Twice Jeongyeon’s Beauty Tips: From Poreless Skin To Shiny Hair

With her tomboyish vibe and mature aura, Twice’s Jeongyeon has always been the girl crush of K-pop fans all over the world. She captivates people’s hearts with her hypnotic voice.

Her laid-back style and signature short hair have made her the girl crush icon. Many young women have learned that they can be attractive and comfortable at the same time. All thanks to Jeongyeon!

Jeongyeon’s perfect skin is the result of not relying on a variety of products. She instead tries to stick to a consistent and minimal routine.

She has shared some beauty tips with her fans on her live streams and interviews. Read on to know more.

Jeongyeon’s Beauty Tips

Jeongyeon's Beauty Tips

To achieve poreless skin like Jeongyeon, she advises people to be gentle on their skin. She has also shared her secret to shiny frizz-free hair.

Avoid Using Towels On Your Face

Your skin is very delicate and treating it carelessly can lead to inflammation and irritation. Towels are very harsh on your skin. They are rough and can cause tears on your skin. This can make your skin prone to wrinkles and infections.

Using the same towel several times can also promote the building up of unwanted bacteria in the towels. This leads to acne and breakouts on your skin.

Jeongyeon suggests avoiding towels to dry your face. It is best to be gentle on your skin and let your skin absorb the moisture instead.

Apply Toner On Damp Skin

Instead of air-drying her face or with a towel, Jeongyeon applies her skincare products on her damp skin.

She uses her toner on damp skin to enhance the hydration process. Applying toner on your damp skin can also promote better absorption of skincare products.

If you have dry skin, it is better to choose a non-alcoholic toner. Alcoholic toners can be drying and can further irritate your skin.

Essence For Hair

As a K-pop idol, Jeongyeon has to bleach and dye her hair often. It is harsh on her hair, makes her hair lose moisture, and therefore becomes rough and frizzy. Thus, for Jeongyeon, it is equally important to take care of her hair as much as her skin.

Hair essence is similar to the essence for skin. They are both water-based and prevent frizziness. It leaves your hair shining. If used often, it can revitalize and nourish your hair.

Jeongyeon applies the essence on her damp hair after washing it. Lastly, she dries her hair with a hair dryer to avoid going to bed with wet hair.

Jeongyeon’s Beauty Routine

Jeongyeon’s Beauty Routine

Jeongyeon is not a big fan of extensive skincare routines. Jeongyeon’s beauty regime is simple and effective for her skin type. She has shared her beauty routine in one of her vlogs.


For someone who has to wear tons of makeup onstage and offstage, cleansing is extremely essential.

Jeongyeon needs to remove her makeup meticulously before going in with other products. She does triple cleansing to make sure no dirt and gunk is clogging her pores and making her breakout.

Oil Cleanser

Firstly, she goes in with her oil cleanser to melt the makeup which is designed to last long on her skin. Research suggests that cleansing oil does not only help in removing makeup but it also helps in improving skin dryness.

Cleansing Milk

The cleansing oil helps in melting the makeup but there could be some remnants of makeup and oil from the previous step. Thus, after washing her makeup off with a cleansing oil, Jeongyeon goes in with a milk cleanser to get rid of any remaining residues.

Stubborn eye makeup could be one such thing that needs double cleansing. Milk cleansers are an ideal choice for you if you have sensitive skin.

Foaming Cleanser

If you have dry skin, a foaming cleanser might not be the best choice for you as it is drying and could be harsh on your skin. The foaming cleanser is the most suitable option for oily skin. It removes all the impurities and excess oil from your skin.

Jeongyeon uses the foaming cleanser in the end. She does this to ensure her skin is free of any oil or makeup residues from the former two products. Her skin can now breathe.


As mentioned earlier, Jeongyeon applies her toner on her damp skin without drying it with a towel. After triple cleansing, her skin is left bare.

The foaming cleanser can dry her skin and result in skin irritation. Toners have soothing properties which help with skin irritation by hydrating your skin with their water-based formula and consistency. It helps to prepare her skin for the next step of her skincare routine.


Jeongyeon wraps up her skincare routine with a moisturizer which is also called a lotion in South Korea. She prefers a lightweight, water-based lotion as she wears pore-clogging heavy makeup all day.

The lotion helps hydrate her skin and locks in all the goodness of the previous skincare product. The non-greasy texture absorbs faster into the skin and keeps it oil-free.

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What’s In Jeongyeon’s Makeup Bag?

Jeongyeon’s Beauty Products

Jeongyeon’s laid-back personality has her sport her bare face most of the time. However, when she does wear makeup she uses the least number of products.

Cushion Foundation

Jeongyeon has been praised for her glossy skin several times. Although it is by the grace of her good genes and thorough skincare routine, her favorite cushion foundation also contributes to it.

Cushion foundations are hydrating and leave your skin looking dewy. They are convenient to use as they come in a compact form and do not spill. Cushion foundations also have high buildable coverage and are thus loved by Jeongyeon.

Cream Blush

Jeongyeon’s girl crush image is due to her choice of subdued colors in her makeup. Thus, to make her makeup appear more natural and subdued she uses a cream blush.

Cream blushes are sheer, hydrating, and provide a dewy finish. A tiny amount is enough for cream blushes to do their magic. Use one or two dots of the cream blush on the apple of your cheeks and blend it with your fingers. You will see it mimic the natural flush of your skin perfectly.

Lip Tint

To add a little warmth to her makeup, Jeongyeon applies some lip tint that is the shade of her natural lip color. Lip tints are multi-purpose as they can also be used as a blush. They add shine to your lips and are long-lasting. They have a watery consistency and are thus lightweight.

If you like your makeup to look more natural, you could also use lip tints like Jeongyeon. Lip glosses and lip oils are also good alternatives for this purpose.

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Final Words

Jeongyeon’s sweet personality and charming features always leave an impression on people.

Her no-makeup makeup looks are a fan favorite. For Jeongyeon, being kind to your skin, yourself and everyone around you is a must. She advises people to not hold themselves to impossible beauty standards.

Jeongyeon believes you are most beautiful in your natural self which is why she prioritizes being comfortable over everything. She has broken the stereotype of women needing to be dolled up to look beautiful.

We admire her for her ability to be comfortable in her skin. She inspires other women to be themselves and embrace their natural beauty.