When Did Kendall Jenner Start Modeling?

Kendall Nicole Jenner is one of those supermodels who are popular even outside the runway. Born to famous athlete Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner and businesswoman Kriss Jenner, she had known fame all her life. But apart from being a member of high profile celebrity family, she also has many achievements, the most newsworthy of which is her modeling career.

Almost all of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have had modeled in their life, but none took it up professionally. And while her Sister Kylie is an almost billionaire due to her beauty empire, Kendall has had more than her fair share of success. From early on, since her days of being on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall had expressed her wishes to be a model. And that had been the start of her fame.

Now at the age of just 26, Kendall Jenner holds the title of being the highest-paid supermodel in the world. Her career has been long and full of memorable moments, and it seems she is nowhere near giving up on all of it. But what had been the start, at what age did she start modeling? To know all about Kendall Jenner’s ascend into her thriving career, read on.

When Did Kendall Jenner Start Modeling?

When Did Kendall Jenner Start Modeling
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The American model slash media personality Kendall Jenner started modeling at the tender age of 14. That may seem too young, but when the family background and support are considered, we see the young beauty had all the options available. Being on a popular reality show like KUWTK and having a famous sister like Kim Kardashian gave Kendall the exposure many lacked.

But it was her mother, the savvy businesswoman, Kriss Jenner who helped Kendall get her first gig as a model. Kriss helped her get signed by Wilhelmina Models in 2009. Kendall’s first job was at the prestigious fashion brand Forever 21, with a magazine cover with American Cheerleader in 2012.

But that was just the beginning of her stellar career. This first step helped Kendall move into the world of High Fashion. And 2013 saw her shooting images for Miss Vogue Australia, which was then covered by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. This period also saw her moving on from Wilhelmina Models and signing with Society Management.

Kendall Jenner saw widespread popularity with her next move, which had her walking her first high fashion show with Marc Jacobs. The model had just turned 18 and was already turning heads with her toned body and face. The see-through top from the show allegedly led her to book the many gigs and shows that came on next.

It was that same year, the pivotal 2014 when she got the opportunity to work with reputed brands like Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, and many others. Becoming an official Estée Lauder representative and covering magazines like Interview and LOVE also boosted her career a lot. In the coming years, she signed many deals and walked the runway for companies like Fendi and Vera Wang.

The 2015 contract with  Calvin Klein, where Kendall became the face of the #MyCalvins campaign also opened her up to further opportunities. The supermodel saw a snag in her otherwise perfect career in 2017 though. The highly controversial Pepsi campaign where she apparently “ended racism” ended up getting a lot of hate. Kendall Jenner herself faced a lot of backlashes, but luckily her career seemed to have recovered.

But it was the same year, in 2017 when Forbes declared Kendall to be the highest-paid model. It seemed that the backlash from the Pepsi ad was temporary as the billboards were all decorated with her face once again. Kendall Jenner’s popularity in the modeling world did not seem to ebb as she has become a staple during fashion week.

But apart from the fashion world, Kendall Jenner is also extremely popular on social media. With 255 Million followers on Instagram, she alongside other models like the Hadid sisters and Cara Delevinge has set a trend of ‘Instamodels’, an inspiration to fans everywhere. But Kendall Jenner is not just loved for her high fashion, her fans appreciate her street style even more.

Even with a surname that is bound to open many doors, Kendall Jenner claims that having a famous family has caused her many problems in her career. But whatever the past may have been, there is no doubt that Kendall Jenner is currently a household name among the fashionable.

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Bottom Line

Kendall Jenner may have started her modeling career with her mother’s help, but there is no doubt that she is extremely talented. As she started modeling when she was just 14 years old, the years in the industry gave her experience and exposure. And all of that helped her become the highly-paid and loved supermodel that she is right now.