What Is Warren Buffett’s Religion?

Berkshire Hathaway was a textile manufacturing firm until Warren Buffett bought it in 1964. Now, the firm is one of the largest holding companies, which owns dozens of companies in the United States. No wonder this man is known as the Oracle of Omaha for his ability to recognize successful firms for investing.

Warren Buffett is considered one of the wealthiest investors and the world’s seventh wealthiest man. Despite the vast fortune, Warren lives a modest life in the five-bedroom house he bought in 1957  and drives the same car until it is not fit for comfortable driving.

Warren Buffett agreed to donate 99% of his wealth and started the Giving Pledge Campaign in 2010 along with Bill Gates. The campaign motivates wealthy people to contribute much of their wealth to philanthropic activities. The outcome was encouraging as more than forty millionaires have agreed to donate at least half of their fortune to charity.

Warren Buffett
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Is Warren Buffett Religious?

No, Warren Buffett is agnostic. In a shareholder meeting conducted by Berkshire Hathaway in 2008, Mr. Buffett responded he was an agnostic when a young man enquired about his relation to Jesus Christ.

In the HBO special ‘Becoming Warren Buffett, he shared his views about death and the afterlife and that he was not afraid of it since it would happen one day. He was not concerned about what happens after death since he was agnostic.

What Is Warren Buffett’s Religion?

Warren Buffett was raised as a Presbyterian but later changed to agnosticism. Warren had sung in the choir in his early years and avoided houses of worship. He has exceptional skill in handling questions about his religious beliefs.

His statement on being an agnostic was catching. ‘The nice thing about an agnostic is you don’t think anybody is wrong.‘

Does Warren Buffett believe in God?

Warren Buffett is an agnostic, and agnostics are not even bothered to argue whether God exists. Agnostics believe any proof to justify the existence or denial of God is beyond the present knowledge of human beings.

American writer Warren Allen Smith once wrote to Warren Buffett about his faith in God, and the reply was received in hurried writing on a postcard as ‘ Agnostic.’

What Is Warren Buffett’s Philosophy?

Warren Buffett believes in a value-based investment model. The idea is a philosophy and technique. It follows the simple concept that price is what you pay, and value is something you get in return.

Berkshire Hathaway grew on value-based investment, which helped them to avoid bankers while acquiring or expanding. Instead, they relied on themselves or reliable networks to find capital for investment.

Warren Buffett’s investment philosophies have inspired many aspiring investors worldwide. His ideas are simple and easy to remember. According to Warren, rule no.1 in investment is ‘never lose money,’ while rule no.2 is ‘never forget rule no.1’.

Warren Buffet’s investment advice is priceless and everlasting.  Here are the ten pieces of investment advice from Warren

Invest in what you know and nothing more

  1. Never compromise on business quality
  2. When you buy a stock, plan to hold it forever
  3. Diversification can be dangerous
  4. Most news is noise, not news
  5. Investing isn’t rocket science, but there is no easy button
  6. Know the difference between price and value
  7. The best moves are usually boring
  8. Low-cost index funds are sensible for most investors
  9. Only listen to those you know and trust

Warren believes in investing in those companies whose business he could understand, primarily managed by a team with the right attitude and reason. Warren has always believed in investing in firms that produce consumer products, yet he invested in IBM and Oracle.

Later on, IBM stocks collapsed, and he exited IBM and Oracle. In early 2019, he invested in Apple, adhering to his belief that it is a consumer product-based firm. Apple faced a financial crisis, and a few of Warren’s companies suffered an economic crisis later. A debate had started on the relevance of Warren Buffett’s principles, and many claimed that it needed urgent revisions.

What Religion Is Warren Buffett’s Mother?

Leila Stahl Buffett, the mother of Warren Buffett, was an observant Presbyterian and an active member of the Dundee Presbyterian Church. She died at 92 in August 1996 and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

What Religion Is Warren Buffett’s Father?

Howard Homan Buffett, the father of Warren Buffett, like his wife, was an observant Presbyterian. The Buffetts were active members of the Dundee Presbyterian Church. Howard was an investor and a businessman who later turned out to be a successful politician.

Howard was the Republican nominee for the U.S. House of  Representatives elections in 1942, which he won and was successfully reelected three more times from the same province. He returned to his business, Buffett-Falk & Co., and continued working there until his death. 

Warren Buffett credits his father as one of the persons behind his successful career. Howard Buffett motivated his son to read books and introduced him to investing. Warren considers his father his number one teacher for giving him the advice, ‘It takes twenty years to build a reputation and twenty minutes to spoil it,’ a principle he has never forgotten throughout his life.

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The Bottom Line

There is a story that Warren Buffet prefers to play the bridge for six hours instead of driving for dinner with the U.S President. Warren is a man who lives by his principles and yet is considered the best money manager of all time.

With his professional and personal life, he has shown us how to make money successfully and live a simple life. His views on life can be a lesson as he said once, ‘you should spend time with people better than you. Always spend time with people who are better than you in one way or another.’

Finally, his most famous 5/25 rule, that you can’t focus on many things at once, reminds us to keep one goal at a time and work only for it.