Who Is Joshua Stimpson? (Personal Details About The Tinder Murderer

Joshua Stimpson is a murderer who was brought to the forefront recently by ITV2 true-crime show Social Media Murders.

The story about how the bubbly 23-year-old student Molly McLaren was brutally murdered by him still haunts the public. But what is even worse is that Joshua as a person had always been violent, especially towards women.

Stimpson’s attitude toward his girlfriends had been appalling ever since he started dating, his exes can testify to that. But his volatile behavior came to an end only with the tragic death of Molly.

As the episode ended, people became more curious to know who Joshua was as a person. And, here is everything we know about Joshua Stimpson.

Who Is Joshua Stimpson?

Joshua Stimpson

Joshua Stimpson and Molly McLaren were broken up for about two weeks when he murdered her in cold blood. Molly had met Joshua via the new dating app Tinder in 2016, and the couple started talking right away. Molly had been careful, she did not meet up with him face to face till November 2016.

As Joshua became Molly’s first boyfriend, she slowly became aware of how unhealthy their relationship was. Joshua had claimed to be bipolar, and Molly was suffering from anxiety and an eating disorder. But the real problem arose from his possessiveness. On more than one occasion her friends and family pointed out his abnormal behavior to her, but Molly was reluctant to break up.

It was not till June 2017, that Molly finally gathered enough courage to break up with Joshua. But as expected, he did not take the news well. As he had done with his previous exes, Joshua went on to stalk Molly on her night outs. He even posted blatant lies on social media to get a rise out of her.

The whole event culminated at the point where Joshua stalked Molly to her gym just two weeks after their breakup. Molly knew that she was in danger, and tried to escape, but that was not to be. Joshua followed her to her car, and attacked her viciously, stabbing her 75 times. He was arrested red-handed and was jailed for life, but Molly’s life had been lost.

Stimpson was ultimately sentenced to life in prison, he is to serve at least 26 years before he could even apply for parole. His life sentence resulted from a gruesome act, in which he stabbed his former girlfriend Molly McLaren 75 times.

He had murdered her in broad daylight, in a car parking lot two weeks after she had broken up with him. The Jury saw that it was an act of revenge and found him guilty immediately, insisting that he had taken Molly’s life deliberately and viciously.

Stimpson is to be in jail for a minimum of 26 years, which makes him eligible for parole in January 2044. But it is doubtful that he would get parole since no judge would even reconsider his sentence, given the amount of proof against him.

Joshua Stimpson

Where Is He From?

Joshua Stimpson grew up in Stoke-on-Trent. He had relocated to Medway after graduating high school. Later, Stimpson went on to live in Wouldham, near Rochester. It was in a parking lot in Chatham, Kent that he had murdered Molly McLaren.

Who Are Joshua Stimpson’s Parents?

There is no information available on the internet about Joshua Stimpson’s parents. The public is yet to know about their sentiments regarding the heinous crime their son committed.

Joshua Stimpson’s Date Of Birth

Joshua Stimpson’s exact birthday is not made public as well. It is recorded that he was born sometime in 1991. We only know that the warehouse worker was 26 years old when he met Molly McLaren.

Joshua’s Past Affairs

Joshua Stimpson’s actions were not isolated. His obsessive behavior had not been without precedence, as testified by his ex-girlfriends. He had two ex-girlfriends before Molly, both of whom had accused him of stalking after their breakups. One of them, Alexandra Dale described in detail how he had behaved after she had broken up with him.

Stimpson had stalked his exes and sent them threatening messages after their breakups. Dale stressed how unsafe she felt when he took pictures of her. He had also sent her a photo of her backyard and even threatened to drown her during the holiday.

Stimpson had also stalked his other ex, Leah Hubbard. He had waited for her outside the club for hours and even spat on her drinks while he was inside. Overall their testaments show that he was a very volatile character with an extremely dangerous mentality. His behavior which remained unchecked by the authorities finally took the violent form of murder.

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Bottom Line

Joshua Stimpson had murdered Molly McLaren deliberately, viciously, and that had been proved without a doubt. The gruesome details of the murder will forever be remembered by the public. And because of his heinous actions, Stimpson was convicted in 2018, on a life sentence, and is still in prison.