Twice Nayeon’s Beauty Tips: Thorough Skincare and Dramatic Makeup

From casual looks to red carpet looks, when it comes to fashion, Nayeon has always been a trendsetter.  Be it bold or natural, she has pulled it all effortlessly throughout her career.

When asked about her favorite style, she says she prefers bolder dramatic looks which seem effortless. She likes to put in a little more effort when she is getting ready.

However, dramatic looks always require more makeup products and feel heavy on your skin. This can lead to breakouts and rough skin. Then how does Nayeon sport such makeup looks but still manage to have flawless skin?

Let’s dive into Nayeon’s beauty tips that she has shared with her fans on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Nayeon’s Beauty Tips

Nayeon’s Beauty Tips

All these years in the Korean entertainment industry have taught Nayeon a lot of things. Her knowledge includes a lot of useful beauty advice. Read on to know more about Nayeon’s beauty tips that she has shared with her fans.

Remove Makeup Thoroughly

Being someone who likes to wear heavy makeup and needs to wear it for her work, Nayeon’s skin is      prone to breakouts. Thus, the most important advice from Nayeon is to remove your makeup properly.

Nayeon, personally, removes her makeup first with cleansing wipes. Next, she goes on with three different types of cleansers to make sure there are zero makeup residues on her face.

It is essential to get all of the makeup out of your pores as it can clog your pores and make your skin appear dull. It can also lead to breakouts and acne later.

Sheet Masking Regularly

After removing your makeup, it is also necessary to hydrate your skin properly. Sheet masks are the perfect product for instant hydration. They leave your skin looking healthy and glowing. Moreover, sheet masks have anti-aging properties as proven by studies. Thus, Nayeon suggests using sheet masks regularly. They are convenient to use and are extremely relaxing for the ever-busy star.

Mud Masks

Mud masks are known for their ability to restrain the growth of acne-causing bacteria. When asked about her favorite skincare product, Nayeon said she loves mud masks. Mud masks are great for absorbing excess oil on your skin, and unclogging pores.

It can help stimulate blood circulation and remove all impurities from your skin. The masks are also rich in minerals which reduce inflammation and help your skin heal faster.

Nayeon’s Beauty Routine

Nayeon’s Beauty Routine

Nayeon has a well-curated skincare routine that helps her achieve glowing glass skin. As she mostly wears heavy makeup, the majority of her skincare routine includes cleansing.

Triple Cleansing

For Nayeon, cleansing is the most important part of her beauty regime. At first, to remove her makeup, she uses cleansing wipes. She follows it up with three kinds of cleansers to make sure all the pore-clogging makeup is out of her skin.

Cream Cleanser

First, she chooses cream cleansers. Cream cleansers gently clean your skin by melting all your makeup away. Nayeon uses a cream cleanser to remove the heavy stubborn base makeup that she has been wearing throughout the day.

Oil Cleanser

Next, she goes in with an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers are also great for removing stubborn makeup. Cream cleansers are good for removing your base makeup. However, it might miss some products like eyeliner or mascara as they are harder to work with. This is where the oil cleanser comes in.

Foaming Cleanser

Lastly, Nayeon uses a foaming cleanser to remove any residual makeup or oil from the previous cleanser from her skin. The rich lather removes all traces of remaining impurities smoothly, leaving her skin clean and refreshed.

Nayeon has very carefully chosen this order of using the cleansers to remove the makeup from her skin most efficiently.


After her thorough cleansing routine, her dry skin needs hydration. Thus, Nayeon goes in with a sheet mask for its anti-aging properties and instant hydration. After using a sheet mask, Nayeon follows it up with a generous amount of lightweight moisturizer. Nayeon also alternates her moisturizer with a night cream before bed.

Eye Cream

Why do you need eye cream, you ask? It’s because the skin around the eye area of our face is thinner than the rest of our face or body. It also doesn’t have many oil glands or collagen which results in that area becoming more prone to dryness and dullness.

According to a study, eye creams are useful in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eye area. Therefore, Nayeon uses eye cream every night before bed to reduce the puffiness around her eyes.

Also, make sure to read the list of ingredients in your eye cream. It is always better to choose an eye cream with retinol or hyaluronic acid for best results.

Lip Balm

Nayeon wraps up her beauty routine with a moisturizing lip balm. Wearing different kinds of lipsticks all day, mostly matte, can dry up her lips and make them lose moisture.

After going through her cleansing routine, it is only right for Nayeon to use a lip balm at the end. It is best to get lip balms with SPF in them for hydrating and protecting your lips from harmful UV rays.

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What’s In Nayeon’s Makeup Bag?

Nayeon's Beauty Products

The main focus of Nayeon’s makeup is to make it look ‘girly’. Even when she is sporting an edgy look, it comes with a girl-next-door vibe. What beauty products does she use to achieve this? Let’s get into it.

Liquid Foundation

Although Nayeon is a lover of dramatic makeup, she tries to keep the base makeup light. She only uses two beads of foundation to cover her whole face.

The more the makeup, the harder it is to blend them well. Thus, Nayeon, with the help of her makeup artist, puts on a little amount of easily blendable liquid foundation for full coverage. Don’t forget to blend your foundation down your neck for consistency.

False Eyelashes

The thing Nayeon swears by while wearing makeup is false lashes. False lashes are synthetic in nature and are attached to your natural lashes with a temporary glue that comes off later.

When Nayeon is on stage with the camera on her, the audience wants to see the best version of her. False lashes help make her eyes pop when she makes eye contact with the camera. This is usually followed by a roar of appraisal from the audience.

Coral Eyeshadow

The entire K-pop industry is a huge fan of coral colors as they give a fresh and girly vibe to your look.

Nayeon too follows this trend and applies coral colors as her eyeshadow. It makes her look youthful and bright.

However, when she wants to sport an edgier look, she chooses to wear dark smokey eyeshadow across her lash lines. The look is still girly and cute but with an edgier touch.


For blush, again, Nayeon goes with coral colors. She chooses bright colors to bring warmth to her skin tone.

The coral colors compliment her complexion well and bring a youthful vibe to the whole look. Her blush is the principal element that contributes to her makeup looking ‘girly’.

She applies her blush with a brush, swiping in a rounded motion on the apple of her cheeks.


Nayeon likes to be experimental when it comes to lipsticks. Sometimes she chooses a coral color for a youthful vibe. Other times a nude pink or a shade that’s closer to her natural lip color. Nude pinks are the best option for the no-makeup makeup look when you’re going for a casual day out.

Nayeon also sports darker lip shades like magenta when she is in the mood for something bold. Well, whatever mood she chooses for the day, one thing we’re sure about is she will look stunning in all of them.

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The Bottom Line

With her high notes and plump cheeks, Nayeon never fails to win the audience over. Her fans often call her a “fairy” due to her charisma on stage.

She does not require much to enhance her beauty as she is always glowing with her bright and flawless glass skin.

Nayeon’s natural visuals are the result of her meticulously curated skincare routine. The most essential part of her routine is the cleansers which are put together in the most efficient order.

Her bubbly personality and big bright smile captivate millions of hearts every day.