 2022, but her age is just a number. And we can safely say that her everlasting beauty is due to her strict self-care habits. Her beauty secrets are holy grails indeed, as they are tried and tested to give instant results.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential part of Trisha Krishnan’s beauty routine. The actress always tries to induce it into her daily regime. Vitamin C is known throughout the beauty industry for being the holy grail of all skincare needs. Its benefits are all-encompassing leaving behind a healthy face.

Vitamin C is also independent of skin type. So, whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you can add this to your skincare routine. There are many ways to induce this into your body, like drinking citrus drinks. But the best way to get glowing skin from it is to use it topically.

When Vitamin C is absorbed into the topmost layer of the skin, it works wonders almost instantly. The face naturally smoothens out, while the appearance of fine lines and dark spots is reduced. Vitamin C also helps in boosting collagen production in the whole body.

Hair Oil

Hair makes up a big part of a person’s external beauty. And for Trisha Krishnan, her hair is an asset that she cherishes carefully. And taking care of her locks means more than just cleansing with shampoo. The beauty industry needs well-styled hair all the time, which can damage it.

So, as a way of returning the hair’s lost moisture and nutrition to it, Trisha oils her hair regularly. It has been proven scientifically that hair oils contain proteins and vitamins that can change dull hair to healthy one. Directly applying oils to the strands strengthens them immensely.

Ayurvedic Serum

Trisha Krishnan’s beauty secrets include pampering herself with ayurvedic serums. Ayurvedic products are known for their long-term effects in giving glowing skin. But the serums available are used as a deeply nourishing treatment. They can also be used as facial oils to tone the skin.


Our body needs water to survive, and when it doesn’t get the necessary amount, the skin and organs suffer. The best, and cheapest skincare hack known throughout the skincare industry is that drinking water gives glowing skin. Therefore, it is Trisha’s biggest beauty secret.

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Bottom Line

Trisha Krishnan, the Kollywood actress has a separate fan base due to her evergreen beauty. The icon remains natural and embraces aging as a part of life. But that doesn’t mean she forgoes the basic skincare essentials. Her beauty secrets, therefore, are quite effective.