Melisa Döngel’s Beauty Secrets: The Key To Her Flawless Beauty

Melisa Döngel, the Turkish actress, is known all over the world for her beauty. After completing her education at Osman Yağmurdereli Art Academy, she started her career as an actress. She debuted with the Elif series in 2014.

The Turkish model and actress is best known for her work in Bizim Hikaye and You Knock On My Door. With her increasing popularity, people are getting more curious about her beauty secrets.

We are also among the people who are curious about Melisa Döngel’s beauty secrets. So what are her secrets? Read on to find out.

Melisa Döngel’s Beauty Secrets

Melisa Döngel’s Beauty Secrets

For Melisa Döngel, expensive skin care products are not enough. She has her own beauty secrets which are uniquely beneficial for Melisa Döngel’s perfect skin. However, most of her beauty secrets include following an inexpensive healthy way of leading life.


A healthy lifestyle is incredibly important for healthy glowy skin. And Melisa Döngel’s perfect skin is the result of the ancient practice of Yoga.

Yoga is a well-known form of physical exercise which has its roots in India. It includes breathing exercises, different physical postures, and meditation. Yoga is an exercise for the body, breath, and mind.

Melisa Döngel likes to be involved in a lot of sports, but due to her hectic schedule, she is unable to do so. However, she chooses yoga as her primary workout. Melisa Döngel practices about one hour to one and a half hours of yoga every day for better posture and body shape.


Skipping or Jumping rope is known to have many health benefits. According to studies, it improves heart health and increases concentration.

Melisa Döngel does 1000 jumps on a skipping rope each day for better metabolism. Usually, 1000 jumps can help you lose about 200 calories. Although it varies from person to person. People with visceral fat lose weight faster than others.

Other Physical Activities

It is common knowledge that physical activities help us keep healthy. But research also shows that exercising can prevent dry skin.

Thus, Melisa Döngel’s beauty regime includes several physical activities. Such as trekking, hiking, and other sports. She tries to indulge in them at least once a week due to her busy schedule.

Protein-Filled Meals

A study on dietary effects on the skin has revealed that lesser amounts of carbohydrates and fats prevent early signs of skin aging. Thus, Melisa Döngel includes lots of proteins in her diet to keep her skin healthy.

Her diet includes eggs, avocado toast, and juices for breakfast. For snacks, she swears by fruit smoothies and salads. Her lunch includes chicken breast, veggies, and a small bowl of rice. Lastly, her dinner consists of a salmon salad or whole-grain pasta.

No-Makeup Life

It is a fact that makeup clogs your pores and increases oiliness which results in a lot of breakouts on your skin. This is the reason why Melisa Döngel insists on living a makeup-free life.

Melisa Döngel’s Beauty Routine

Melisa Döngel’s Skincare Routine

Although Melisa Döngel is not a big fan of makeup, her duty calls her to wear heavy makeup every day. She knows that heavy makeup can wreak havoc on her skin. Thus, to save her skin from any harm, she follows a simple yet effective skincare routine.

Deep Cleansing

Melisa Döngel despises having makeup on, which is why cleansing her face is the first thing that she does after her schedule ends.

Removing your makeup with wipes or micellar water might not work as well as you think. Your skin is still left with some makeup residues. Thus, the best way to get your makeup off your face is by first using a wipe; secondly, a cleansing balm; and lastly, another foaming cleanser. This will help in getting rid of any remaining residues.

Being a person with such hectic schedules and having to wear heavy makeup, Melisa Döngel does the same.

Hydrating Toners

The job of a toner is to prepare the skin for the next step which is moisturization. However, we all love a product that would do two jobs at once. This is where a hydrating toner comes in.

After three steps of cleansing, Melisa Döngel needs to have a product that would prepare and hydrate her skin. This is the reason why she chooses a hydrating toner for her second step in skincare.


Moisturizers prevent extreme dryness and irritation on the skin as well as the production of extreme oiliness. Moisturizers also help in clearing acne and other skin blemishes.

Being a “natural gal”, Melisa Döngel does not complicate her skincare routine with serums. After the deep cleansing, her skin is ripped off of any moisture. Therefore, she uses the hydrating toner before an even more hydrating moisturizer that suits her skin type to lock the moisture in.

SPF 30 Or Above For Skin-Protection

We need the sun for our daily dose of Vitamin D, but we also need protection against those harmful UV rays.

Research shows there are many harmful effects of sunlight on our skin, the worst among them is skin cancer. Thus, to protect our skin from such harmful effects it is necessary to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or above.

Having such an active schedule outdoors, Melisa Döngel never leaves her house without wearing her sunscreen.

Melisa Döngel’s Beauty Tips

What’s In Melisa Döngel’s Makeup Bag?

In an interview with a Turkish magazine, Melisa Döngel has shared that she is a makeup novice. While she is still learning the intricacies of makeup, she carries a couple of products to help her out.

BB Cream

As mentioned earlier, Melisa Döngel likes to go make-up-free and is also a beginner at makeup. Thus, instead of going for a foundation with heavy coverage, she likes to go with BB creams or tinted moisturizers.

BB creams are moisturizing and light on your skin. It hydrates and corrects or conceals the blemishes on your skin without feeling heavy.

Brow Gel

Eyebrows have the power to alter the whole look of your face. By putting in minor effort, it can give your face more definition and distract the onlookers from any other flaws. Thus, to shape your eyebrows, brow gel is the first tool you should own.

If you are not too confident about threading, you may use tweezers for minor changes before shaping them up with your brow gel.

To look flawless on camera when clicked by the paparazzi, Melisa Döngel carries her brow gel for an immediate rescue.

Transparent Mascara

If you are also a newbie at makeup like Melisa Döngel, you might not know what mascara suits you the best. You need to try out several types of mascara to find out which one you like the most on you.

However, experimenting with makeup can be scary and at those times, transparent mascara is the answer to your problems. Transparent mascara or lash gel lifts your eyelashes and brings attention to your eyes.

As someone who doesn’t like wearing makeup as much, Melisa Döngel likes wearing lash gel or transparent mascara to bring the focus onto her green eyes.

Nude Lipstick

For a no-makeup makeup look, nude lipstick is the way to go. Nude lipsticks can be worn at any time of the day and look classy and sophisticated.

Melisa Döngel likes to opt for nude lipsticks for a natural look that can enhance her lips’ natural color.

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Final Words

Melisa Döngel’s perception of beauty is as amazing as her. She believes that beauty is different for everyone, be it a man or a woman. Everything that has a flaw is beautiful. She also shares that she likes imperfect things.

She is glad to exist at a time when people can freely express themselves. People are now being themselves without turning into something society wants them to turn into. This is what Melisa Döngel is glad to see.

Melisa Döngel also motivates other people to have courage and be themselves because according to her, that is your true beauty.