Wilbur Soot’s Bio, Height, Weight, Measurements, Net Worth & More

Wilbur Soot is an astounding content creator, musician, Twitch streamer, and content creator. He was ranked on music charts for his albums and EP.

Soot is one of the most popular Twitch Streamers with millions of followers on that platform.

Wilbur Soot has a caliber in music, gaming, and content creation. He has the potential to crack open any of these industries.

Get ready to explore Wilbur Soot’s body measurements, height and weight, journey to stardom, habits, accomplishments, social media profiles, net worth, bio, romances, and much more.

Wilbur Soot’s Success Story

Wilbur Soot’s Bio, Height, Weight, Measurements, Net Worth & More
Wilbur Soot in an Instagram photo (Wilbur Soot /Instagram)

Wilbur Soot founded the YouTube channel ‘SootHouse’ along with his friends. This channel focused on life hacks, reaction videos, and memes. The Soot member expresses their views on life hacks and popular memes in an entertaining way. He was the main editor of that channel.

In March 2019, Wilbur created his main YouTube Channel, ‘Wilbur Soot’. This channel focus on video games like the 2011 sandbox game Minecraft. He does live streaming through his channel. As of July 2022, his channel has 6.24 million subscribers. Apart from that, his Twitch channel has 5 Million followers making him the top Twitch streamer.

Wilbur had appeared in the roleplay-focused ‘Dream SMP’ (Minecraft server run by YouTuber Dream). Soot had founded the L’Manberg (fictional nation). He became the main writer of stories that appeared on that server.

Wilbur had competed in numerous Minecraft Tournaments like MC Championships, Minecraft Monday, and so on. He participated in a chess tournament conducted by the Botez Sisters (Alexandra Botez and Andrea Botez) in 2021. There were eight participants in total. Soot was eliminated in the first round.

His sixth single ‘Your New Boyfriend’ was ranked on the UK Singles music chart. It was released in December 2020. It was also ranked on UK Indie and Irish Singles musical charts. 

He was ranked in the artists’ charts of Billboard and Rolling Stone. In 2021, he founded a rock band ‘Lovejoy’. The band includes Wilbur Soot, Joe Goldsmith, Mark Boardman, and Ash Kabosu. Joe handles the guitars and contributes to songwriting. Mark and Ash are drummer and bassist respectively.

Wilbur is the lead singer of this band. The band released its second EP, ‘Pebble Brain’ in October 2021.

Lovejoy made its debut live performance in Brighton in May 2022.

Wilbur Soot’s Quick Bio

Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot in an Instagram photo (Wilbur Soot /Instagram)

Will Patrick Gold popularly known as Wilbur Soot was born on September 14, 1996, in Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. His father works as an engineer and his mother is a government employee. Wilbur’s parents got divorced when he was too young. The family had to face a financial crisis at that time. He has two half-siblings Technoblade and TommyInnit. Both of them are YouTube streamers and are successful in this field.

  • Birth Name: Will Patrick Gold.
  • Nickname: Wilbur Soot, Flag Man.
  • Date of Birth: September 14, 1996.
  • Age: 26 years old (as of 2022).
  • Birthplace: Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.
  • Religion: Christianity.
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
  • Father Name: Mr. Gold.
  • Mother Name: Mrs. Gold.
  • Siblings Name: Technoblade, TommyInnit.
  • Spouse/Partner/Girlfriend: Currently single (Wilbur is not open about his personal life).
  • Children: No.
  • Ethnicity: His parents have White Caucasian ancestry.
  • Occupation: Social Media Personality, Singer, Songwriter, Twitch streamer.
  • Education: Graduate (Sussex Downs College, Lewes, England, UK).
  • Tatoo: No.
  • Sexuality: Straight.

Wilbur has White Caucasian ancestry. He is currently single. He had graduated from Sussex Downs College.

Wilbur Soot’s Height and Weight
Wilbur Soot in an Instagram photo (Wilbur Soot /Instagram)

Wilbur Soot’s Height and Weight

Wilbur Soot stands 6 feet 5 inches (195.58 cm or 1.95 m) tall. He weighs 82 kg (180.8 pounds). Soot is a very tall man with a slim body. He does workouts to maintain his fitness. However, he does not follow a strict exercise schedule.

