What Did Drake Do For Eminem’s Daughter?

Both Drake and Eminem are renowned names in the field of music. Their styles may be different but there is no question about their popularity. But as seen in the entertainment industry, there are often feuds or bad blood among artists.

Eminem is primarily known for dissing other artists through his songs. From Britney Spears to Machine Gun Kelly, no one escaped his sharp words. But what about the Hip-Hop star Drake, what is the story behind their friendship? Read on to know all about Drake, Eminem, and how his daughter factors in all of it.

What Did Drake Do For Eminem’s Daughter?

What Did Drake Do For Eminem's Daughter
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In an interview with Sway in 2018, Eminem expressly said that the Hip-Hop heavy-hitter Drake was one of the few people who made it in his good books. The reason behind such an occurrence was a favor done for one of Eminem’s daughters. The details about the favor as well as the daughter in question were not shared by the rapper.

Eminem And His Daughters

Eminem or Marshall Bruce Mathers III just celebrated his 50th birthday in 2022. The famous rapper’s family includes his ex-wife, Kim Scott, and three daughters, Hailie Jade, Alaina Marie Mathers, and Stevie Mathers (formerly known as Whitney).

Eminem’s only biological daughter is Hailey Jade Mathers, born to Kim Scott. Alaina Marie Mathers or Lainey is their second daughter, and she was adopted by the couple when they were still together. Lainey’s biological parent is Kim’s twin sister, making her their niece.

Whitney Scott Mathers or Stevie Mathers was born to Kim and her ex-partner, Eric Hartter. Eminem has had full of custody of Stevie ever since the biological father’s drug and legal issues became public.

Feud Of The Artists

The rumor of a feud between the musical legends Eminem and Drake started in 2016. The first to comment on Eminem, Drake, and another rapper Joe Budden was the radio show host Ebro Darden. He had hinted at the possibility of a feud because of Budden signing with Eminem’s record label.

Later on, a Hollywood Life article backed up the rumors by saying that they had a “source”. This person who was close to Eminem claimed that the rapper was confident that if a rap battle were to happen, he would annihilate Drake. The article claimed that Eminem thought Drake was a great studio rapper, but in a street fight, he would get destroyed. Later Darden made light of these claims, and things were settled for a while.

The rumors started heating up again with the 2018 song Lucky You, from Eminem’s tenth studio album Kamikaze. Fans were speculating that some of the lines were of Eminem dissing Drake after his ghostwriter scandal. But all of the rumors of bad blood were put to rest by Eminem himself.

In a four-part interview with Sway, Eminem claimed that he liked drake, and the Hip-Hop artist would never be in his bad books. This was because of a big favor Drake had done for his daughter that he could never forget. This was how the rumors were put to bed.

Drake and Eminem’s friendship was further cemented during Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour. The artist had brought Eminem on stage to bow down to him and claim that he was the greatest rapper to ever get on a microphone.

The Unnamed Favor

Eminem went on record to say that he liked Drake because of the special favor done to his daughter by the singer. But that made the fans speculate more on what the special service could have been, and who among his three daughters was on the receiving end of it.

Fan forums like Reddit and Quora are full of theories. From Drake helping Eminem’s daughter to get into college, to him paying for a birthday meal, the theories are wild. But none of these have been confirmed by either of the celebrities, so the truth is yet to be unveiled. However, there is no doubt that the service must have been extraordinary for Drake to earn a permanent spot in Eminem’s good graces.

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Bottom Line

Eminem, the god of rap is known for his diss tracks where he casually mentions other artists. And while many have had their names dragged into one of his songs, Drake is not among them. The hip-hop artist did an unnamed favor for one of his daughters, for which the rapper remains grateful.