Twice Jihyo’s Beauty Secrets: From Her Baby Skin to Natural Makeup

Jihyo, with her baby-like skin and youthful glow, has captivated people all over the world. Her high notes and wholesome smile make people admire her.

She is often called “Goddess Jihyo”, among their fandom called Once, for her ambitious nature and goddess-like features. She has gone viral on various social media platforms several times due to her powerful presence and alluring beauty on stage.

From their very debut, Twice has won international fame making people curious about the leader’s beauty secrets in the process. So, what are “Goddess” Jihyo’s beauty secrets? Let’s get started without further ado.

Jihyo’s Beauty Secrets

Jihyo’s Beauty Secrets

As a K-pop idol, Jihyo’s skin goes through a lot due to her hectic schedule. However, she has managed to keep her skin flawless. Jihyo’s beauty secrets mostly lie in cleansing her skin well and nourishing it from deep inside.

Don’t Forget To Remove Makeup

The life of a K-pop idol includes dealing with a lot of makeup onstage and offstage. From concerts to promotions. This can lead to clogged pores and rough skin.

Thus, it is absolutely necessary for Jihyo to remove makeup meticulously from her skin before any other skincare products. Jihyo suggests using cleansing water before going in with other cleansers to remove your makeup thoroughly from your skin.

Milk Cleanser To The Rescue

K-pop idols usually wear long-lasting heavy makeup which doesn’t smudge easily. Even after removing it with cleansing water, some makeup residues might remain. Jihyo’s beauty tip is to use a milk cleanser to get rid of the stubborn makeup that doesn’t budge even with micellar water.

Among everything, it is especially difficult to remove eye makeup. Thus, Jihyo puts some of her cleanser on a cotton pad. Next, she puts the cotton pad on her eyes for a few seconds to melt the makeup. Lastly, she swipes it off and washes her face.

Facial Oil

According to research, facial oils can replenish fatty acids and other lipids on your skin which may be stripped off while cleansing.

They also help in preserving the natural oil produced by your skin. It is not necessarily a product for people with oily skin. However, it provides nourishment and hydration to dry skin that appears dull.

Jihyo incorporates facial oil in her skincare routine only at night. It helps her skin from losing any moisture at night while she is sleeping. The oils help brighten her complexion overnight and she wakes up to plum and dewy skin the next morning.

Jihyo’s Beauty Routine

Jihyo’s Beauty Routine

Jihyo’s beauty routine is simple and efficient. She cleanses and hydrates her skin properly. And there you go! It is that easy to get glass skin like Jihyo. However, you have to be consistent.

Double Cleansing

As mentioned earlier, Jihyo cleanses her skin well to get rid of the stubborn heavy makeup with a milk cleanser. Following the milk cleanser, Jihyo uses a water-based cleanser.

As the milk cleanser melts the makeup, some dissolved leftover makeup might remain on her skin in the process. Thus, the job of the second cleanser is to help get rid of any such remaining residues. This double-cleansing leaves her skin squeaky clean and refreshed.


After cleansing your skin, the pH balance of your skin might be disrupted. Toners help in restoring and balancing the natural pH levels of your skin. It soothes your skin which might get dry and irritated after cleansing.

Thus, Jihyo uses a hydrating toner to prepare her skin for better absorption of other skincare products. Toners help the products to penetrate deep into your skin by creating a hydrated base.

There are also several kinds of toners that target specific skin problems such as pore-tightening and anti-aging toners. You should use a toner that is helpful for your skin problems and suits your skin type.


For an extra dose of hydration before going in with her moisturizer, Jihyo uses an essence. Essence is very similar to a toner. However, a toner also helps in cleansing impurities and exfoliates your skin.

The job of an essence is to hydrate your skin with a consistency that is thicker than toner and thinner than serum. Essences also have hydrating, soothing, and anti-aging properties that leave Jihyo’s skin plump and radiant.


To reap the maximum benefits of all the former hydrating products that she uses on her skin, Jihyo applies a moisturizer in the end. A moisturizer helps in locking in all the goodness of the previous products while fighting acne and protecting from harmful UV rays.

Wearing heavy makeup for her work every day, Jihyo prefers a lightweight water-based moisturizer for her skin. It helps her skin breathe after a long day of clogged pores.

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What’s In Jihyo’s Makeup Bag?

Jihyo’s Beauty Products

Jihyo is a ‘natural gal’ and her go-to makeup look is also au naturel. Jihyo’s work demands her to wear a lot of makeup onstage, offstage, and everywhere else. Therefore, she prefers to wear close to no makeup on her free days.

She just does a little touch-up before going out to look more alive. Let’s see what makeup products she uses on a daily basis.

Cushion Foundation

Cushion Foundation is one thing that is immensely loved by the Korean population. The Korean beauty standards include having flawless glass skin.

The cushion foundation fulfills this purpose perfectly as it is hydrating and gives you a smooth and radiant base to work with. They are also lightweight and have a buildable high coverage and thus are loved by Jihyo.

So, no need to worry if you don’t have perfect skin like Jihyo. You can easily achieve the glass skin look with cushion foundations.


Although to compliment her powerful presence, she wears bold makeup on stage, her day-to-day makeup look is quite different.

For her lips, she wears a warm lip shade lightly at the center of her lips and blends it towards the outline of her lips.

She does this because she does not prefer full lips with her natural makeup. It is a great hack for people who don’t prefer wearing full lips but would like to add a touch of color.


Jihyo takes a little bit of the same lipstick and dabs it on the apple of her cheeks to maintain consistency. The warm lip shade goes well with her complexion, adds warmth to her skin and leaves the skin with a natural blush.

She later blends it with some foundation again if it gets too dark. If you want naturally flushed cheeks then you could also try Jihyo’s hack or try a cheek tint. Cheek tints are usually sheer and hydrating and give your skin a natural glow.

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Wrapping Up

Jihyo’s skincare routine is simple. She focuses on removing her makeup meticulously and hydrates her skin well.

Her big eyes and bright smile make her look adorable and contribute to her natural beauty. The ‘natural gal’ prefers to go natural even when she has to wear makeup.

Jihyo’s style mostly consists of a casual feminine vibe. With her solo album coming up, Jihyo has caused quite a stir among K-pop fans. People are looking forward to her powerful vocals and are curious about the looks we will see her in. Although no matter what style she follows, we are sure she will look stunning.