How Did Doja Cat Get Famous? (Her Secret Sauce to success!)

We may not recognize the name Amala Ratna Zandile Dalamini, but we have all heard of the American rapper, and singer Doja Cat at least once. And it is also not necessary to be on Tik Tok to have listened to the catchy rhythm of “Say So”. But for the record, that is not her only Hit song.

Doja Cat is known for being a leading lady in R&B music, and her songs have the audience in a thrall. But her skills go beyond the general singer, who is also a songwriter and record producer. And all of those talents prove that she is deserving of all the love she receives from her fans. But who exactly is Doja, and did she attain all of her fame? Read on to find out.

How Did Doja Cat Get Famous?

How Did Doja Cat Get Famous
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The 2018 viral song and the subsequent meme that came out with it, “Mooo!” played a pivotal role in Doja Cat’s popularity. The novelty of the song, so very different from the ones being released then made her an instant hit. It was a satire where she was claiming of being a cow and that ticked the sense of humor of listeners all over the world.

But even though Doja Cat become famous because of this particular song, she had been singing way before that. Her “So High” had been killing it on SoundCloud since 2012! But in 2014, when Doja struck a recording contract with RCA Records, her singles like ”Tia Tamera” and “Go To Town” saw little clout.

But after Doja became a viral meme, her song “Mooo!” received more than 67 million views. And even though the viral part of it was technically an ‘accident’ it is undeniable that Doja is a very talented artist. With a childhood repertoire of studying piano and dance, her career as a musician took off without a hitch.

The satirical cow song might have been the reason why Doja Cat started trending, but it is not her only TikTok-famous song. After a non-hit album “Hot Pink, she released a single,  “Say So”, and that again turned out to be an instant hit. This period of her fame can also be attributed to a mainstream boost from TikTok dances. Because after the song started trending on the app, it went on to become the second most-used song there.

No one can deny that Doja Cat is an extremely talented singer. With her 2021 album “Planet Her”, her songs like ‘Woman’, ‘Kiss Me More’ and ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’ have elevated to a different level of the trend. But it should also be remembered that apart from honing her craft in music, she also built up a solid social media presence. All of this helped in boosting her fame among her musician peers.

When Did Doja Cat Get Famous?

Doja Cat made her first breakthrough into the world of fame in 2018. Doja might have had a recording contract with RCA Records since 2014, but it did not make her famous. Her first album, Amala (2018) was a little uneventful as well, but the song became a hit.

Mooo was one of her most popular songs from early on, but there were a few choices as well. Like the song “Candy” on her “Purrr!” which had released in 2016. But her first single “So High”, which came out in 2012 was also somewhat of a hit on SoundCloud.

What is Doja Cat most known for?

The satirical song “Mooo!”, where she pretended she was a cow gets all the credit for Doja Cat’s fame. It was this particular song that became a viral meme all over the world, and in turn, made her and her music famous.

But apart from that, the singer and songwriter are also quite popular with social media apps like TikTok and Instagram. After Mooo, another of her songs, “candy” also exploded on TikTok. And since then, her songs like ‘Woman’, ‘Say So’ and ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’ keep on trending on TikTok and Instagram, especially popular for reel choices.

People may think Doja Cat owes her popularity to just social media trends and catchy tunes. But her musical versatility, and genre fluidity with “crossover-ready pop songs” has made her a name to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her catalog of music is truly boundless and unique.

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Bottom Line

Doja Cat is not just an emerging name in the music industry, she has become quite a sensation. But the reason why this musician, singer, and songwriter became famous is hilarious and quite accidental.

But it matters not that she became famous when she turned herself into a meme. Rather this allowed the world to see what an amazing and talented Amala Ratna Zandile Dalamini or Doja Cat is.