Twice Dahyun’s Beauty Tips: Her Secret To Smooth And Blemish-Free Skin

Dahyun’s pale skin is the epitome of South Korean beauty standards. Many South Korean women admire and envy her blemish-free pale skin.

Her skin is known to be so flawless that even her makeup artists don’t use base products on her face. Dahyun’s perfect skin is the ideal base for applying other makeup products as she has close to no skin texture.

After learning how curious her fans are about her skincare routine, Dahyun has shared some advice in several of her interviews. Read on to know more.

Twice Dahyun’s Beauty Tips

Twice Dahyun’s Beauty Tips

Much to the surprise of her fans, most of Dahyun’s beauty tips have a lot to do with your lifestyle rather than expensive products. Let’s get started without further delay.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Research suggests that sleep-deprived people appear less healthy and attractive compared to when they are well-rested.

Fatigue can cause the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and make your skin look dull.

Dahyun’s skin also suffers from the negative impact of fatigue. Thus, she advises people to get their eight hours of beauty sleep for clear glowing skin.

Stress-Free Life

Stress can affect your body which reflects on your skin. Stress makes your glands produce more oil and as a result, the appearance of acne and breakouts increase heavily.

People with various skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea can experience worse symptoms. Due to this adverse effect of stress on your skin, Dahyun advises people to think positively to avoid triggering various skin conditions.

Water For Hydration

Lack of enough water in our body can arouse various health problems as well as skin problems. It can cause the appearance of dryness, dullness, and wrinkles on your skin.

Drinking enough water is necessary to retain the moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated. It can also maintain the elasticity of your skin. Thus, Dahyun’s beauty regime includes drinking large amounts of water to avoid early signs of skin aging.

Avoid Powder Products

Although powder makeup products can help control oil production on your skin, it is not recommended for people with dry skin.

Powder products have a fine texture, it tends to settle on your skin which may emphasize your skin texture. It can also make your already dry skin appear dull. Dahyun avoids powder products and chooses alternatives with a cream-based formula.

Twice Dahyun’s Beauty Routine

Twice Dahyun’s Beauty Routine

As mentioned earlier, Dahyun’s beauty routine mostly consists of healthy lifestyle choices. Thus, her skincare routine is pretty simple and straightforward with only four steps. Let’s get into it.

Oil Cleanser

She is a person who likes to go on stage with little to no makeup on. Therefore, Dahyun needs to remove whatever makeup she is wearing before her skincare.

The first step of her skincare routine is removing her makeup with an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers make your makeup easier to remove by melting the products that’s been sitting on your skin for a long time.

Water Cleanser

After washing her face with an oil cleanser, Dahyun goes in with a water cleanser. It is necessary to ensure your pores are unclogged and free of dirt and makeup to avoid acne and breakouts.

Thus, Dahyun goes in with a water cleanser to remove excess oil or makeup residues from the first cleansing step. Double cleansing also helps in making your skin softer and more radiant.

Facial Mist

When asked in an interview about her favorite skincare product, Dahyun answered that her favorite product is a facial mist.

Facial mists and toners are both skin-prepping products. However, facial mists, unlike toners, do not exfoliate your skin and instead hydrate it. Dahyun loves facial mists as they are very refreshing on her skin after a hectic day.


Dahyun wraps up her incredibly simple skincare routine with some moisturizer. She uses a water-based moisturizer for her dry skin. Water-based moisturizers are lightweight, hydrating, and suit most skin types.

They help in reducing excess production of sebum, controlling acne, and reducing blackheads.

Most water-based moisturizers have ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid which helps in fighting early signs of skin aging. Dahyun prefers water-based moisturizers as they provide a cooling sensation that revitalizes her skin.

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What’s In Dahyun’s Makeup Bag?

Twice Dahyun’s Beauty Products

Dahyun’s skin is mostly perfect and thus needs close to no makeup. Dahyun’s makeup artist has shared the beauty products Dahyun uses for her makeup in an interview.


Dahyun’s skin has close to no texture or blemish and is admired by people around her, including her own makeup artist.

As mentioned earlier, Twice’s makeup team has shared that they do not apply any foundation or base makeup on Dahyun’s skin. Dahyun instead applies a considerable amount of sunscreen before applying other products. Sunscreen protects her from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Cream Blush

After applying her sunscreen, Dahyun goes in with some cream blush. As mentioned earlier, Dahyun avoids powder products including powder blushes.

Cream blush provides you with glowy skin and a natural dewy flush to your cheeks. They are moisturizing with a translucent consistency which is easy to apply and can be used in little quantities.

Dahyun applies coral and peach-toned cream blushes on the apple of her cheeks to compliment her bright and youthful image.

Matte Lipstick

Dahyun finishes up her makeup routine with a matte lipstick. She usually prefers a shade that is similar to her blush.

Coral-toned makeup looks soft and bright and works well with most skin tones. It helps in keeping her makeup look monochromatic and the coral tones make her look youthful.

However, she often goes about her day with just lip balm or lip gloss to keep her lips moisturized.

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Wrapping Up

Dahyun is well known for her clear and smooth skin. She is admired and envied by her fans and non-fans for her beautiful skin that has no uneven texture, enlarged pores, or other skin problems.

Her beauty is the result of a good lifestyle even though she does the bare minimum for her skincare. She prefers skincare products that leave her skin refreshed after a busy day at work.

Her skin is so flawless that her makeup artists choose to apply no base makeup on her skin. For a go-to no-makeup makeup look, she only applies a cream blush on her bare skin for a pop of color.

She always inspires young women to make good lifestyle choices for the well-being of their body, mind, and skin.