Twice Momo’s Beauty Secrets: From Glossy Skin To Experimental Makeup

With her fierce stage presence and alluring beauty, the main dancer of Twice has captivated millions of hearts. Her exotic features fit both Western and Eastern beauty standards.

Although her glam persona might make people assume that she is very high maintenance, in reality, she is very easygoing. Both her lifestyle and her beauty regime are very simple.

Since her fans from all over the world were curious about her beauty secrets, she has shared some tips in her interviews. Read on to learn about Momo’s beauty secrets.

Momo’s Beauty Secrets

Momo’s Beauty Secrets

Even though she is very easygoing, Momo has learned some beauty tricks to save her skin from any kind of damage. Let’s dive into Momo’s beauty secrets.

Sleeping Mask

Overnight sleeping masks hydrate your skin and are useful in replenishing skin nourishment.

These masks usually have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid which help in keeping your skin moisturized.

Momo generally finishes up her skincare routine with a sleeping mask to protect her skin overnight. They rejuvenate her skin and get rid of any redness or puffiness. She especially uses them on flights as her skin feels the most irritated during those long hours.

Avoid Washing Your Face For Too Long

Momo has learned a lot of beauty tips. One of them is the fact that washing your face for too long could dry your skin out.

Momo has shared in several interviews that she avoids using cleansers for too long. Her trick is to use a timer and wash her face in timed sections. This helps her in washing her face properly without the probability of causing skin irritation due to dryness.

Facial Cleansing Device

Exfoliating your skin is a great way to achieve flawless skin. Exfoliating twice every week can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and shrink enlarged pores on your skin.

Due to her hectic schedule which requires lots of traveling, Momo carries a cleansing device with her. The cleansing brush helps her in deep cleansing and exfoliating her skin when necessary.

Momo’s Beauty Routine

Momo’s Beauty Routine

Momo’s simplicity calls for an uncomplicated beauty regime. She only follows the three main steps of skincare: Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.


Cleansing is the first step in any skincare routine. You need to remove your makeup and keep your skin free of any dirt or impurities before applying other products to avoid clogging your pores.

Momo’s skincare starts with washing each portion of her face for a few seconds with a moisturizing cleanser and a cleansing device.


Toning is the second step of Momo’s skincare routine. Toners help in removing any residual impurities or makeup and tighten your pores.

Momo uses an all-in-one toning pad to tone her face. This product helps in hydrating, brightening, and smoothening her skin. It improves her skin texture and leaves her skin moisturized and prepared for the last step of her skincare routine.


Lastly, to wrap up her skincare routine, Momo moisturizes her skin with a lightweight water-based moisturizer.

Wearing makeup all day throughout her hectic schedule, Momo’s skin has no chance to breathe. This is why she chooses a moisturizing lotion instead of a cream-based formula that would be heavy on her skin.

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What’s In Momo’s Makeup Bag?

Momo’s Beauty Products

Momo is an avid Youtube user. She is enthusiastic about learning different makeup looks online and tries wearing them when she can. Let’s find out the beauty products in Momo’s makeup bag that she uses for her experimental makeup.

Cushion Foundation

The most important part of Momo’s makeup is a flawless base. Like other fellow K-pop idols, Momo also uses a cushion foundation to achieve such a flawless base.

Cushion foundations are easily blendable and lightweight which helps in providing a sheer and natural application. With added SPF, they also have anti-aging benefits and give your skin an extra dose of hydration.

They are also travel-friendly as they come in a compact formation and are immune to leakage. Thus, they are the best option for Momo who has to travel frequently for her schedules.


To bring some warmth to her complexion, Momo uses a bronzer to bring out her inner glow.

A warm tan compliments Momo’s fierce stage presence well. Thus, she uses a bronzer to bring out a sun-kissed look without seeming artificial. Bronzers can also be used to contour your face while giving your skin a natural glow.


Although she loves experimenting with her makeup, her favorite liner is irreplaceable. A sharp winged liner gives the illusion of bigger and longer eyes.

They add more definition and depth to your eyes. No matter the concept, Momo’s signature sharp liner is necessary to make her look more fiery on stage. Coupled with her passionate and zealous performance, her intense gaze makes her fans swoon.


Momo then adds a mascara to bring the focus to her eyes. Mascara helps curl your lashes and gives them volume. It brightens up your eyes and makes you look more awake.

Different kinds of mascara have various uses. Momo uses a lengthening and volumizing mascara for her lashes to make them appear longer and thicker.


During her early debut days, Momo used to wear warm peachy lip shades to make her look more youthful. It made her look more innocent and gave warmth to her complexion. It gave her a bright and bubbly appearance.

However, her makeup is more mature now. She often pairs her signature sharp liner with a bold red lipstick for an alluring image. For a more natural look, she opts for a color that is closer to her lip shade which is usually a muted red.

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Wrapping Up

Momo has two different personas on stage and off stage. Although she is an alluring and passionate performer, she is also an easygoing girl. Her skincare routine is simple but strict. For Momo, her beauty regime is mostly just another way of relaxing after a long day of hard work.

She admires makeup artists who can create and sport various makeup looks. She has shared in many interviews that she finds beauty influencers impressive and has praised their work several times. Momo is inspired by them and finds the courage to try different beauty looks by watching them.