Wilbur Soot’s Body Measurements

Wilbur Soot’s Body Measurements
Wilbur Soot in an Instagram photo (Wilbur Soot /Instagram)

Wilbur Soot has a towering height of 6 feet 5 inches (195.58 cm). He weighs 82 kg (180.8 pounds). He has an arms size of 14 inches (35.56 cm), a chest size of 42 inches (106.68 cm), and a waist size of 32 inches (81.28 cm).

Soot has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. His shoe size is 11 (US).

Wilbur Soot’s Body Measurements


195.58 cm (6 feet 5 inches)


82 kg (180.8 pounds)


14 inches (35.56 cm)


42 inches (106.68 cm)


32 inches (81.28 cm)


Not available


Not available

Eyes Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color


Distinctive Features

Tall Height

Shoe Size


Wilbur’s height is his most distinctive feature. He has an elegant smile too.

Wilbur Soot’s Net Worth

Wilbur Soot’s Net Worth
Wilbur Soot in an Instagram photo (Wilbur Soot /Instagram)

Wilbur Soot has a net worth of 0.8 million US Dollars in 2022. Soot’s major income comes from gaming, Twitch streaming, social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, endorsements, music, and other business ventures.

Wilbur Soot’s Dating History

Wilbur Soot is a young and energetic lad. He has had many relationships in the past and he might have in the future. But the thing is that Soot prefers to keep his relationships private.

For some people, such privacy is essential. It is their choice to reveal it in public or not. But as per reports, Wilbur is now single.

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Wilbur Soot’s Most Loved Things

Are you curious to explore Soot’s favorites?

  • Favorite Foods: Italian Cuisine, Pizza, Burgers.
  • Favorite Places: Paris, Netherlands.
  • Favorite Movies: Your Name.
  • Favorite Actress: Scarlett Johnson, Emma Watson.
  • Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt, Eddie Redmayne.
  • Favorite Color: Red, Blue, Teal.
  • Favorite Artists: Justin Bieber, Tayloe Swift, Billie Eilish.
  • Favorite Outfits: Jackets, Hoodies, Jeans, Pants, T-shirts.
  • Favorite Products: Soot has his own brand which sells jackets, sweaters, and so on. He loves premium products.
  • Favorite Books: Soot loves reading comic books, inspirational books, and fashion magazines.
  • Favorite Perfume: Wilbur likes premium fragrances.

Besides these, Soot loves gaming, traveling, reading, and playing soccer.

Wilbur Soot’s Habits

Wilbur is a cat lover. He does not miss a chance to socialize with others.

  • Wilbur loves to socialize with people.
  • Soot is a die-hard Minecraft Gamer.
  • He loves playing guitar.
  • Soot is a football fan and his favorite club is Brighton & Hove Albion FC.
  • He keeps his family and personal details private.
  • He is a cat lover.
  • Soot loves the Netherlands and learned the Dutch language.
  • Wilbur has his merchandise line.
  • Wilbur can play guitar, flute, bass, mandolin, and baritone ukulele.
  • Soot has good geographical skills.

Wilbur Soot’s Accomplishments

Wilbur Soot has won a creator’s award and other achievements. But he is yet to bag a major award. Soot is a talented young man and has many years to prove his caliber. However, Wilbur has won Popular Award in the Content Creation category. He also won the Best Collaboration Award.

In his musical career, he won the Top Breakthrough Chart Award from Rolling Stone and the Emerging Talent Award from Billboard.

  • Popular Award- Content Creation.
  • Creators Award- Best Collaboration Award.
  • Rolling Stone Top Breakthrough Chart.
  • Billboard Award- Best Collaboration.

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Wilbur Soot’s Social Media Profiles

Wilbur Soot has 3.1 Million followers on his Instagram account, 27 k followers on Facebook, 6.24 Million subscribers on YouTube, 3.3 Million followers on Twitter, and 5 Million followers on Twitch as of July 2022.

Wilbur Soot’s social media profiles.

Wrapping Up

Wilbur is an inspiring personality. His mom and dad broke up when Soot was a child. Soot suffered from asthma and hypochondria (a condition in which an individual is worried about having a serious illness).

Wilbur mentions these conditions in his songs. Amidst of all these, Soot became a celebrity through his talent and self-confidence.