Twice Chaeyoung’s Beauty Secrets: From Thorough Skincare To Feminine Makeup

Chaeyoung isn’t just the main rapper of Twice, she also takes part in songwriting. Most of the rap parts in their songs are written by Chaeyoung herself.

Chaeyoung is always loved by her fans due to her tendency of going out of her way to make her fans feel included. She is adored for her sweet personality and lovely features.

Her big round eyes, full lips, and gorgeous dimples always make people fall for her looks. Her clear and bright skin enhances her features more, making people wonder about her beauty secrets.

Fortunately, Chaeyoung’s love for her fans has made her share her beauty secrets on a live stream. Let’s dive into it without further ado.

Twice Chaeyoung’s Beauty Secrets

Twice Chaeyoung’s Beauty Secrets

Chaeyoung’s experience in the industry has taught her how important it is to take care of her skin. Read on to learn about her beauty secrets.

Remove Your Makeup Before Everything

As a performer, Chaeyoung has to wear a lot of heavy makeup with glitters and highlighters.

Washing your face before removing that kind of makeup can spread the fine glitter particles all over your skin.

This will make the makeup harder to remove and might clog your pores. Chaeyoung suggests removing makeup with a makeup wipe before going in with your cleansers to avoid this problem.

Triple Cleansing

Working all day in the summer with heavy makeup on can damage Chaeyoung’s skin easily. Thus, Chaeyoung triple cleanses her skin first to remove any dirt, makeup, or impurities clogging her pores.

Triple cleansing is also a good technique to follow if you have acne-prone or oily skin. Chaeyoung uses a cream cleanser, followed by an oil cleanser, and lastly, a foaming cleansing to wash her face.

Refreshing Sheet Mask

With several albums coming out in one year, the Twice members are extremely busy throughout the year. Although that is good news for fans, the members, including Chaeyoung, reach home exhausted.

This fatigue can damage their skin and can cause the appearance of early signs of aging on the skin. Chaeyoung applies a sheet mask every day after her cleansing routine to rejuvenate her face and for a spa-like experience at home.

She prefers the Japanese beauty brand Minon’s Amino Moist Face Mask. Make sure to use the remaining solution from the packaging on your neck.

Twice Chaeyoung’s Beauty Routine

Twice Chaeyoung’s Beauty Routine

When it comes to her skin, Chaeyoung does not take it lightly. She is very meticulous and has a well-curated skincare routine that suits her skin type.

Let’s dive into Chaeyoung’s beauty regime that she has shared on her live stream with fellow members.

Cream Cleanser

After removing her makeup with makeup wipes, Chaeyoung goes in with her first cleanser i.e. a cream cleanser.

As the name suggests, cream cleansers are cleansers with a cream-based formula that is usually thick and consists of several botanical oils.

Cream cleansers help you remove any dirt, makeup, sweat, or other impurities from your skin. They are also hydrating and do not strip any moisture off your skin in the process.

Oil Cleanser

The second cleansing step that Chaeyoung follows is oil cleansing. Oil cleansers are great for removing blackheads and whiteheads by unclogging pores.

They control excess sebum production and remove dead skin cells. Chaeyoung uses an oil cleanser to remove waterproof makeup and any impurities that can clog her pores.

Foam Cleanser

For the final cleansing step, Chaeyoung chooses a foam cleanser. A foaming cleanser is incredibly light and can not clog your pores. Chaeyoung uses a foam cleanser as it removes the remaining cream or oil from the previous cleansing steps.

Apart from removing dirt, makeup, and impurities from your skin, foaming cleansers prevents your skin from abrasion through harsh rubbing. Foaming cleansers are great for oil and acne-prone skin. They penetrate your skin better without disrupting the natural moisture barrier of your skin.


After triple cleansing, the first product that Chaeyoung uses is an essence. Essence is often confused with toner. However, essence works more like a primer for your moisturizer than a toner which works as a mild exfoliator.

Essence restores your natural moisture balance while nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. Chaeyoung pats the product onto her skin as she finds this technique the most refreshing.

Night Cream

Studies have proved that using an advanced skincare routine with night creams and eye creams provides better benefits than a simple routine. Therefore, Chaeyoung incorporates a night cream into her skincare routine after a sheet mask to lock all the moisture into her skin.

Night creams are usually thicker in consistency and help protect your skin from any irritation or redness overnight. They also boost the production of collagen in your skin making your skin look brighter and healthier over time.

Eye Cream

As mentioned earlier, Chaeyoung follows an advanced skincare routine which also consists of an eye cream. Having a tight schedule, Chaeyoung’s fatigue can affect her skin.

The eye area is the first to show signs of skin damage with the appearance of dark circles and fine lines or wrinkles. Therefore, Chaeyoung opts for an eye cream to avoid such an occasion.

For bright under-eyes, eye creams that contain active ingredients like retinol are the best options.

Lip Balm

Chaeyoung wraps up her skincare routine with a lip balm. As she mostly wears matte lipsticks, her lips tend to dry out the fastest. Hence, it is necessary for Chaeyoung to take care of her lips by applying a considerable amount of lip balm before going to bed.

You can also go with a lip mask for healthy-looking soft lips like Chaeyoung.

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What’s In Twice Chaeyoung’s Makeup Bag?

Twice Chaeyoung’s Beauty Products

Although Chaeyoung is seen experimenting with different makeup looks on stage, she prefers more natural makeup off stage. She uses the following products for her desired makeup looks.

Cushion Foundation

From men, women to even teenagers; South Koreans love cushion foundations. Cushion foundations are lightweight, and hydrating, and leave a dewy finish on your skin.

Moreover, they are compact and thus, easier to carry which is the best option for celebrities like Chaeyoung. As cushion foundations have buildable high coverage, it is convenient for Chaeyoung to use them as required.

Cream Blush

Next, Chaeyoung goes in with a cream blush for a dewy flush to her cheeks. Cream blushes have a translucent formula that provides a natural skin-like finish. They are moisturizing, unlike traditional powder blushes that can dry your skin.

Powder blushes sit on your fine lines making the texture of your skin uneven while hydrating cream blushes make you look more youthful. For a feminine and sweet makeup look, Chaeyoung loves a soft pink shade of blush on the apple of her cheeks.


For a monochromatic look, Chaeyoung applies a soft pink eyeshadow on her eyelids. Being one of the youngest members of Twice, the budding composer has a lively image to keep up with.

Soft pink shades make you look bright and sweet and thus, are Chaeyoung’s first choice.

Additionally, soft pink shades also suit Chaeyoung’s complexion well.


Finally, Chaeyoung applies a matte lipstick to finish her look. She usually opts for a peachy shade for her lips as they look more natural on her.

You could also go in with a nude shade that is closer to your skin tone for your no-makeup makeup look.

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The Bottom Line

Once you learn about Chaeyoung, it is difficult to not fall for her charms. Not only is she a budding composer and songwriter, but she is also an artist with gorgeous features.

She has meticulously curated a skincare routine to take care of her skin which goes through a lot due to her neverending work.

Her go-to makeup looks are youthful and feminine which compliments her sweet personality.

Chaeyoung never lets traditional beauty standards hold anyone down as she gives some insightful advice to her fans.

She compares people with strawberries and explains how natural strawberries taste better than strawberry-flavored food. Similarly, people are the best versions of themselves in their natural form.