Twice Mina’s Beauty Tips: From Glowing Skin To Natural Makeup

Twice has been leading K-pop since their debut. As a member of Twice, Mina has also caused quite a stir in the entertainment industry.

The main dancer is known for her elegance and beauty that is present at all times. Other than her Japanese genes, her simple but strict beauty regime contributes to her unfaltering beauty.

Being a part of one of the leading K-pop groups, Mina has learned a lot of beauty tips from her experiences in the industry. She has shared some of such tips for her fans in various interviews.

Twice Mina’s Beauty Tips

Twice Mina’s Beauty Tips

Mina has stated the rules that she swears by to avoid getting acne or blemishes on her skin. Let’s dive into her secret to porcelain skin.

Be Gentle On Your Skin

According to dermatologists, touching your face several times can lead to breakouts. Our hands carry potential germs that may cause us infections.

Touching your face could spread the oil from one part of your face to another leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Mina advises you to keep your hands away from your skin and be gentle towards it.

Many people have the habit of rubbing their skin. This could lead to micro tears on the surface of your skin or in severe cases, chafing.

One way to keep your hands away from your face is by using a stress ball or wearing scented perfumes. The scent might make you notice when you’re about to touch your face.

Choose Products That Suit Your Skin

Different people have different skin types and each of them has their individual needs. It is necessary to identify your skin type and choose products accordingly.

Mina’s secret to her porcelain skin is choosing products that best suit her skin type as it repairs and enhances her skin. Mina incorporates different creams and lotions into her skincare routine for blemish-free skin.

Carry Moisturising Products While Traveling

Your skin has to face different challenges during the different seasons of the year. For Mina, winter is the most challenging as it makes her skin dry and irritated.

Mina makes sure to apply sheet masks whenever she feels necessary. It might get hectic for Mina to follow her schedule and take care of her skin at the same time.

Thus, she carries moisturizing products that suit her skin type while traveling so she can wear them during long-haul flights.

Twice Mina’s Beauty Routine

Twice Mina’s Beauty Routine

Mina has ranked fourth in a poll asking netizens to name a star with smooth porcelain skin that’s blemish-free.

Mina’s beauty managed to make its way into this poll which was dominated by Korean actresses. Read on to learn about her beauty regime that helped her achieve such a position.

Cleansing Oil

Wearing heavy makeup day in and day out for her schedules, Mina’s skin is bound to get damaged. Therefore, Mina makes sure to cleanse her face well before going in with other skincare products.

Mina uses a cleansing oil to remove all her stubborn makeup. The product melts the makeup that is sitting on her skin for a long duration and makes it easier to wash away. Research shows that cleansing oil helps in balancing the oil content and acidity of your skin.


Some people use toner as a prepping step in their skincare routine and some of them use it for hydration. Mina, however, uses them as a second cleanser.

Removing your makeup with cleansing oil helps you in melting your makeup easily. Nevertheless, the oil from the cleanser could remain in your skin along with residual makeup which could be pore-clogging. This could result in breakouts, acne, and high oil production in your skin.

Mina uses a toner to remove the remaining makeup and oil residues from the former cleansing step. This helps her ensure that her skin is able to breathe and her pores are free of any leftover makeup or impurities.


Being the ambassador for the skincare brand SK II, Mina incorporates their PITERA Essence in her beauty regime for smooth and nourished skin.

She applies the product, after cleansing and toning, on her skin in a patting motion. Mina exclaims that she loves this patting motion as it feels very refreshing.

She has shared that the PITERA Essence and a few sheet masks are a must-have for her when she is traveling. She also alternatively includes the Estee Lauder Micro Essence in her skincare routine.

Hydrating Serum

As winters are especially difficult for Mina’s dry skin, she includes a hydrating serum in her skincare routine to avoid skin irritation.

Mina uses the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum with hyaluronic acid to hydrate her skin. The product contains antioxidants that provide nourishment to your skin. It reduces dullness and improves visible signs of aging.

Revitalizing Moisturizer

The fatigue that Mina’s body feels from her busy life consisting of events, concerts, and social gatherings can also appear on her skin. Therefore, she needs to nourish her skin on a daily basis to prevent any skin damage.

Mina uses the Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Night Intensive Restorative Crème for a boost of collagen in her skin. The product lifts her skin making it appear smoother, more supple, and firmer.

Eye Cream

Lastly, Mina wraps up her beauty regime with an eye cream. She uses them to prevent dark circles from appearing under her eyes as a result of her restless work life.

Mina’s skincare routine is heavily dominated by Estee Lauder products. Even for her eye cream, she uses their Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix to reduce puffiness and dryness under her eyes. It also dramatically improves early signs of skin aging like wrinkles and lines under your eyes.

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What’s In Mina’s Makeup Bag?

Twice Mina’s Beauty Products

Mina’s perfect skin is mostly by the grace of her skincare routine. She is not a big fan of makeup and is known for sporting her bare face.

However, when she does wear makeup, she takes a more natural approach. Mina uses the following beauty products for a natural no-makeup makeup look.

BB Cream Or Cushion Foundation

For a natural yet dewy base, Mina chooses a cushion foundation. Cushion foundations are the staple base-makeup product in South Korea. They are moisturizing, lightweight, and have buildable high coverage. It lets your skin breathe when you have to wear makeup for long hours.

Although, when you don’t feel like wearing any base makeup, you could go for a BB cream like Mina. Other than being lightweight and moisturizing, the SPF-induced BB creams also protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

Eyebrow Pencil

Properly groomed eyebrows make you look more youthful. Thus, Mina fills in her eyebrows lightly with an eyebrow pencil. You can also use an eyebrow shadow or powder if you are more comfortable with it.

Mina draws light strokes at the beginning of her eyebrows and ends it with a small arc at the end of her brows. The arc should begin at the outer corner of your eye. Blend it out and clean it up with some brow gel. And you’re all set!


Next, Mina uses a blush for a natural flush to her skin. As she has a pink undertone, Mina goes for cool-toned blushes to compliment her complexion.

Cream blushes or cheek tints are the best options for Mina’s dry skin as powder blushes can be more drying for her. Cream blushes are moisturizing and add a subtle glow to her skin. Cheek tints, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight and provide you a natural finish.

Matte Lip

Lastly, Mina wraps up her no-makeup makeup look with lipstick. Although she wears glossy full lips on stage, for a more natural look, she goes for a matte lip.

Mina likes to wear a muted red as it compliments her complexion the most. However, she wears a peachy shade every now and then as it is closer to her natural lip color.

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The Bottom Line

Other than her Japanese genes, Mina’s beauty secret is her self-discipline and being conscious about the well-being of her skin.

She does her best to keep her pores unclogged and her skin hydrated. She even packs up her skincare products meticulously while traveling and uses them on flights when it deems necessary. It is her constant effort that keeps her skin flawless and glowing.

Mina is also an au naturel girl. Instead of wearing heavy makeup to cover up her flaws, she likes to take care of her skin well to look perfect without makeup. She is often seen sporting her bare face and rocking it. We all adore her for her sweet personality and everlasting beauty.