Twice Tzuyu’s Beauty Routine: From Flawless Skin To Natural Makeup

The youngest member of the group, Tzuyu is well known for her gorgeousness. She holds the position of the visual of the group because of her undefined beauty and graceful aura.

Her natural beauty has also earned her the title of “visual queen” in the K-pop industry. Her doll-like eyes, tall and slender physique, and the way she carries herself with elegance have captivated millions of hearts.

Tzuyu’s stunning visuals make fans from all over the world wonder what contributes to her beauty. Tzuyu has shared her beauty routine with all those fans. Read on to know more.

Twice Tzuyu’s Beauty Routine

Twice Tzuyu’s Beauty Routine

Apart from her Taiwanese genes, Tzuyu’s beauty is the result of following a simple but thorough beauty routine. Let’s learn about Tzuyu’s beauty regime without further ado.


Tzuyu’s skin is exposed to a lot of makeup, oil, and dirt throughout the day. Thus, she needs to remove any impurities from her skin that are clogging her pores to get started with other products.

Wearing heavy makeup all day might accumulate pollutants on the surface of her skin which can lead to numerous skin problems. Cleansing actively gets rid of all the impurities, letting your skin breathe again.

Hydrating Serum

Studies have shown that using a hydrating serum has benefited people with normal to dry skin more than people who use only moisturizer.

After studying her skin for a while, Tzuyu realized her skin was prone to dryness. Therefore, she started incorporating a hydrating serum into her skincare routine.

Hydrating serums help in improving the moisture retention capacity of your skin and have skin-brightening properties.

Serums with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid are the best options for people with dry skin.


Next, Tzuyu goes in with a water-based moisturizer for her dry skin as only using a hydrating serum is not enough.

Dry skin has low moisture retention capacity and can keep getting dry after a few hours. Thus, Tzuyu needs to wear a moisturizer after her serum.

Water-based moisturizers help in preventing acne, breakouts, and the production of excess oil in your skin. They are hydrating and they replenish nutrients in your skin that are lost throughout the day.

Night Cream

Finally, Tzuyu wraps up her skincare routine with a night cream. The thick creamy formula of night creams is usually made to protect the skin from any irritants overnight.

Night creams are essential to lock the moisture in and soothe your skin after an exhausting day. They are also useful in boosting collagen production in your skin.

Tzuyu applies a night cream at the end of her routine to rejuvenate her skin. This helps her in ensuring that the texture and complexion of her skin is even in the morning.

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Twice Tzuyu’s Beauty Secrets

Twice Tzuyu’s Beauty Secrets

Adding to her straightforward beauty routine, Tzuyu also has a few hacks to maintain her beauty. She has shared her beauty secrets in several interviews. Let’s dive into it.

Layering Sheet Masks

The best cure to dry skin is wearing a sheet mask religiously. Thus, Tzuyu wears sheet masks to rejuvenate her skin after a tiring day.

Tzuyu likes to layer her sheet masks for maximum benefits. Additionally, to keep all of the masks together she wears a silicone mask above them. This helps her reap out the nutrients from the sheet masks onto her skin.

Hydration and Exercise

It is a widely known fact that drinking enough water is necessary for our physical well-being. However, it is also necessary for the health of your skin.

Drinking lots of water helps detoxify your body and gives you clear skin. Tzuyu makes sure to drink enough water throughout the day to keep her skin hydrated and maintain the elasticity of her skin.

Meatless Diet

While studying her skin, Tzuyu realized that her skin greatly benefits from having a meat-free diet.

Many researchers advocate against the consumption of meat as it encourages hormones that produce excess sebum production. This can cause acne and breakouts.

Meat consumption can also stall the production of skin collagen making your skin appear dull. Therefore, Tzuyu suggests going on a meatless diet for the betterment of your skin.

What’s In Twice Tzuyu’s Makeup Bag?

Twice Tzuyu’s Beauty Products

Tzuyu prefers to be in natural makeup when she’s off duty as clicked several times by paparazzi. She uses the following beauty products for her no-makeup makeup look.

Cushion Foundation

Along with her natural beauty, the secret to Tzuyu’s glowing skin is a cushion foundation. Unlike matte foundations, cushion foundations are extremely moisturizing and leave a dewy finish to your skin.

With a compact form and lightweight formula, they are convenient to carry and look effortless on your skin. Like most of her fellow K-pop idols, Tzuyu also prefers a cushion foundation for its hydrating qualities and added SPF.

Eyebrow Pencil

For her eyebrows, Tzuyu likes to follow the natural length and shape of her eyebrows. Her eyebrows are naturally long and dark. Thus, Tzuyu only lightly fills up her eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

You can also use an eyebrow shadow as per your convenience. Tzuyu’s eyebrows are straight with a little arch at the end which compliments her big eyes and face shape. You should wear your eyebrows in a way that enhances your features the best.

Cream Blush

Next, Tzuyu wears a cream blush to add a pop of color to her complexion. As mentioned earlier, Tzuyu has dry skin.

Powder blushes are not a great choice for people with dry skin. They can make your skin appear dull. With their fine texture, powder blushes can also settle on the lines of your skin making your wrinkles more prominent.

Hence, Tzuyu chooses a cream blush. Cream blushes give your skin a glowy natural flush. They also feel light on your skin which leaves room for your skin to breathe.


Lastly, Tzuyu wraps up her makeup routine with matte lipstick. Lipstick is essential to complete your makeup look. While most K-pop idols wear peach-toned shades or a shade that is closer to their natural lip color, Tzuyu chooses a warm red.

Warm red has hints of orange that suit her warm undertone. That is everything it takes to create Tzuyu’s natural makeup look.

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Final Words

Tzuyu’s natural beauty and grace have captivated the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

Her elegance has made her the face of several beauty and fashion brands.

Her meticulous personality helped her in studying her skin type without going to any dermatologist. Her beauty hacks include having a clean diet and a simple skincare routine.

Tzuyu is also a “natural gal” who likes to wear minimal to no makeup when she is off-stage. Thus, she only enhances her beautiful features with makeup before going out.